The Use of Steroids by Athletes

The Use of Steroids by Athletes

As the words peanut butter and jelly go together so does the athletes and steroids. Athletes and steroids are by far nothing new when we look at the Olympic weight lifting teams of 50’s and 60’s, the baseball teams of 1970’s and the Olympic scandals for ages. When you look at the news every day, you must think that the use of steroids by the athletes is a rising problem in this modern century. Let’s discuss the problems related to the use of steroids by the athletes in profession and amateur sports that’s nothing new.

The NFL – Steroids and Athletes:

The most common anabolic steroid used by the sport associations that are often given free-pass in the eyes of many is actually The NFL. The individuals that are concerned with the anabolic steroids can’t be fooled but majority of others ignorance is bliss and have decided to play dumb.

In the late 1980’s, the use of anabolic steroids was recognized in the NFL. At that time, the administration of steroid testing by the league for its athletes became the cause of its popularity and many people have been implicated in its charge since that time. In the years of 60’s and 70’s, the use of steroids by athletes became very common but it is now more common in the modern era.

The MLB – Steroids and Athletes:

The most talked about and controversial topic is the use of steroids by the major league baseball. In the late 1880’s the players of major league football consumed the steroids to gain the maximum benefits, however the extract of testosterone from the testicles of live animals were then used by the MLB. The great players like Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle have been reportedly seen using the steroids.
David Wells, the former player has stated that almost half of the football players consume the steroids and Jose Canseco stated that about 80% of them use steroids. The number of steroid users in the football team has been increasing with years.

The Olympics – Steroids and Athletes:

In order to find the true beginning, the steroid and athletes are also a part of Olympic proper placement. The use of Synthetic anabolic steroids was first made by the very well-known Soviet Olympic weight lifting team for the purpose of performance enhancing and in answer the US Olympic weight lifting team used more powerful steroids. Since then, steroids have been the part of Olympics. In 1998 Summer Olympics, the use of anabolic steroids by the athletes was the major issue of debate.

The Whole of Sports – Steroids and Athletes:

You should have a good idea now that football, baseball, the Olympic Games, athletes and the steroids go hand-in-hand. Keep one thing in mind that you must not get fooled by the fact that steroids are not used by the athletes. Steroids and athletes go far beyond the three above-mentioned topics. In sports, there are a lot more games that use anabolic steroids to maximize their athletic performances and these games include boxing, MMA, golf, basketball, swimming and many more. Although, the use of anabolic steroids in basketball and golf is a bit lower as compared to other games, but it will either be your ignorance or an outright lie to consider that these games don’t use the anabolic steroids.

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