3 Reasons Your Workout Plan Fails

3 Reasons Your Workout Plan Fails:

The reason that your workout isn’t going the way you always wanted is that the beginners are fond of self-designed workouts that usually sucks. They think that the workout they have planned will be best for their body needs and requirements but that’s totally wrong. There are a lot of people who have hundreds of questions in their mind about workout plans. Therefore, I thought to teach people about training tendencies and trends.
There are three basic reasons that your workout plan fails. We also provide you with the solutions to solve these problems.

  1. Use of a lot of Exercise:
    The reason why most of the workout plans fail is the utilization of too many exercises. Most of the people who are trying to gain weight focus on too many exercises and decide to follow them and to make them as a routine training. But you know what? That’s totally a bad idea. You try to become the jack of all the trades but you actually are the master of none. It’s horrible to try all the kinds of exercises at a time.

Overtime training imbalances can lead you to injuries. You’ll start to see a lot of changes when you hang out with the senior lifters around you. These imbalances can cause elbow tendonitis and shoulder issues as well and the reason of these problems is quite simple. Most of the weight lifters mainly focus on doing the chest exercise while they forget to focus on the back and shoulder exercise. It can lead you to injuries. It’s a bad idea to a lot of arm work.

  1. Use of too many sets:
    the second reason why the workout fails is the use of a lot of sets. We need to eradicate the misconceptions that more set leads to more muscle growth. Whereas, adding the volume of sets slowly can help your muscles grow faster. You’ll get fitter if you do 20 sets for biceps and chest twice a week.
    We actually don’t need 3 to 4 workouts of 60-70 min per week. But you’ll have to be patient and persistent to reach your goal. The addition of more sets to your exercise also increases the risk of injuries. Proper food intake, training consistency and progression of weight will do the real magic.

Inefficiency in the use of time:
If you want to get stronger and fit in a minimum time you have to make the possible effort to use your time efficiently. You can do this by focusing on the heavy compound lifts. Each workout has 2-3 compound exercises, depending on your training style. You need to increase the exercises like rows, dips, squats, dead lifts, bench press, overhead press etc.

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