Pre-Contest Diet Plan for Male

Pre-Contest Diet Plan for Male

For a contest, there are so many ways to diet but a website collected all the best information and compiled them all in order to help you to reach your goal of a ripped contest ready physique. For all, there is no perfect diet as on higher amount of carbs some respond better and some on extremely low carb diets do much better but we have provided you both methods, it’s up to you what to choose. Diet plan listed below is neither deemed better than the other as it is 100% based on the individual body. However it doesn’t matter what diet plan you choose to follow and who you are, you only need to make adjustments to fit your metabolism perfectly and to fit your body type. You are always encouraged to have the second set of eye gauging you all the time instead of the type of diet you follow and who you are. In a true light, almost no one can see themselves. Almost everyone sees themselves more muscular and leaner than they really are or fatter. A huge mistake that many of guys make is going in on this alone.

In shape to being contest or bodybuilding in shape and equating being lean is another big mistake that many tend to make. A physique you can be proud of is that your 8% has body fat and carrying a fair amount of muscles. You won’t stand a chance if you step on the Stage with such numbers and you will be considered fat.

Two Diet Plans for Male pre-contest:

Diet Plan 1: Overall, this plan is higher carb diet, but it is completely based on carb cycle and utilizing all type of high, medium and low carb day. In order to maximize fat loss, with this we are able to keep the fats in your diet plan. To lose a body fat quickly, carb cycling diets can be a great way, but in most of the cases individual will completely eliminate fat intake, early on which is often a big mistake but later in a diet it becomes possible necessity.

Diet Plan 2: This diet plan is throughout a low carb diet but as its primary source of energy throughout, it utilizes fat intake. When compared to carb cycling diet, there are so many advantages of using this diet plan.

The advantages and disadvantages of both diet plans are discussed below, but it will also individually based sort of thing.

Advantages of Both Diet Plans:

Carb Cycling Advantages Low Carb Advantages
The most obvious one about carb cycling is that you get to eat more carbs in your diet plan. Throughout your energy levels will remain constant in low carb diet plan. As you will on the carb cycling diet plan, you will have no up and down fluctuation of energy levels.
Throughout the diet plan, you will remain fuller. During the course of your low carb diet plan, you will appear harder.
In your carb cycling diet, you will have more variety in your diet. When doing cardio, you will have much easier time for burning up the glycogen stores.
For more carbs, you will have less of carving, but from a low carb diet plan this will not be a big difference. In your low carb diet plan, your diet will remain constant.


Disadvantages of Both Diet Plans:

Disadvantages of Crab Cycling Disadvantages of Low Carb Diet
Throughout the diet plan, your energy level will be up and down. If you do not keep your water intake high then you run a higher risk of dehydration.
Until you get closer to the end, on this diet plan you may feel bloated. In this diet plan, you have a less variety of foods to choose from.
In this plan, you have a tendency to desire to cheat more. The biggest disadvantage of this diet plan is you don’t get to eat carbs.

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