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Prison Time

The legality of the matter is the common concern for anyone who supplements with anabolic steroids. Due to steroid control act of 1990 prison time can be an unfortunate reality and by the controlled steroid act of 2004, the reinforcement of original act. To predict the duration of prison time if a person is charged in violation is impossible as it is difficult to predict various factors that come into play in both the state and federal laws. You have to make no mistake as it is a felony offense to possess an anabolic androgenic steroid under the federal law.

The anabolic androgenic steroids are regarded as Schedule III Narcotics under the federal law. For a first time offense, a simple possession can lead you to one year in the prison as a punishment. The penalty to a greater degree can be increased by adding the anabolic steroids in the controlled substances as it occurs in many states. It is no surprise that the manufacturing of anabolic steroids will lead to much stiffer penalty; however it should be noted that simple personal possession can turn a personal consumer a dealer in a day. The sentence regulations regarding anabolic steroids are different in various states. In order to see any jail time, various factors need to be looked upon but not limited to the individuals with past criminal records. No jail time will be seen to the first time offenders of simple possession, the individual legal council will ultimately be their saving grace with the intent of attached distribute and that will result in the horrific end. Most of the court cases will prefer to make an example out of a personal user though jail time can actually become a reality.

The court in which the penalty is tried in will greatly be affected by the total brunt. A person can be tried in both the courts, state or federal, but there are several other factors at that time except possession or simple distribution. The case will be brought to the individual’s state court in the end even if the case was first brought under federal law. One of the vital roles is played by a number of steroids as larger amounts can be deemed as “intent to distribute”.

Even the individuals of intent to distribute and many first time offenders will get off the hook regarding jail time. Controlled penalties are based on the total weight of the substance under the Texas state law. 5 to 99 years in prison are punished with the possession of 200 to 400 gm of anabolic steroids with the intent to sell. As anabolic steroids are measured in milligrams based on the dosing of a hormone, the total weight and mass isn’t a pure indicator of an amount of active hormone. It is important for an anabolic steroid user to possess the carrying agents, as it can lead him to trouble.

In short, jail time will always depend on the strength of defense counsel and prior criminal record. It is to be noted that simple possession can be deemed intent to distribute. Selling a bottle of anabolic steroids can result in great trouble for you. Many individuals have seen jail time due to this type of helping and law enforcement has been ahead in pulling out all their information. The jail time can be very unpredictable and you have no idea how severe the consequences can be. A harsh and rough end isn’t uncommon in anabolic steroid purchasing.

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