Role of Testosterone and how to Raise Testosterone in your Body

In the bodies of both men and women, testosterone is the hormone which is responsible for many important functions. In males, testosterone is actually present from birth and often associated with their libido. Testosterone is produced in the testicles of males and during puberty, it stimulates the beginning of sexual development and helps to maintain the health of men’s throughout his life. The bodies of women also produce testosterone and it can be produced in their ovaries. Testosterone also plays a vital role in women’s energy, sexual drive and physical strength.

In early childhood, the level of men’s testosterone is at its peak and this hormone continues to play a vital role in the physical and sexual health as men age. Testosterone also affects the muscle mass, bones health, fat storage and also in the production of red blood cells. In most of the cases, the body of men is able to produce enough testosterone but sometimes the level of testosterone decrease because the body is not producing enough testosterone. It’s natural that the level of testosterone begins to fall after the age 30 but a stoppage in the production and a drastic drop in the level of testosterone is another thing as this can lead to the symptoms of low testosterone and is also called as low T. The problem of Low testosterone is commonly found in men and according to the Natural Institutes of Health; in America about 5 million men have low T.

A drastic decrease in the level of testosterone leads to so many symptoms but there are natural ways to raise testosterone. Common symptoms of low testosterone includes Infertility, low interest in Sex, difficulty in achieving an erection, excess body fat or increased body weight, loss of muscles mass and strength, loss of body and facial hair, tenderness and swelling of the breast, disturbance in sleeping pattern, insomnia, hot flashes or sweating, feeling of tiredness and fatigue more easily, change in emotion and feeling low or blue all the time, irritability and loss of self-confidence, depression and problems with the mental clarity. These all are the common symptoms of low testosterone in men. A variety of factors can be caused by these unexpected changes such as cancer, thyroid problems, genetic irregularities, autoimmune diseases, and side effects of medication and the excessive use of drug or alcohol.

How to Raise Testosterone Levels in our body?

Through a simple blood test, it becomes clear if your testosterone is low or not. If your blood test shows you have low T then there are several natural ways to raise testosterone. By having a proper diet plan and by taking herbs, vitamins or healthy supplements the level of testosterone can be raised. testo-max,  it is a natural test boost supplement and it helps to raise the level of testosterone in your body. If you are concerned how to raise your testosterone through traditional medical treatment then these treatments include testosterone replacement therapies like implants, injections and some gels that can help to raise the level of testosterone in your body. The natural ways to raise testosterone are herbs, supplements, regular exercises or workouts, etc if you are concerned how to raise testosterone levels.

How to raise Testosterone though Diet?

A healthy diet plays an important role in the production of testosterone as our glands need certain minerals to get started the production of testosterone like magnesium and zinc and to make testosterone our Leydig cells need a good amount of cholesterol. If you are worried how to raise your testosterone levels through diet then some foods like cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli are one of the best vegetables that help to boost the level of testosterone in your body by removing estrogens from your body. Bacon and eggs are good to add in your diet as they contain a good amount of cholesterol. One of the best ways about how to raise testosterone is to plan your diets like what to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.

–    For Breakfast: As bacon, eggs, meat and nuts contain a copious amount of cholesterol so start your day by having some bacon or eggs in breakfast. Three whole eggs and three slices of bacon is just a perfect breakfast if you are concerned how to raise your testosterone.

–    For Lunch: one of the natural ways to raise testosterone is through a good and healthy diet and you should try to take maximum vegetables at lunch in the form of salads. You can simply add a variety of vegetables in your healthy salad as many of the vegetables are packed with testosterone boosting elements. The list of vegetables or foods given below that shows how to raise testosterone naturally.

  • A mix of Spinach or Spring Salad: Make a salad for your lunch and add fresh leafy green vegetables which are rich in magnesium and zinc. Eating the healthy amount of magnesium and zinc in the form of fresh green vegetables is one of the best and natural ways to raise testosterone.
  • Meat: If you are seriously concerned about how to raise you testosterone then add a healthy amount of meat in your diet. Meat, particularly beef is a rich source of protein that allows our body to create muscles, cholesterol, and fats. And it’s clear that more muscles simply mean more testosterone. Meat can increase the production of testosterone in our body so eat meat, especially beef daily or you can also add small pieces of meat in your fresh green salads. You can also take slices of meat in the form of stakes so it’s up to you how you can add meat in your diet but make sure to take some amount of meat daily.
  • Nuts: As we all know that nuts are like little fat bombs but eating a handful of walnuts or Brazil nuts is healthy as nuts contain cholesterol which is needed by the Leydig cells for the production of testosterone. Eating a few nuts is also beneficial and healthy and is one of the natural ways to raise testosterone.
  • Olives or Avocados: For the healthy production of testosterone we need good fats and olives and Avocados are a great source of good fats. You can add olives in salads or add it in your meals.
  • Broccoli: Those who are much concerned about how to raise testosterone levels can add broccoli in their meals or salads. Broccoli is the healthiest food that can raise the production of testosterone as contains a high level of indoles which is a food compound that sap testosterone levels and reduce the bad estrogen in our body.
  • Olive Oil: We all better know the advantages of an olive oil and it is also good for the production of testosterone in our body. You can top your salad with lots of olive oil to make it healthier. Olive oil can help your Leydig cells to better absorb cholesterol and the Leydig cells need excess absorption of cholesterol to make more testosterone. More absorption of Cholesterol = More testosterone production.

