Side Effects of Steroids

What Are the Side Effects of Using Steroids?

As you may already know, muscle is basically created and kept by the interaction of anaerobic exercise, protein synthesis and hormones.

Legal Steroids crazybulkBoth men and women produce testosterone, which is known as the male hormone, and it is responsible for visible muscle gains along with sizable fat loss.

Modern science has allowed the chemical synthesis of this compound which has valid medical uses…

Although these benefits are attractive, some people use the compound for recreational and sometimes for professional purposes.

Since it is consumed and not produced by the body, it has some unwanted effects. Since each organism is different, each individual will develop them in different quantities in accord to the amount of drug doses and the time they have been taking it.

I will mention some of the most important facts next:

1. Irreversible Effects On Vital Organs Such As The Heart

It is a known fact that bodybuilding requires professional muscle building.

However due to natural competition inside the sport many competitive individuals in their intense desire for unnatural gains begin to consume illegal steroids.

The effects are many, among the positive ones you will find that their bodies begin to change really fast, they become bigger and their muscles look much better because of reduced body fat.

On the negative side their organs begin to suffer, among the most affected ones you will find the liver and kidneys take their toll.

One of the most affected organs is the heart and for a very logical reason; since steroids enlarge muscles and the heart is a muscle then it also gets enlarged.

The difference between big biceps and an enlarged heart is that the first ones may return to their original size but the heart remains enlarged, to the detriment of your health.

As a side note it is important to know that legal steroids do not produce these terrible side effects.

2. Addiction To The Compound

Many individuals, who actively pursue their dream of chiseling their bodies the way they want to, are tempted to accelerate the visible results of their efforts.

Because of that they delude themselves by thinking that a small amount of steroids will give them the edge they desire. After a very short time these bodybuilders realize that their assumptions were wrong and the proof can be seen on the mirror and in photographs.

After they get back to their usual routine, they realize that muscle gains happen in a relatively slow manner and their body fat losses don’t happen as fast as when they took steroids; then an addiction cycle begins.

Many individuals today are aware that the process of building the body is not complete without building a healthier you…

… this has led to the production and public awareness of high-quality substitutes in the form of legal steroids that are not also effective but they can also be taken for longer periods of time since they don’t damage your health.

3. Legal And Criminal Prosecution Of The Activity

Despite the use of synthetic testosterone by some high-profile individuals in the bodybuilding sport, a simple fact remains; they are completely and utterly illegal if they are not prescribed by a doctor.

There is a reason for this, which is that the compound is simply not healthy if it is not taken to solve an ailment, and it’s often abused if it is not taken under medical supervision.

Many individuals are in jail today because of distribution or possession of the compound. Problems with the law can be considered as a very serious side effect.

As you can see, the side effects of using illegal steroids often present themselves in the form of healthy concerns but it is also worth mentioning that just like with any other drug, it also has social, psychological and legal side effects.

Alternative Legal Steroids To The Rescue

It is worth mentioning that taking steroids without medical approval is illegal but the health and fitness market provides safe substitutes in the form of alternative legal steroids.

And due to demand, many high-quality laboratories and pharmacy based companies such as crazybulk have researched how you can benefit from all the advantages an anabolic compound can provide you.

This research and organized efforts can be found in the form of safe, powerful and very LEGAL muscle enhancing (pharmaceutical graded) supplement.

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