All about Testosterone and How to Naturally Increase the Production of Testosterone

Testosterone is basically produced in men as it is considered to be the “male hormone” and it can produce in men by the testes. Although the ovaries of women also produce some amount of testosterone but the higher concentrations of testosterone is produced in men. In men, the testosterone hormone is responsible for a deeper voice, for many of the secondary sex characteristics and also for the hair on chest. This hormone also contributes in maintaining the energy levels in men, building the muscle mass and for a healthy libido also. In the middle-aged and elderly men, the problems that are associated with the high levels of testosterone are rare and infrequent. The problem is when the levels of testosterone become too low or out of balance. Here are some ways are given below that help you how to increase testosterone naturally.

What is the average or Normal levels of testosterone in men?

First of all, you have to know about the normal level of testosterone. In males, a normal range of testosterone level is about 270 to 1070 ng/dL with an average level of 679 ng/dL. At about the age of 20, a normal testosterone level of the male is at the peak and then slowly moves on to decline when the age begins to increase. The levels of testosterone above or below the average range are considered to be out of balance and also not good for the health. According to some researchers, the healthiest testosterone levels in men are between 400 – 600 ng/dL.

Factors of Low Testosterone:

Those who are worried how to increase testosterone naturally can suppress the several factors of testosterone reproductive functions and output. These factors include chronically low intake of calories and in case of obesity chronically high intake of calories, low intake of nutrients and the deficiency of vitamins or minerals, intake of low fats, low intake of drugs, overtraining, depression, anxiety, stress, limited sexual activity, aging, obesity and so many other metabolic disorders, minimal or disrupted sleep are the major factors of low testosterone.

Major Symptoms of Low Testosterone Levels:

Symptoms of Low Testosterone can be seen in both men and women and they have to look for the ways to increase testosterone naturally. Major symptoms of low testosterone are the loss of “mojo” which means low energy, lethargy, and fatigue. Other symptoms include low work capacity and a decrease in strength, lack of sexual responsiveness, low sexual desire, and the weaker organisms. In case low testosterone you can also face an increase in the body fat with the loss of lean body mass especially in the bone and muscle density. In men, low levels of testosterone can lead to low sperm count that create problems in fathering a child. In women, low levels of testosterone can cause irregular menstrual periods and also in developing a male features like a deep voice, excessive body, and facial hair.

These are the main symptoms of low testosterone level and if you are facing problems like that then you have to immediately check out your testosterone level. If your testosterone level is low then you have to look for ways that help you how to increase testosterone naturally.

Ways that helps in increasing testosterone naturally:

Testosterone is the one thing that makes a man a man. In man, this hormone is responsible for a great number of important things like increasing confidence levels, building muscles, strength, and libido. In any men, it’s natural that the level of testosterone starts to decline with age so by following some healthy and beneficial ways you can increase testosterone naturally.

Here are some training tips, diet and supplementation tips given below that help you to increase testosterone naturally.