–    For Snacks: Those who are well concerned about how to raise testosterone can take pumpkin seeds, nuts and broccoli as snacks. These snacks are testosterone healthy foods and one of the natural ways to raise testosterone.

How to raise your Testosterone through Supplements?

Those who are well concerned about how to raise testosterone can also take healthy and natural supplements that are specifically for the production of testosterone. testo-max, you can also take test boost supplements to naturally increase the level of testosterone in your body. Apart from this, you can also take some nutritional supplements to raise the production of testosterone in your body. These healthy and natural supplements include:

  • Vitamin D3: Like its name Vitamin D3 is not a vitamin as it’s a hormone that provides so many health benefits. Vitamin D3 is a good source of supplement and natural ways to raise testosterone. Vitamin D3 is basically a rich source of Vitamin D and we get vitamin D from sun rays. According to Westerners people now spend more time indoors as compared to outdoors so they less interact with the sun rays. Some people who spend time in the sun can use sunscreens to protect their skin from sun rays that’s why the deficiency of Vitamin d is commonly found in most people. Vitamin D3 supplements can fulfill the deficiency of Vitamin D which contributes a lot in the production of testosterone.
  • Omega-3 Fish Oil: Omega-3 Fish oil is another natural way to raise testosterone and a healthy supplement. This supplement helps to increase the production of luteinizing hormones and these hormones are responsible for trigging the testes to produce more testosterone.
  • Caffeine: You can also moderately use caffeine to raise the production of testosterone in the body. According to the recent study, use caffeine before having a workout as it boost the level of testosterone and helps you to exercise efficiently. Avoid the use of caffeine late in the as hurts the sleep pattern which further lowers the production of testosterone.
  • Creatine + Whey Protein shake: You can also take one scoop of whey protein and one scoop of creatine before weightlifting workouts as creatine and whey protein is good to feed strength to your muscles.

How to raise your Testosterone through Exercises?

One of the natural ways to raise testosterone is workouts and regular exercises, and there are two important ways of exercises that boost testosterone in your body. First one is some specific types of exercises that help to produce more testosterone and second way of exercise are the type that helps to decrease excess body fats and increase the muscle mass and we the less fat you get the more testosterone you have.

–    Weight Lifting: You should start weight lifting if you are worried how to raise testosterone naturally in your body. According to research, to maximize the production of testosterone how to craft your weight lifting routine:

  • Use of Compound Lifts: your main lifts should be shoulder press, deadlift, bench press and squats. Exercises that work with the large group of muscles are associated with higher testosterone increase.
  • Try to go for the Higher Volume: Sets x reps x weights is the following formula with which you can determine the workout volume. Studies show that higher the production of testosterone will be if a higher volume of workouts is.
  • It is okay to push yourself to failure but don’t take each set to failure.
  • Don’t do overtraining: overtraining can lower the testosterone levels and it will also keep you cortisol levels elevated. Make your workouts shorter but make sure to do only effective exercises.

Get Better and More Sleep to raise the production of Testosterone:

In most men, work burden, stress and less sleep time become the contributing factor of low testosterone. So if you are concerned how to raise testosterone levels then get more and better sleep. When you sleep well for almost 7 – 8 hours you gain more energy, recover from exercise quickly and yes you produce more testosterone. According to a research, men who slept less than five hours a night for only one week will see a drastic drop in their testosterone levels which was up to 10 – 15%.

Less Stress is the Natural ways to Raise Testosterone:

By taking more stress most men can drop their testosterone levels so manage your stress to raise the production of testosterone. You can manage your stress by following ways like go for a walk when you feel stressed up, practice deep berating during exercises and in a face of stress focus on being more resilient.

Avoid Drugs or Alcohols: if you are worried how to raise testosterone levels then avoid the use of drugs and alcohols. You should also stop smoking as it not only damage your lungs but also affect your testosterone levels.

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