Steroid cream

Steroid cream

In medical terms the steroid cream is referred to a topical steroid belonging to the corticosteroid family. The steroid cream is mainly referred to as the testosterone gel which is used in hormone replacement therapy. The most famous use of a steroid is by that of BALCO commonly known as the Clear. Each steroid cream is unique in its own way.


The corticosteroids come in inject able as well as in steroid cream form. These steroid creams are prescribe for the treatment of

  • Rash
  • Dermatitis
  • Eczema

There are many classification of this drug every drug is used for different purposes. The steroid cream is used for the above mentioned ailments. Many corticosteroids are available in inject able, inhaler and tablet form.

Testosterone Gel:

The steroid creams are also available in form of testosterone gel. The men who suffer from low testosterone levels are recommended this gel. The steroid cream is same as it’s inject able form in terms of its composition and making but efficiency is a different story. The possible side effects of testosterone gel are same as inject able testosterone and it might irritate at the area applied. Many men prefer testosterone gel because of the fear of injection. The effects of gel are different as compared to inject able form. The gel needs to be applied day and night for the same result as of the injection. For example, one may apply 5g of testosterone gel; to get the same result by injection would only need to administer approximately 100mg.

The clear:

The clear which is often called as “The cream” is considered as the king of steroid creams. This steroid cream is very famous and it contains two main ingredients, testosterone and epitestosterone. The main reason for the production of this drug was, to allow the tested athletes the ability to use anabolic steroids without being caught, and this cream works brilliantly. The price of the steroid cream much more as compared to the injections, but this is a great product for athletes. It won’t show same results as other inject-able steroids but it does it works magnificently.

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