The Use of Steroids in Football

The Use of Steroids in Football

When we think of steroids use in football, we imagine power lifting, competitive bodybuilding, and major league baseball. There are a lot of rumors about the bad use of steroids in a game. It’s only football that uses the anabolic steroid for one purpose or other. The use of steroids in football maybe the most dominant anabolic endeavor that mankind has ever faced.

Above all, we really want to know the truth of steroid use in football. We may find it shocking when we look at all levels of play, we’ll find the steroids reigning supreme in the NFL, but it makes a great bodybuilder look like a natural pursuit. It doesn’t matter what we say, but some people will always keep their beer goggles on. While there are some who never thought of steroid use in football even after seeing a 300lb man who runs like an Olympic star. They’ll always wonder that years after years the players are getting stronger and bigger and it’s all due to the perfect coaching and perfect genetics. The truth is steroids in football runs like an old west saloon and it’s almost everywhere.

The NFL Use of Steroids in Football:

When we think of a steroid use in football, the main story that comes in our minds is that of Alzado who died at the age of 43 when he could hardly walk and he himself stated that his death is due to the steroid use. He said that 90% of the athletes use performance enhancing drugs and they take it as few filthy scumbags. But it has been reported by the Doctors of Alzado that he died of lymphoma, not of steroid use.

Besides the death of Alzado, there are many players in the NFL who use these steroids for various purposes. The NFL players who used the performance enhancing drugs include Steve Courson, Jim Haslett, Bill Romanowski, Shawne Merriman and many others. It’s just that there are few high points you have to consider while using an anabolic steroid. The coach of NFL himself stated that his players used these drugs.

The game of football would turn into the dark ages without the use of steroids. There will be more injuries and slower, smaller and weaker players. The games would be non-exciting without steroid use. It’s a part of a professional football to use the steroids no matter what people say about it.

NCCA- Steroids in Football:

In case of the college football, a lot of players can’t afford using a steroid as it’s just a brutal game. But there’s a lot of passion in an athlete’s mind and he would just like to win no matter what it takes. According to a Former BYU player Jason Scukanec, five players on every division 1 team supplement with steroids. If your team wants to win, you’ll be provided with the sources to get the best steroids otherwise testifying a good steroid isn’t easy to beat.

A Private Pursuit on Steroid Use in Football:

If it’s about the NFL, you’d have to keep in mind that it’s not a government-funded game, but it’s totally a private sport. The use of steroids in football has become necessary evil from the last twenty years. It has been stated by some that the prohibition of steroid use is important to keep up the purity in the game. It’s suggested that the NFL players are role models for the public, thus they should stop using the steroids. There are a lot of controversies regarding steroid use in football, but you have to keep in mind that steroid use in football will always stay whether people like it or not.

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