Upper -Body Push Workout

Upper -Body Push Workout

We all know workouts are a necessary element not only for women but also for men to stay healthy, fit and smart. Workouts are not only good for your health but also to stay active. Now many of the online websites and exercise and nutrition programs share proper workout plan for those who don’t have time to go to the gym. You can simply follow these workout plans at home also with a proper diet plan. Here is a workout plan given that only proof a muscle building routine doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective. This upper-body push workout plan for Tuesday is systematically crushed your triceps, shoulders and chest and, in fact, you will love the simplicity of this workout plan. This workout plan is simple and effective for your upper body as it shapes your upper body well. This workout plan is also easy as it doesn’t contain very difficult exercises. While doing this workout plan, chances are, it will challenge your upper body for gains like never before, and pushing muscles like never before.

General Guidelines for Workout: In the exercise format, try to complete the workout and only insert your exercise choices in the form of workout. With a resistance that can fit the exercise prescriptions listed, work to achieve muscular overload. Record the resistances and training date used and the repetitions achieved for each performed workout. Use properly safety conscious and exercise techniques in order to get maximum effective result. When the exercise techniques cannot be maintained use a spotter or stop on certain exercises. According to exercise prescription, attempt to progress on each workout in terms of using more resistance and in terms of doing more repetitions.

Procedure to do it: For the first four weeks, perform this workout plan on every Tuesday. The details of all exercises are given below, with its complete set of instructions, all you have to do is to make sure that you finish all the sets and reps for one movement before moving on to the next step. Of your own choice of cardio, finish off the workout with an optional 20 to 30 minutes. Here is the detail and instructions of all exercises are given below:

Barbell Pause Bench Press Exercise: For about six to eight maximum repetitions, choose a load that you can press. For every minute on the minute (EMOM) perform 2 to 3 reps for 20 minutes straight. Rest or weight until the next minute begins if you complete your reps before the end of the minute. For the 20 minutes straight, once you can do the 3 reps every minute on the minute then increase the load by the ratio of 5 percent or 5 pounds. This exercise plan requires strength and stamina for doing it, but this exercise is best for the upper-body push.

A Dumbbell single-arm overhead press exercise: Here is another effective exercise that is included in your Tuesday workout plan for the upper-body push. This workout plan requires a lot of strength and stamina, but its results are also effective and quick. The very first step for doing this exercise is to grab a dumbbell of 20 to 25 pounds. For 10 minutes, perform at least 10 reps every minute on the minute. On the remainder of the minute, do all the 10 reps on your right side and then rest for a minute. Switch to the other arm and do all 10 reps again on your left side when the next minute begins. Increase a load of dumbbell by 5 pounds, once you can do 10 reps for the 10 minutes straight per side.

Tempo Push-up Exercise: Start this step by doing 5 rounds of push-ups in which each round is of five minute long which further followed by one minute rest after each round so the total time for 5 rounds of push-ups is 10 minutes. For every round below, follow the prescribed tempo and try to complete as many reps of push-ups as the tempo will allow in a minute. Following are the description and instructions of each round with the prescribed tempo.

Round 1 is Eccentric (3-1-1): This round means lower for 3 seconds then pause for just 1 second at the bottom lift for 1 second.

Round 2 is Isometric (1-3-1): This round means lower for only one second than pause for further 3 seconds at the bottom lift for 1 second.

Round 3 is Concentric (1-1-3): In this round you have to be at lower for 1 second then pause for further 1 second at the bottom lift for 3 seconds.

Round 4 is continuous: This round is continuous which means you don’t have to stop while doing push-ups. In this round, go lower for 2 seconds than lift for 2 seconds without any pause at the top or bottom.

Round 5 is Max Iso: In this round, go down lower into the bottom for a push-up so that your chest hovers is just a bit above from the floor. Now try to hold this position as long as possible. If you don’t have this much stamina then at least holds on to this position for a minute.

These all are proper tempo push-ups that require a lot of energy, strength and stamina and its results are also very quick and effective. Push-ups are the best workout for upper-body push but if it can be done with proper instructions and by following all these rounds and prescribed temp the results will be more effective, positive and quick.

Bear Crawl exercise: For at least 10 minutes, do a bear crawl. Bear crawl may look easy, but it requires strength for doing it. You can perform a bear crawl exercise in a couple of different ways. The first option of doing a bear crawl is to do it continuously for 10 minutes and rest only when needed. The second option for doing a bear crawl is performed it for 30 seconds continuously then rest for 30 seconds. With every passing week, add a second of work in a bear crawl and remove a second of rest.

This is the workout plan for the upper-body push for Tuesday. Follow this plan on every Tuesday and see the positive results. After few weeks, you will see a positive difference in your upper-body.

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