Myths and Facts about Muscle Building and Protein Intake

Myths and Facts about Muscle Building and Protein Intake:

All the people that have the goals of building muscles are confused about the protein intake. There are a lot of misconceptions about the protein intake that it causes the kidney damage and it’s harmful to handle more than 30 grams of proteins.

By reading the following facts about the protein intake, you can maximize your muscle growth and strength.

  1. Kidney Health and High protein Diets:
    It’s really incorrect to say that high protein intake can cause damage to kidneys. It’s only bad and damaging for those people who already have some pre-existing kidney issues. Urea is a waste product of protein consumption. It’s the function of a healthy kidney to remove excess urea from the blood. In case, the urea isn’t removed from the blood it can cause a lot of stress to kidney. So, there is no problem if you increase the protein intake unless your kidney functions normally.
  2. Requirement of Protein for Muscle building and Strength:
    It’s false that lifters dint require a high amount of protein. It has been claimed by Dr. Peter Lemon who is a top researcher that active individuals require twice amount of protein intake. So, it is equal to 0.8 gm of proteins per pound.
    Protein intake is quite beneficial for those who want to build the strong and big muscles. You may become a bit aggressive but it’s okay for you if you’re taking enough protein. You’ll gain the desired weight if you focus on the sufficient protein intake.
  3. Protein powders are completely useless and dangerous:
    It’s a misconception that protein powders are useless and aren’t the real foods. It’s completely false because it’s just a powder extracted from soy, egg, whey etc. They just add a few ore required ingredients but that isn’t dangerous at all.
    It’s true that protein powders are the real foods. These powders can be very helpful and beneficial for you if you’re in a hurry and can provide you with the result as other protein intakes do.
  4. It’s not okay to take more than more than 150 gm of protein per day:
    This myth is also not true. There are a lot of reasons that you should eat more than 150 gm’s of proteins per day. It’s important for those weight lifters who are underweight and want to gain weight in a short period of time. And for this purpose, you have to eat a lot of protein.
    Moreover, you have to take plenty of calories. It can help you add massive strength to your body. This kind of protein and calorie intake can provide you with long-term health. There is no doubt that most of the great and successful bodybuilders used to eat 180-220 gm’s of proteins per day.

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