Techniques for Stimulating Muscle Growth

Techniques for Stimulating Muscle Growth

Have you noticed that the growth of muscle slows down though you are still working out? Week in and week out you train yourself harder and harder but the end result is not you have expected.

The problem may be that you are repeating the same exercises and workouts over and over. One has to realize that their body has adopted the trainings they have been practicing previously. Muscles require lots of resources to maintain the body due to which it is not able to make new muscle with the same trainings.

So how can you make build new muscles?

Even though you are trying the hardest training but as your body have adopted those trainings the muscle growth becomes stagnant. It is crucial, that you change the intensity, exercises and other variables of your training to re-institute your muscle growth.

While I have been trained in the high intensity training, I believe it is significant to vary the intensity of your training to recondition your muscles with the help of high intensity training. This idea resembles the “periodization program” that is quite famous among the high training volume etiquette. It is called Intensity Cycling.

Intensity Cycling Program Outline:

Beginner: trains to sub-failure, in it the trainee stops 1-2 reps before the completion of additional full reps. The set used during this process is 4 for smaller muscles while it is 5 for the larger ones. The main purpose of this program is to learn proper exercise with less concentration on muscle and strength increment.

Intermediate: Trains to failure on each set. The set count used in this level is moderate by HIT standards and is 3 sets for smaller muscles while 4 sets for larger muscles.

Advanced: Trains to failure on all sets. Trainee adds high intensity variable on many sets but not on all of them. Set count at this level is 1 -2 for small muscles while 2-3 for larger muscles.

This is my recommended outline for the natural sequence by the HIT trainees. It may be confusing to some that the set level reduces as you move towards the advance level. The reason behind is quite simple: an advanced level trainee is capable of much higher training intensity, which monies the muscle far more than the muscles of a less experienced trainee. It is because an advanced trainee is stronger and more efficient at focusing effort on the muscle that are being trained, which use more energy and taxes the systems of the body at higher rate.

Reconfigure Your Workout

Try to change the order of your exercises in your training. Try to substitute new exercise or try the ones that you haven’t practiced for a while. Try changing the angle and sequence of your exercises and increase the intensity of your exercises.

Temporary Overreaching

We are all well aware of the downfalls of overtraining. If a trainee wants to make progress in his/her training, overtraining has to be avoided. But if the overtraining is temporary it is known as overreaching. Mostly bodybuilders over-trains for only two weeks and take a break from all sorts of trainings especially the ones that are focused on muscle training.

Arm Development Program

  • Bicep Machine Curls: 1 x 10
  • Concentration Curls: 1 x 12
  • Barbell Curls: 1 x 8
  • Palms-facing Pull-downs: 1 × 12
  • Triceps Pressdowns: 1 × 10
  • Lying Triceps Extensions: 1 × 12
  • Seated Triceps Extensions: 1 × 12
  • Seated or Bar Dips: 1×10

All these sets need to be taken to the point where no additional full reps can be completed.

Select three days on which you have to follow this program twice a day. After the completion of three days take a rest of 10 days from this program and afterwards resume to the normal arms training. You will feel stronger and your arms will have enough time to rest and rebuild the muscles.

You can also apply the “Shocking” method for the kick start of your muscle growth.

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