  • Through the Heavy Weight Strength Training: Strength training is one of the few things that will help to boost your level of strength. You need to hoist the heavy iron if you want to gain its maximum results. Strength training will help you to build more muscle mass which in turn is running through your body by creating a flurry of anabolic hormones. According to the study and research, through the heavy weight lifting, you can see improvement in the levels of testosterone in your body, regardless of your age. So with a little hard work you can see the effective results.
  • Less Stress: There is no denying that at times life can get stressful but it’s the perfect time to go off that ride if you would call your life as one big stressful merry-go-round. If you are worried how to increase testosterone naturally then one of the beneficial ways that increase the amount of testosterone in your body is less stress. As its simple, if the more you stress, the more you move away from your goals. You will see noticeable positive results if you can control the levels of your stress.
  • Avoid diets that are low in fats: One of the healthiest ways of increasing testosterone naturally is to avoid those diets that are low in fat. We all know well the importance of saturated fat in the body so do not minimize the number of saturated fats by taking low-fat diets. Diets that are very low in fats will crush the natural production of testosterone and leaving you feels less like a man. As long as you keep your calorie sources healthy and calorie intake in check then fats can be healthy for you. In a plan of boosting testosterone, trans fats have no place, but the fats from lean grass fed meats, from the avocado’s fatty fish, from oils, nuts and seeds are healthy and beneficial for increasing testosterone naturally.
  • Minimize the amount of Sugar: If you want to increase testosterone naturally then stop taking sugar. You can see an immediate drop to your testosterone level each time when you eat a sugar-laden food. Intake of sugar is unhealthy so if you are worried how to increase testosterone naturally you can stop the intake of sugar.
  • During your workouts, beat the clock: Daily workout is another healthy activity that can help in increasing testosterone naturally. Make a habit of beating the clock during workouts by simply pumping out set after set. One of the best testosterone workouts that help increasing testosterone naturally is short but intense. It’s time for a change if your workouts go longer than 45 minutes. Your level of cortisol will begin to rise beyond this point and rather than the anabolic state; this can put you in a catabolic state. What you want at this point is again in direct opposition.
  • Stop Smoking: As we all know how dangerous the smoking is and each cigarette contains chemicals over 7500. Smoking contains so many side effects and it’s one of the common side effects is that it lowers the levels of testosterone. We all know that to quit smoking is really very hard but if you want to increase testosterone naturally you have to quit the habit of smoking.
  • By Eating Cholesterol: If you are concerned how to Increase testosterone naturally then eat some cholesterol. Inside a male body, there are final stages of whole testosterone making process and work that Leydig cells do inside of the testicles. By taking some amount of cholesterol daily, these cells literally convert that cholesterol to free testosterone. Egg contains a good amount of cholesterol and is beneficial for increasing testosterone naturally.
  • To lose the Excess body fat: Fat cells are filled with a female hormone called estrogen and this hormone has the ability to lower the level of testosterone. According to the study, if the percentage of fat is higher in your body, the levels of estrogen will also higher and thus results in lowering the testosterone levels. You can increase testosterone naturally by losing excess body fat.
  • Restrain Overtraining: By avoiding overtraining you will also increase testosterone naturally as overtraining has been linked to lower the levels of testosterone in your body. For the longer periods of time, overtraining will keep your levels of cortisol elevated and during all that time you have lower testosterone levels. You should seriously take overtraining as it is not good for your testosterone also for your heart and other muscles.
  • Sleep to Increase testosterone naturally: Another healthy way of increasing testosterone naturally is to get enough sleep as more testosterone will be produced during the time of sleep, especially in REM-stages of sleep. When you sleep less, less testosterone will be produced so get enough sleep if you want natural testosterone increase.
  • Lower the Intake of Soy Products: A natural testosterone increase can be possible if you avoid the intake of soy products. Soy can lower the level of testosterone as it has very strong phytoestrogens which will directly increase your level of serum estrogen. Men usually eat a lot of soy products especially when they go through the sex change operation because soy is popular for its feminizing effects.
  • Iodine for Natural Testosterone Increase: Iodine is also good and beneficial for the natural testosterone increase. Iodine can be found in every cell of our body so it is one of the most important minerals. For the production of testosterone, Iodine is very important and it also aids your thyroid glands to produce more hormones. To increase testosterone naturally consumes a good amount of iodine.
  • Eat Organic Foods to Increase Testosterone naturally: For a natural testosterone increase always eats a good amount of organic foods. Organic foods are healthy and help in increasing testosterone naturally.

Foods that Increase Testosterone Naturally:

A healthy diet and consumption of healthy food help in increasing testosterone naturally. Here is the list of some healthy food and vegetables given below that help you to increase testosterone naturally and these vegetables include Spinach or Spring salad, Fresh meat, Nuts, Avocado’s or Olives, Olive oil, Broccoli, Balsamic Vinegar, some healthy snacks like pumpkin seeds, nuts and broccoli also helps in increasing testosterone naturally.

Supplements for Natural Testosterone Increase:

Some supplements are also beneficial if you are worried how to increase testosterone naturally. Here are some supplements gave below that will help in natural testosterone increase. testo-max, this supplement is also preferable for the natural testosterone increase. Other supplements include:

  • Vitamin D3: Like its name Vitamin D3 is not actually a vitamin but in actual it’s a hormone that is beneficial for increasing testosterone naturally. Sun is a good source of Vitamin D but now people spend more time indoor and less time outdoors and those who go outside usually use sunscreen so that sun rays don’t reach to their skin. In this way, the deficiency of Vitamin D3 contributes to lower the level of testosterone in the human body. These supplements specifically help in increasing testosterone naturally.
  • Omega-3 Fish Oil: Here is another beneficial supplement for the natural testosterone increase. These supplements contain a good amount of cholesterol and saturated fats which help in increasing testosterone naturally.
  • Creatine Shake + Whey Protein: Mostly men before weightlifting workouts drink Whey Protein + Creatine shakes that give more energy and strength during workouts and help them in increasing testosterone naturally.

Other healthy supplements that are beneficial for increasing testosterone naturally include Vitamin C, Caffeine, ZMA, etc. you can also prefer testo-max as this supplement helps to increase testosterone naturally.

Summary and Recommendations for the Natural Testosterone Increase:

If you are seriously concerned about how to increase testosterone naturally then follow these few tips:

  • Engage yourself in the intense and regular exercise sessions for a natural testosterone increase.
  • Make sure to consume a good amount of macro and micronutrients.
  • Avoid the use of drugs and other medications.
  • Also, engage yourself in a regular and safe sexual activity.
  • Get a healthy sleep, almost 7 to 9 hours per night.
  • Also, try to control your anxiety levels and the level of stress

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