About Low Testosterone

About Low Testosterone

Regardless of how healthy the individual may be, at some point, low testosterone is something that affects most every man in his life. All men suffer from low testosterone by age 40 and 50% and by the age of 50 the amount increases upwards to 80%. The commercials advertising treatment for “Low T” you have seen simply a simplified version of saying Low Testosterone and for treating Low testosterone there is only one remedy which is anabolic steroids, most notably as testosterone therapy. However, most of the men ignore this problem and assume that it was due to natural causes. Age plays an important role, it’s true, but that dirty at best as our lifestyle has increasingly become sedentary coupled with the nutritional intake, in most of the cases the problem become far more exasperated than need be. However, we can simply eliminate the problem associated if we understand low testosterone and recognize the symptoms.

The Effect of Aging: Our natural testosterone levels fall by age but in most of the cases it largely goes unnoticed as the process is so slow and building over time. By the time, their levels are truly low for many men and they become so accustomed to the slight changes that people accept them as “normal”. There are also some men who in a very short period of time will experience a rapid decline even at a much younger age, but this can be seen in minority cases. Effects can be noticed or felt when we enter in the thirties or forties.

Low Testosterone Effects:

There are so many effects of low testosterone levels that can cause many of the health issues. The effects are vast and dramatically felt from the physique and physically related to sexual performance. Some of the common effects of Low testosterone include Decreased Libido, Erectile Dysfunction, Decrease in Lean Muscle Tissue, and Decrease in Strength, Depression, Increased body fat, increased irritability and decreased energy. These all are the major symptoms of low testosterone and if you suffer from any of these symptoms then it means you suffer from low testosterone. The good news about low testosterone is that there is a treatment and reverse of every single negative effect that are associated with this problem.

Treatments of Low Testosterone:

Once the level of testosterone become low in your body they will forever remain naturally low as there is no cure for low testosterone but there is a remedy. We cannot cure the problem, but we can treat the problem. Following are the major treatments of low testosterone that include Injectable testosterone, AndroGel, and AndroDerm.

  • Injectable Testosterone Treatment: This is considered to be the most efficient and most effective therapy we use. This treatment will be well-tolerated by most of the people who use it as in this procedure a single injection of testosterone once after 10 to 14 days will enough for the problem. Some individuals need more injections of testosterone, but it all depends on the type of testosterone you use.
  • AndroGel Treatment: Another way to treat against Low testosterone is the AndroGel treatment which is a transdermal testosterone cream. In this procedure, a cream will be applied directly on the body and skin absorbs it into the body. Due to tropical absorption having a far less efficiency rating, a much higher dose of AndroGel will need to use in comparison to its injectable form. This treatment can be performed every single day.

•   AndroDerm Treatment: The procedure of AndroDerm is same as the procedure of AndroGel. The only difference among them is in its form because AndroDerm is a patch that will be applied directly on the skin for 24 hour period of time. We simply apply a new patch when the 24-hour mark has passed.

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