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Best Fitness Tips for Women to Stay Healthy

Best Fitness Tips for Women to Stay Healthy

Do you want to know that in record time how to get a toned and trim body? Here are some secrets of getting a trimmed and toned body in record time which are shared by one of the top personal exercise psychologist, fitness trainer and fitness instructor for the ultimate motivation and moves tricks in order to kick a fitness routine into high gear. Here are some effective fitness tips for women, all you have to do is put few of them in action every week so that you are guaranteed to see its quick, faster and effective results:

  1. On a Treadmill, Tone Up yourself: With a 10 minute sculpt or cardio session, save your time at the gym. When you are running on treadmill hold a dumbbell of three to five pounds in each hand and set the speed of treadmill to a brisk walk. It is one of the effective fitness tips for women to do a one-minute set each of bicep curls, shoulder presses, side laterals, triceps extension, and one after another standing triceps kickbacks as you walk. This is an amazing challenge and workout for the upper body that gets your heart pumping. Each week, do this series at least twice or thrice. Do four-minute sets as you improve and get use to it.
  1. Power Up your Runs Every time: At the end of every run, adding wall sits to strengthen your hamstrings, glutes and quads in order to improve your endurance and speed. With your feet shoulder-width apart, lean again a wall then squat. Try squat until your knees bent at 45 degrees. Work up to doing at least 10 sets and hold for 30 to 60 seconds every time. This is another effective fitness tips for women, to add a challenge in this by including heel raises. Lift your right heel and then lift your left heel, and after that lift both heels together twice.
  1. Try to Chart or Note down your Progress: This is one of another unique fitness tips for women by using a fitness report card, you can stay motivated. According to the Ken Alan, a based personal trainer in Los Angles, note down these subjects: flexibility and attitude, muscle conditioning and cardio on your fitness report card. Set your goals and at least four times a year grade yourself from A to F. You will definitely want to stay in a great shape when you see on your progress card how much you have improved.
  1. Add All-in-One Toner in your workouts: A side-step squat with a wood chop works your torso, arms, back, abs, legs, butt and inner thighs. By holding a three to four-pound medicine ball in your hands, you have to stand with your feet shoulder- width apart. In order to keep your ball at the eye level over your right shoulder, bend your arms up, this is one of the effective fitness tips for women to get quick and better results. Step out with your left leg, as you bring the ball towards your left knee, after that step out your left leg and then bend it at the 90 degrees by keeping straight your right leg. After it, return to the standing position. After doing 10 to 15 reps of this exercise repeat it again on the other leg.
  1. Work out Even in your Workday: In order to strengthen your core, sit on a stability ball and keep dumbbells tubing at your desk. Like overhead presses, dumbbell curls and abs crunches, squeeze in 12 to 15 reps of an exercise and aim for doing at least two to three sets of each exercise. It is one of the effective and healthy fitness tips for women who wanted to stay fit, smart and active as it provides you more free time to fit in fun workouts like tennis or biking.
  1. Take a challenge of Jump-Rope: jump-rope double-turn maneuver is one of the best and effective cardio workout and healthy fitness tips for women. In only one minute, you will burn about 26 calories. For the first five minutes, do a basic jump then jump twice and this time try to jump as high as you can and also turn your rope twice as fast as it passes under your feet twice before you land. This can take patience, timing and power but just by working at it, you will be getting in a great shape.
  1. Give a break to yourself: In order to get results, you don’t have to be a fitness saint. 8-/20 is the healthy and effective plan to follow which means you will exercise regularly eighty percent of the year and also eat well in that time period. Know that due to work deadlines and holidays you will slip 20 percent of the time. You become more likely to stick with it for life when you accept that fitness is not at all-or-nothing proposition.
  1. On Weight Loss, Get a Jump: In order to improve your leg strength and cardiovascular stamina, add a plyometric box jump to your workout which is one of amazing fitness tips for women. By doing this, you will really sculpt your quads, hamstrings and glutes. Find at least one-foot high sturdy box and start your exercise with a standing position and after that jump to the middle of the box explosively and then jump to back down. Repeat the same procedure at least 20 times.
  1. Addition in your Crunches: Crunches is one of the most effective and beneficial cardio exercises and also amazing fitness tips for women that can help to flatten the lower belly. During a crunch, as you lower down your chest away from the knees then do not relax your abs, you can get only half the ab-toning benefit. According to Steve leg, an author of total body transformation and founder of wholistic fitness personal, you need to sustain the concentration on the way down, in order to get the firmest abs possible.

