Male intermediate diet

Male intermediate diet

Intermediate in steroid dictionary means:

  1. Being or occurring at the middle place, stage, or degree or between extremes
  2. One who has mastered the basics, but has yet to reach the full level of potential
  3. One who is ready for more depth in training, still needing growth and refinement and refinement is the secondary concern

When your gains and your progress begun to slow down or stop, it means that your fat have increased slightly but it is manageable. It does not mean that you are overweight or fat but your gains have started to slow down. If you come under this description than you are ready for this intermediate diet.

Between the beginner’s diet and the intermediate’s diet the only difference is the quantity of the food. Protein will increase and because you are carrying more muscle mass fat will increase a bit. The major difference will be between the carbs. The ratio of the 3 major nutrients will always remain the same, no matter how advance your diet is. cannot determine that if you are ready for this diet or not. It is you who can determine that this diet is right for you in every way. If you fall in the category of individuals who can follow this diet than you should and if you don’t fall in the category than you should not start this diet. It can cause some side effects that can be dangerous for your health.

Q: Have you gained a lot of excess body fat? Are you gaining body fat rapidly on the beginner’s diet?

A: If you answer is yes than this diet is definitely not for you.

Q: Did you start the beginner’s diet at a relatively high body fat to begin with? By high body fat we are not necessarily talking about fat as it is described in everyday society, but physique fat. If so are you physique fat still today?

A: if your body fat is over 15% than this diet is not for. You need to lose body fat from 15% to at least 12%. I9f you continue the beginner’s diet and work hard you’ll reach your goal.

Q: Are you relatively lean, have gains begin to slow down are they becoming increasingly difficult?

A: If you are lean, 12 % or under and you have difficulty in making progress than this diet is for you.

Note: this diet is planned for the people who are lean and their progress have slowed down. If anyone other than these people try this diet and it doesn’t suit them than it will be their loss. They might get some dangerous side effects. So, take this diet only if suitable for you.

Intermediate meal plan

Meal 1:

-4 egg whites or liquid equivalent

-5 whole Omega-3 eggs

-1 cup oat meal


-40-50 gram whey isolate powder

-2 tbsp natural peanut butter

-1 cup of oatmeal


-20-25 grams whey isolate powder

-1 cup liquid egg whites

-2 tbsp natural peanut butter

-1 cup of oatmeal

Meal 2:

-40-50 grams whey isolate powder mixed in water

-2 tbsp natural peanut butter


6-7oz filet or lean beef

-green vegetables or green salad

Meal 3:

8oz chicken breast, turkey or fish

-1 cup rice

-2 oz almonds or cashews

-green vegetables


-8oz chicken breast, turkey or fish

-2 sweet potato

-2 oz almonds or cashews

-green vegetables

Meal 4:

– Same as meal 1

Meal 5:

same as meal 3

Meal 6:

-10-12 egg whites or liquid equivalent

-2 whole Omega-3 egg


-6-7 oz filet or lean beef


-40-50 grams whey isolate mixed in water

-2tbsp natural peanut butter


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