Low Testosterone in Women and its causes

What is Testosterone in Women?

Testosterone sometimes also known as “T” is a hormone that is produced by both men and women. This hormone plays a vital role in puberty for both genders and is also vital during fertility. Apart from this, this hormone also affects the sexual desire in women and men.

In males this hormone is produced in testes while in women it is produced within the ovaries. The amount of men testosterone is higher as compared to women testosterone. It is a major hormone that is responsible for sexual desires, muscle gain, increased bone mass, body hair, physical strength and many other features in men. But it also plays some vital roles in women as well. The very low testosterone in women can cause some significant issues like depression, low libido and fatigue.

Causes of Low Testosterone in Women:

According to research low libido, depression and fatigue are some of the symptoms of low testosterone levels in women. There are many reasons that are causing low testosterone in women and how to make them normal is very essential. Finding a same cause for all the women may be a difficult task but some generic causes may relate to a large group of women. Here are some of the causes of women testosterone levels:

Progesterone levels: Testosterone levels depend upon the progesterone levels in the body as progesterone converts themselves in androstenedione from which testosterone are produced. So, when the levels of progesterone are low in the body, it can’t produce sufficient levels of androstenedione which lead to low testosterone levels in women. This is a natural process and mostly women above 40 years of age face this issue and this condition is associated with hormone deficiency.

Oral Contraceptive: Oral contraceptives contain the sex hormones such as progesterone, testosterone and estrogen. Taking these pills for a long time can upset the natural method of producing these hormones which lead to disorder in testosterone levels in women. According to a study, these pills have a protein called sex hormone binding globulin which binds itself with testosterone and its production is stopped.

Age: Another natural and most important factor that may affect women testosterone is their age. But it is not directly allied to menopause. Due to menopause the testosterone levels in women may decrease as the ovaries stop the production of this hormone. Removing the ovaries also decrease the production of this hormone in the body. So, as you grow older the production of testosterone in your body will decrease but the abnormal decrement can be dangerous and a point on which you have to think about and must take some serious actions.

Organ Failure: Sometimes the organs that produce testosterone are not functioning properly that might cause low testosterone in women. And this situation is known as primary hypogonadism. In women these organs are basically the ovaries and sometimes due to the premature ovarian failure one might have to get her ovaries removed which lead to low testosterone levels in women.

Why women need testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone that is associated with men however women also require testosterone. The required amount of testosterone in men is higher as compared to women. One might think that if this hormone is not that essential in women then why to think about it, why to take some action if there are low testosterone levels in women. But they are wrong! Testosterone is essential for women. Here are some reasons that why women need testosterone and their testosterone levels have to be normal:

  • Bulking up: Weight lifting has a great impact on women testosterone levels. This hormone helps them bulk up their muscles and have a better sexual relation with their partner.
  • Maintaining Muscle Mass: It helps maintain bone and muscle mass in women. If women with deficiency of testosterone take testosterone they will not only feel better but will feel more energetic.
  • Which Women Might Have Testosterone tests? After menopause and after the removal of ovaries, there is a significant drop in the production of testosterone. Due to this they might not feel like the same person as well as always feel weak. Apart from this their sexual life also gets disturbed. This is the point when one must get a testosterone test and start taking testosterones.
  • Low testosterone levels: Testosterone has the potential to strengthen your bones, gives you more energy, help in gaining muscle mass. Women who have low testosterone will have problems in getting quick recovery from bone injuries. So, replacing natural production of testosterone with other artificial methods is necessary if one wants to stay energetic and have better bone density.
  • Excessive Testosterone levels: Excessive testosterone levels in body can cause acne, scalp hair fall, hair growth on the body and drop in the high density lipoprotein cholesterol levels (HDL) which is good cholesterol. So, one has to keep a check on their testosterone levels.

Benefits of Testosterone in Women:

Here are some benefits of testosterone in women:

  • Have anti-aging effect
  • Turns fat in muscle
  • Keeps skin agile
  • Enhance the bone density
  • Always keep the mood positive
  • Helps in handling stress
  • Keeps liver and blood vessels clean

Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Women:

Here are some symptoms of low testosterone levels in women:

Fatigue and Exhaustion:

If you are having a good night sleep and still when you wake up and are tired, it is one of the symptoms of low testosterone in women. Low levels of testosterone may make you feel fatigue and exhausted. You may feel uncomfortable while you are sleep and may have disrupted sleep.


Women with low testosterone experience muscle loss and progressive gain of weight. Gaining weight at midlife is so common that women have started assuming that the gain is due to their age but if you are trying to loss it and are unsuccessful then it is a symptom that there is some disorder with your testosterone levels.

Decrease Curiosity in Sex:

Like men, testosterone also affects the sexual arousal in women. Low levels of testosterone in women can affect this interest and it is caused because:

  • Women may go through reduced sex drive
  • Due to vaginal dryness
  • They may lack interest in sex

These are also causes of some other hormonal issues too, so before assuming that you are having low levels of testosterone, first discuss your situation with your doctor.

Mood Swings:

If you are having sudden stints of depression, unknown mood swings or are always having low mood, then there are chances that you may be suffering from low testosterone levels.

Testosterone plays a vital role on your mood. And low testosterone in women can affect the body’s ability to regulate your mood itself. If you are pondering to take some anti-depressants than firstly you must discuss your situation with your doctor and must get a testosterone test and afterwards you can start your medication accordingly.


Another symptom of low testosterone in women is anxiety. Though the anxiety level is mild but it can cause panic attacks in women. If you are having sudden bouts of anxiety then you must consult your physician and get testosterone test.

Difficulty in Concentrating:

If you are having problems in concentrating on your regular tasks, especially when you were able to concentrate on them previously, then there are chances that you are having low testosterone levels.

One of the problems in detecting the low testosterone in women and men is that most of the symptoms they face like difficulty in concentration often mimic the signs of aging. So, always consult your doctor before you start taking testosterone.

Hair Loss:

Losing your hair is the most obvious symptom of low testosterone levels in women. Losing your hair from your scalp is most obvious but if you are having low testosterone, you may also start to lose hair from other body parts as well.

If you are having any of these symptoms, it is recommended, that you must consult your physician and get testosterone tests. The tests will show that whether you are having low testosterone or some other problems. If you have low testosterone then the next thing you have to do is to find out whether testosterone replacement therapy is good enough for you or not.

Treatment of low Testosterone in Women:

Since, testosterone are considered less important for women, so no standard treatment have been found but many manufacturers have produced supplements which they can take to increase the testosterone levels in their body. Or there are also some natural remedies which they can start to fix their testosterone levels.

If you want a quick fix for your problems then you can try some supplements. There are many supplements available in the market and one such supplement is testo-max. It is made from natural ingredients and has no side effects.

testo-max is not only taken by the women who have testosterone deficiency but women who are in body building or athletics are also taking this supplement to enhance their body mass and to get their ideal body.

Apart from this they can also go for TRT (testosterone replacement therapy). But this therapy has some side effects due to which it is not recommended until or unless your women testosterone levels are very low. Some of its side effects include: fatigue, weight gain, acne, vomiting, nausea, swelling of joints, etc.

So, while choosing your treatment for testosterone in women you have to be very careful and must take a wise decision.

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