Train yourself by Light and Heavy Bodybuilding Workouts

Bodybuilding Workouts

There are two major categories of bodybuilding; workout and training. One is the light training and other is the heavy one. Both of them are equally used in making your body strong and make it fit. The most frequent questions that people ask are which form of bodybuilding is preferable; the light one or the heavy one? There are equal numbers of advocates and training centers for both the light and heavy bodybuilding. Mike Mentzer and Serge Nubret have the best physiques in the world and train the heavy and light bodybuilding, respectively.

The main factor we need to consider in bodybuilding is the muscle fibers that are of two types; red fibers and white fibers. It is necessary to stimulate both the kinds of fibers to develop them to their full potential. It has been researched that fast twitch fibers respond to the light training of bodybuilding and slow twitch fibers respond to the heavy training. It is important to train both the light and heavy to strengthen your muscles to their full potential.

Reg Park was the first person to recommend the utilization of light and heavy fibers in trainings. He was the first person with the best physique and still is the best. Reg was able to gain the perfect body by following his workout schedule that he wrote on his own. Here we’ll discuss that routine for light and heavy workout trainings.

Routine for the first light and heavy training:

You need to follow this schedule on four days of the week i.e. Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. You need to do the push and grip exercise of your chest, shoulders, triceps and forearms. Similarly on Wednesday and Saturday, train your calves, thighs, biceps and back by doing the Squat and pull exercise.

Ways of getting the perfect body by light and heavy training:

All your body parts start out heavy except the calf training. 5 sets of 6 reps need to be done for the exercise. This system is used basically for the heavy part of the training. You should not quit pushing; however it’s not easy to get 6 reps from the three heavy sets. You need to increase your body weight as soon as you are able to get all the 6 reps.

Similarly, for the lighter part you need to do 4 sets out of 12 reps.  This training is just to stimulate the deep muscle fibers of the body. You have to follow this schedule for at least 8 weeks. It is important to gain some weight for bodybuilding training. Otherwise, the individuals with the lower weight will suffer from its side effects.

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