Types of Steroid Tablets

There are many forms of Anabolic steroids. One is tabular and other is injectable form. However, the injectable form is more common than tabular. The large portion of fitness field is taken up by the steroid tablets. The injectable steroids are very numerous and popular these days. These are generally preferred over the tabular form of steroids. Every injectable steroid has its own ingredients, working and principles. Every steroid has its own uniqueness though some qualities are quite similar in both types of steroids.

There are generally two major classes of steroids. One is bulking cycle and the other one is cutting cycle. This isn’t necessary that all the steroids have the purpose of bulking or cutting. While some of the steroids have their primary purpose of increasing and tightening the muscular mass and to enhance the athletic performance. These steroids have many other purposes that are shortlisted below.

Bulking Steroids:

The most common and popular steroids for increasing the muscle mass or for the bulking purpose are Anadrol (Drol or A-Bombs) and d-bal (Dbol). These two steroids serve the best in the fitness field. It can help you achieve the muscle mass of about 20-30lbs easily. However, these are only the primary purposes of these two steroids. There are a lot of other functions for which these steroids can be used.

Cutting Steroids:

The main tabular steroid to serve the purpose of leaning out your body is Stanozolol, commonly known as Winny or Winstrol. This steroid is simply perfect and is the best selling oral anabolic steroids. Anavar is the second best steroid for this purpose; however, this steroid is not popular in men as they consider it a bit weaker. Anavar is best used by the female athletes as they use this steroid for cutting and for various other purposes.

Steroids for Strength:

The three oral anabolic steroids for strength purpose are d-bal, Winstrol and Anadrol. However, d-bal and Anadrol are more efficient for increasing the strength in your body. While all the three steroids mentioned above serve their best in strength purpose but Halotestin is the perfect of them all. When body is very low, Halotestin can add a lot of strength and can act as a hardening agent.

Crossover Effect:

As described above, all the steroids can have more than one function along their primary purposes and can go beyond their traits and qualities. For example, Anadrol is not only used for bulking purpose but it can also be used for cutting cycle and serves the best in fulfilling the bodybuilding purpose. Similarly, Winstrol is commonly used for leaning out or the bulking cycle to help increasing your muscle strength and to let them push more weight. So, it is totally untrue that each steroid can has only one particular purpose at a time. As listed above each steroid can be helpful for you for many other purposes.

Side Effects:

According to many studies, it has been suggested that you should always prefer the safety of your health, no matter which steroid you choose to use. It isn’t exceptional that oral steroids have the negative side effects on the person using it. All the oral steroids have the toxic and harmful effects on your liver therefore; you should try to keep the duration of use at an appropriate level. It isn’t impossible to heal the injuries in your liver, though they’re not mild. It has been estimated that alcohol aggravates the side effects of the steroids, thus you should stop consuming Alcohol while you’re taking your regular steroids.

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