What Are Cycles

What Are Cycles?

How Can They Help Produce Improved Bodybuilding Results?

If you’re new to bodybuilding, you may have already started hitting the online forums for answers on how to build muscles fast.Bodybuilding Workouts

And you may have also asked a very important question associated with bodybuilding practices:

What are cycles?  

And how can they help me reach ideal body building results?”

Normally associated with the use of steroid based bodybuilding supplements, cycles can be extremely essential for those who are serious about maximizing muscle gains with the help of those products.

Why Do You Need Cycles?

To get straight to the point, cycles are time periods when bodybuilders choose to either use a particular supplement or not.

Body Building SteroidsNormally, you may have periods of several weeks during which you may utilize a particular product, adapting it to your diet.

Then, the same number of weeks immediately after finishing the first dose, you may opt out of using the product, while continuing your bodybuilding practices.

Now, the question is:

Major Benefits of Cycles

And can their practice really help you in your efforts of building your muscles the best and easiest way?

The first, and one of the most important answers, is that cycles can reduce the chances of your body developing tolerance to the supplement you’re using.

This prevents the side effects associated with the need to up the dosage on supplements used over longer periods without cycles.

More Reasons You Must Consider Cycles

Another good reason why cycles may be beneficial is the reduction of the placebo effect.

During long term body building workout programs, it may happen that in the weeks when you’re not using the supplement, you won’t experience the same beneficial effects.

This will show you exactly how much the supplement is able to help you by providing a clear picture of its influence on your long term performance.

Tips on Using Supplement Stacks and Determining Cycles

What are cycles used for when it comes to adding more than one supplement to your diet?

In some cases, this may be entirely necessary, as a single set of pills will not cut it…

… and you may require an extra boost by combining testosterone and steroid based supplements in cycles designed for improving either fast bulking (fast muscle size), cutting off fat and build strong lean muscles, enhance strength or stamina.

Bulking Stack Steroids


Steroid Cutting Stack

These “stacks” of products will usually be recommended by bodybuilding specialists, and they have to be used exclusively during a cycle.

For instance, if you start using a bulking building stack over an 8-week period, you have to finish that cycle before starting to work on strength improvement.

More Tips of Using Bodybuilding Stacks

Another important aspect to remember about using bodybuilding stacks is that in some cases, a single set of supplement bottles will not cut it.

You’ll have to plan ahead, and keep close track of the optimal dosage required so you don’t have to interrupt your program in the middle of a cycle.

These tips should help you get started on answering some of the most important questions you may have about cycles and their effective use for successful bodybuilding.

Further research is, of course, necessary on determining the types of supplements you have to use.

So make sure you answer the crucial question: “what are cycles that are most suitable to help me achieve my own goals?”

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