These all are the amazing and very effective fitness tips for women so that by following these tips they can stay healthy, active and smart.

Important Fitness Tips for Women who are Over 40

Important Fitness Tips for Women who are Over 40

It’s more difficult to stay in shape than ever when you are approaching 40 or are over the age of 40. By following few simple fitness tips for women over 40 can help you to maintain your fitness levels. The body of women goes through some unmistakable changes when she hits the Age 40. The metabolism of women slows down at this age and this one of the main reason that they put on weight and harder to lose these body fats. At this age women also feel fatigue and may find working out more difficult as they began to have minor pains and aches.

Women at forties, experience to gain weight around their middles specifically around their behinds and tummies, resulting wider hips and thicker waist. Here are few fitness tips for women over 40 which help you to look best and slim.

Are you getting rid of your Treadmill? If yes, then sell it and make some free space in your house for some really fat burning and effective exercises. On these exercises, you don’t need to spend a lot of money.

All you need is your body and fitness:

With a short and high-intensity interval training session you have to replace your long easy cardio sessions. This is one of the effective fitness tips for women to lose weight over 40. By doing just a few simple body weight exercises, this can be accomplished like jumping jack, squat jump or stationary sprint. Here are some perfect examples of adding a set of exercises to your day that burn fat by sacrificing a little of your time and space:

Squat jump is one of the best exercise and fitness tips for women to lose weight who are over age 40. This is one of effective fitness tips for women who wanted to lose their weight when they are over age 40. Here are few steps that help you to start your program which is quite simple and easy.

  • Start with the squat jumps for 20 seconds and follow a recovery time with 10 seconds.
  • For at least 5 minutes try to repeat this cycle or to try its total 10 sets a day.
  • After this rest for one minute.

Your fitness level increases day by day as your body adapts this routine, then until you can do add cycles for another five minutes. Within 10 minutes at this pace you will easily burn a ton of your calories. Remember that you are trying to train a high-intensity level so this is not a slow easy pace. When you are doing this exercise you should try to breathe hard and your heart rate should also be up there.

  • Powerfully jump to a fully extended position from a squat position and raise your arms overhead.
  • Immediately decelerate as your feet touch the ground and after that return again to squat position.
  • Without letting your feet leave the ground and modify by powerfully reaching to the ceiling.
  • By going deeper hits your thighs and rear more effectively you can also adjust the depth of your squat.

In order to lose weight, push your weight around:

Every woman must add some resistance training into their workouts plan to lose body fat. Your main goal is to add muscle to your body and it is one of the effective fitness tips for women over forty who want to lose their weight quickly. Muscle is one of the calories burning and active tissue in your body that help to keep your metabolism going strong. One of the main reason why most of the women of this age group gaining weight is due to a more sedentary lifestyle while eating the same quantity of food that they have lost some lean muscle mass.

As at this age, the metabolism will slow down so it’s a fallacy. You will easily hold the muscles you had in your twenties and thirties by adding muscle building exercises three to four times a week. You can also even build a little extra if you work a bit hard. It doesn’t mean that at this age you need to join the gym or to buy some expensive equipment. Another fallacy is that it also doesn’t mean that you are going to look masculine or gain muscle bulk.

Unless you train very specifically with a goal in your mind, the female body simply is not capable of that. By using the weight of your body as resistance is often more than enough weight and in this way you will achieve a perfect beautiful feminine physique. Here are some benefits listed below that you will get from the weight training:

  • As compare to cardio exercise alone, you will burn more fats from weight training.
  • By doing this, you will easily change the shape of your body.
  • By retaining or building more muscle mass, you will easily boost your metabolism.
  • You become more functional and will increase the strength also.
  • By doing muscle training, you will build combat osteoporosis and strong bones.
  • It will also improve your joint stability and reduces the risk of injury.

If you want a tight tummy than stop doing Crunches:

It is another healthy fitness tip for women over 40 to not do crunches if they want a tight tummy. For most of the women in their forties, the midsection is always a trouble spot. For this specific area, there is no magic bullet but a Plank is available and it is one of the most effective exercises that you can perform safely to tone up your abdominals. It can directly and more effectively targets only your abdominal area and as compared to crunches it is much easier and safer to learn to perform. Having a strong core will help you to improve posture and reduce backaches.

All of them are the effective fitness tips for women over forty and these can help to maintain a slim and fit body even after forty.