Steroids and women

Steroids and women

When you hear of anabolic steroids the first thing that comes in mind is massive and muscular body. So, many of you can’t imagine women taking these steroids. But the women who are athletic take these steroids, and those women who are looking for a perfect body also take these steroids.

Anabolic steroids can be very dangerous for women because these steroids can destroy their femininity. There are few steroids available for women. If they take these steroids with responsibility they won’t affect them much. In this article your questions about taking steroids and the best steroids for women available will be answered.


The women who use steroids have a fear in them that they might turn into a man. The anabolic androgenic steroids are obtained from the male sex hormone, testosterone. Women won’t turn into a man with the use of these steroids, but they may have some side affects if they will not use these steroids with care. Virilization is caused due to the use of these steroids; it is caused due to the high presence of androgens in the body. Androgens are hormones produce in both men and women. If the androgen levels fall from the required amount than masculine traits can manifest. The most common Virilization affects include:

  • Body hair growth
  • Clitoral enlargement
  • Deepening of the vocal cords

No women will enjoy these affects. So, the women who take steroids do their homework and study what steroids to take and which steroids to avoid.

Avoiding Virilization:

If you want to avoid Virilization make sure that the steroids you choose are good for you and make no side effects. If you see any single symptom of Virilization stop using the steroid from which the affects are occurring. All the anabolic steroids carry a risk of Virilization in them. But, some carry higher risk and some carry lower risks. There are many steroids but some are tolerable by very few women. So, you need to choose your steroid very carefully.

The best way you can avoid Virilization is by choosing the steroids which carry low level of Virilization affect in them. When you’ll stop using these steroid the affects will go as time passes. And if you keep using these steroids even after seeing the side affects the damage may get permanent.

Steroids and women- Not just body builders:

You must be thinking that the women who are indulged in body building mostly use steroids, but you might be wrong here because, mostly the women who are involved in physique based sport are more into using these anabolic androgenic steroids. Not all of them take these steroids but most of them do.

When it comes to ‘women and steroid’, the celebrity population comes at the top of the list. The celebrities use these steroids to look their best. There are no natural ways they can look so amazing, it is these steroids that make them so perfect in every way.

These are not the only women who take steroids but the athletes and the gym rats also take these steroids to get more fitness and strength. Anabolic steroids give them the physique that they cannot get just by going to gym.

Top steroids:

There are some steroids that carry a lot of risk for women to lose their femininity. The best steroid for women is Oxandrolone commonly known as Anavar. This is the most female friendly steroid. It is also known as ’The Girl Steroid’. It carries the lowest rate of Virilization. Mostly women can tolerate 10mgs of Anavar every day but the some can tolerate 20mgs twice a day. If you increase your dose more than you need than your affects to Virilization might increase. Anavar a day for up to 8 weeks is remarkably well, 8 weeks is the maximum dose and minimum is 6 weeks.

Primobolan Depot is also known as women friendly steroid. Oral primo is not recommended because it will mostly be destroyed by the livers. Mostly women can tolerate 100 mg primobolan in one day for up to 4 weeks. Stanzol is also a women friendly steroid known as winstrol. Many women can tolerate this steroid. Both injected and oral winstrol is fine. 10 mg per day will be good for you.

These are best steroids for women as they don’t affect much and they have low Virilization affects in them. If a woman is testosterone deficient she can use low doses of Equipoise.

More than just steroids:

These are some steroids that can be beneficial for performance enhancement and these give tremendous results:

  • Arimidex: an AI that can be used for estrogen control- should rarely be used and only by hardcore where absolutely necessary.
  • Clenbuterol: a potent beta-2 stimulator perfect for fat loss-Clen, as its most commonly stimulates the metabolism to perform at a higher rate.
  • Cytomel: a thyroid hormone most commonly known as T3- an extra ordinarily potent fat loss tool- use should be limited to only when dieting and typically only at the end of a diet for 6-8 weeks max so as not to cause damage to the thyroid.
  • Ephendrine: a sympathomimetic amine that is potent weight loss tool- works well as a fat burner and appetite suppressor.
  • Human growth hormone: normally referred to as hgh-x2, this is a powerful peptide hormone-of all things to add to a stack this should be your number one choice- very anabolic, will enhance the metabolism tremendously-will promote recovery and a more youthful look overall.
  • Nolvadex: a popular SERM that can be used to control estrogen-perfect for pre-competition-can provide tighter look when body fat is low.

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