Muscle Building Supplement for Diabetic Patients

Muscle Building Supplement for Diabetic Patients

Most of the people think that those who suffered from diabetes cannot workout or take muscle building supplements like others but having diabetes is not a problem for you if you want to build your muscles. But the diabetic patients have to follow some precautions and when it comes to gaining muscles. Strong muscles more efficiently collect nutrients and oxygen from the blood as compared to weak ones, which means any physical activity you can do, will put less strain and cardiac work on your heart. This will also good for the heart as they also improve weight control and to the hormone insulin it helps the body to remain sensitive. Here are some tips and muscle building supplements that help you to build lean and strong muscles without affecting your diabetes.

Load up on Protein or Protein Bars: For healthy muscle building and muscle growth, protein intake is vital. Protein of your body is constantly drains and reserves for other uses like producing the hormones that result in less protein available for the building of muscles. As you body breaks down old proteins, you need to store and build new proteins faster. Those who are suffering from diabetes can consume protein about 1 gram per pound of the body, which is roughly the maximum amount of protein that your body can use in a day. Good sources of protein as a muscle building supplement for diabetic patients are Tuna, chicken, milk, eggs, cottage cheese and protein shakes.

Protein bars is also a healthy muscle building supplement for diabetic patients. As most of the protein bars are high in sugar and saturated fats to overcome the taste of healthy ingredients. However, there are also some proteins bars available that contain low-sugar and low-fat which may not significantly impact your level of blood glucose. Proteins bars that are used as a muscle building supplement like Allmax Isofemme, and Doctor’s CarbRite Diet Bars which have fats 6 grams or less than this and sugar per bar I gram or even less, as these protein bars are high in protein so they are enough to support for weight lifting. The best part about these protein bars is that they both use sugar alcohols in it which can provide fewer calories as compared to sugar so that’s why they don’t cause a quick increase in the level of your blood sugar.

Before Workout, Have a Healthy Protein Shake: For improving the strength of muscles while doing training protein shakes are very necessary. Most of the trainers take post workout shake but according to the latest research drinking protein shake at least 30 to 60 minutes before exercising that contain at least 6 grams of amino acids which is a muscle building blocks of protein and also add 35 grams of carbohydrates in the protein shake will increase your protein synthesis more as compared to drinking the same protein shake after the training. This protein shake is a healthy muscle building supplement for diabetic patients who think they don’t take any supplement with this disease.

To your working tissues, exercise increases the flow of your blood and before workout drinking a carbohydrate-protein shakes may lead to greater amino acids in your muscles. Whey protein is another healthy muscle building supplement and also good for diabetic patients for the growth and strength of their muscles. Good quality of whey protein per serving usually contains up to 30 grams of proteins as well as a healthy supply of minerals and vitamins.

Weight Gainers Supplements: Weight gainers are another high-calorie and high-protein muscle building supplement and it mostly come in the form of powder. Unfortunately, these weight gainers use fat and sugar to increase the calorie content. But there are some weight gainers muscle building supplement that provide fiber and also contain low-fat and low-sugar content. These types of weight gainers muscle building supplements are beneficial for the diabetic patients like Cytosport Cytogainer. In each 570 calorie serving of these weight gainers supplements it contains 6 grams of fat, 7 grams of sugar and 4 grams of fiber.

Supplements for Pre-Workout: Typically, pre-workout muscle building supplements are in the form of powders that contains Caffeine, Creatine, and amino acids. If you are a diabetic patient than for safety measures you can use a caffeine-free supplement for pre-workouts. According to the study of Diabetes Care from August 2004, caffeine may have a negative effect on the ability of your body’s to regulate the levels of glucose.

Protein powder as a Supplement: in per serving, protein powders mostly tend to contain calories between 100 and 200 and they primarily offers protein and much fewer grams of carbohydrates and fats than weight gainers. However, the protein powder still may contain saturated fats and added sugar. Just because of this reason, the diabetic patients may want to choose a whey protein isolate which is almost a type of protein powder as they contain 90 percent protein per scoop and a very little amount of fat.

After Training, Eat a Healthy Meal: All the diabetic patients should take extra care of their health while doing workouts and taking a supplement for muscle building. Snacks and post-workout meals should be high in protein and carbohydrates and to fuel exercise carbohydrates are needed. Carbohydrates also play a role in the release of insulin as well as being a vital energy source, which helps to regulate the levels of blood sugar and also considered as one of the most potent anabolic hormones of the body. In order to keep their blood sugar levels under control, people with diabetes are generally advised or suggested to limit the intake of their carb as their bodies are struggling hard to produce the insulin. It is also advised to all the diabetic patients that cut out bad carbs and replace them with the good ones like replace processed carbohydrates that found in white bread, potatoes, rice and pasta with the unprocessed carbohydrates like fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, beans and with the whole grain versions of rice, pasta and bread.

By following some healthy instruction, diabetic patients can easily build and, strengthen their muscles and all the healthy muscle building supplements with low fats and sugar will make it easier for them.

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