Utilization of steroids by women

Utilization of steroids by women – Fat Burners and Weight Training

In female workout programs, weight training is often the most neglected aspect. There are a lot of reasons that women do not prefer to lift the weights. They have two basic questions in mind:

  • Which will work best for them, free weights or machines?

There’s a big confusion in the minds of weight lifters that what is best for them free weights or machines. Weight lifting requires harder work of the muscles and a greater range of motion both at the start and end points possessing stabilization and weight alignment factors. On the other hand, there is great number of injury risk in the machine weight work. Thus, weight training is best for perfect training regimen.

  • Is there a possibility that lifting of weights will make me bulky and big?

Lifting of weights is not related to your looks. It can make skinny and weak people stronger. It will tend to make your body tight, not big. So weight lifting won’t affect your size no matter which steroid you are taking. The increase in your size depends on your intake of food. You are what you are eating.

Building of Muscles:

Weight lifting does improve your body but you need many other workouts to get the best out of muscle building. As compared to different workout plans, a well planned and timely meal is the best key for muscle building. Muscle stimulation requires intensity, volume and consistency. Your body can repair the tiny fissures by the intake of raw materials like proteins. This will help a lot in solidifying and fortifying the muscles with greater strength and capacity.

Program Development:

Joining a gym to get a good body and for the muscle building is not a good idea. This kind of approach will not change your body. In order to increase muscularity, competitors use well-structured workouts. These workouts have specific goals like tightening and toning, muscle development, timesaving maintenance and greater strength etc. No matter which workout goal you pick, you’ll gain nothing without a proper and nutritious food. Some of the program trainings are as follows:

Full body training program:

You need to train your chest, biceps, back, triceps, legs, shoulders, abs and lower back on Monday. Take off on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Repeat the same Monday workout on Wednesday and Friday.

Alternating Training:

For those who are unable to attend daily, focus on chest, abs and triceps work on Monday. Keep the Tuesday off. Work on biceps, back and lower back on Wednesday. Thursday is off. Focus on shoulders, abs and legs on Friday. Keep Saturday off. Repeat the same as Monday on Sunday.

Weight Training Principles:

Intensity is a major point of concentration when it comes to training. Everyone has its own duration of trainings according to their strength. According to some studies, you should rest between the sets as long as it takes to catch your breath. There are a lot of techniques regarded as ‘Weider Principles’ that are adhered to by the premiere Athletes. These include Muscle priority training, Pyramiding, Muscle Confusion Principle, Pre-Exhaustion Training, Supersets, Tri-Sets, Set System Training, Instinctive Training, Compound sets and Staggered Sets.

Fat Burners:

For fat loss proper diet and training are the primary determinants. But research chemicals and supplemental herbs can also help in losing the body fat. It has no effect on diet and training. Maintaining your diet should be the main purpose in fat loss. Ephedra (Mahuang), Central Nervous System Stimulants, Clenbuterol (Clen) and Cytomel are the herbs and supplements you can take for fat loss purpose.

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