Low Testosterone and the symptoms, causes and warnings of Low Testosterone

Most Common facts of Low Testosterone:

Here are some common facts given below that shows the common symptoms and causes of low testosterone.

  • One can face the cause of low testosterone when the testosterone is underproduction or due to the lack of the production of testosterone.
  • Most common causes of low testosterone include infections, diabetes, some hormonal conditions, and obesity.
  • Most common symptoms of low testosterone include a reduction in sex drive, changes in the sleep patterns, infertility, sexual dysfunction and the sudden changes in mood or emotions.
  • A testing of low testosterone includes linking symptoms with the blood levels of testosterone.
  • A low testosterone treatment options include so many different forms and therapies of testosterone.

About Low Testosterone:

Testosterone is basically a hormone which is primarily produced in the testicles and these hormones are required for the male development. These hormones are also responsible for the production of sperms, sex drive, for building the bone mass and muscles. These hormones influence bone density, male pattern fat distribution and in the production of red blood cells.

During the early adulthood, the normal development of male testosterone is at its peak and once you reach the age of 30 the levels of testosterone start decline by approximately 1% a year. This decrease in the level of testosterone is a normal part of aging.

An Average level of Testosterone in Men:

300 nanograms per deciliter are the low limit of testosterone in males and approximately 1000 – 1200 nanograms per deciliter is the upper normal limit of average testosterone. To further distinguish a testosterone from normal aging, a low level needs to be investigated.

An Average Level of Testosterone in Women:

In women, a normal testosterone level is 15 – 70 ng/dL. Testosterone is produced in the adrenal glands and ovaries of women. In women, what causes a low testosterone is basically a variety of medical conditions and advancing age. Normally a women menopause can also drop the level of testosterone.

Common Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Men and Women:

In boys, major symptoms of low testosterone include lack in the development of muscle mass, no deepness in their voice, lack of body and facial hair and a slow increase in the size of testicles and penis. In men, common symptoms of low testosterone include low sex drive, infertility, sparse body and facial hair, erectile dysfunction, the growth of breast tissues. Most men also experience a decrease in sex drive, fatigue, changes in their sleep pattern and difficulty concentrating when the level of testosterone decrease in the body with age. Symptoms and causes of low testosterone in women are associated with the depressed mood, low energy, and a decreased libido.

What causes low testosterone in men?

Some major conditions and causes of low testosterone are some chronic medical conditions like kidney and liver diseases, diabetes, obesity, some infections in the body and hormonal disorders. These all are the major causes of low testosterone. In men, some other causes of low testosterone are chronic obstructive lung disease, autoimmune diseases, genetic causes, HIV AIDS, some genetic causes, injury in the testicles, metabolic disorders, prolactinoma in the pituitary glands, type 2 diabetes, and testicular cancer or its treatment.

Use of some drugs also become a cause of low testosterone and these drugs include Chemotherapy drugs that are specifically used to treat cancer, use of alcohol, opioids and the use of corticosteroids also become the causes for low testosterone. These all are the major causes of low testosterone but you don’t need to be a worry if your testosterone level is low as there are so many natural treatments and therapies available that raise the level of testosterone in your body. testo-max, this supplement is also preferable to treat against low testosterone.

What causes low Testosterone in Women?

In women, the major causes for low testosterone by variety of factors which include, Dysfunction in the interactions among the pituitary glands, adrenal glands and the hypothalamus, adrenal insufficiency, hysterectomy – a surgical removal of uterus, hypopituitarism – a secretion of reduced hormone from the pituitary glands, failure of premature ovarian, use of some oral contraceptive pills and the surgical removal of ovaries become the major causes of low testosterone. In the years, when women are leading up to menopause also experience a gradual decrease in the production of low testosterone.

Warning signs that become the cause of low testosterone:

Signs of low testosterone are also known as hypogonadism and when the production of testosterone drastically drops then a range of warning signs or symptoms can occur. The major signs or causes of low testosterone are:

  • Low Sex Dive: In both men and women testosterone plays a key role in libido which means sex drive. With the growing age, most men can experience a decline in their sex drive. A decrease or decline in the sex drive is one of the major warning sign of low testosterone. Women can also experience a drastic drop in their desire to have sex and other hormonal and mood changes due to the cause of low testosterone.
  • Lower Semen Volume: In the production of semen, a testosterone hormone plays an important role which is like a milky fluid that helps in the motility of sperm. The fact is simple, the more semen a man produces if the more testosterone he has. During the ejaculation, you will notice a decrease in the volume of their sperm if a man has low testosterone. A decrease in the semen volume is due to the causes of low testosterone.
  • Loss of Hair: Hair loss is another common signs due to the cause of low testosterone. Testosterone plays an important role in the production of hair. For many men, balding is the natural part of aging so if a man has low testosterone then he may experience a loss of facial and body hair also.
  • Lack of Energy and Fatigue due to a cause of low testosterone: Most men can experience a noticeable decrease in their energy levels and extreme fatigue due to the cause of low testosterone. If you are not getting enough sleep and feel tired all the time then it can become a cause for low testosterone.
  • Loss of Strength and Muscle Mass because of Low Testosterone: Testosterone plays a vital role in strengthening and building of muscles and due to the cause of low testosterone you will notice a loss of strength and muscle mass.
  • An increase in body fat: Due to the cause of low testosterone, one can see a rapid increase in the body fat. In some cases, men develop “gynecomastia” which is a condition in which a man develops an enlarged breast. This condition can also become a cause of low testosterone.
  • Change in Mood: During the menopause, most women often experience a rapid change in their mood. In the case of men, this similar symptom can be seen due to the cause of low testosterone. Many of the physical processes influence in the body because of low testosterone. According to the research, men who have low testosterone can experience a lack of focus, irritability, and depression.

Physical changes because of Low Testosterone:

Some side effects and the physical changes that can be seen because of low testosterone include an increase in the body fat or rapid weight gain, decrease in muscle mass and strength, a decrease in the body hair, a fragile bones, tenderness or swelling in the breast tissue, increase in fatigue, hot flashes and the effects on cholesterol metabolism.

Changes you can make to increase the level of Testosterone: Through some changes and medical treatment you can increase the level of testosterone as low testosterone is not a very serious problem. But take care of your level of testosterone with the growing age is necessary to maintain a good health. By maintaining a healthy and fresh diet and by reducing your body weight you can increase the amount of testosterone in your body. You can also increase the level of testosterone in your body by taking some healthy supplements and testo-max is a healthy supplement that helps to naturally increase testosterone in your body.

If you want to increase the level of testosterone in your body then you need to firstly understand what causes low testosterone and by understanding this, you can make proper and healthy changes to increase its level in your body. Commonly a low testosterone in men can be treated medically through supplementation. Low testosterone can also be treated with a lifestyle changes like more exercise and through the efforts to lose more body weight. In case, when the cause of low testosterone is because of an underlying medical condition then there is a chance to return the testosterone to the normal level.

Treatment for Low Testosterone:

You can increase the level of testosterone in your body through some variety or treatments or ways which are:

  • Through Injections: Injections is one the proper medical condition which can be injected into your muscles for few weeks to increase the level of testosterone in your body. These injections can be given by any medical professional or also by self-injection.
  • Through Gels or Patches: The process of gels and patches is another way that can help to increase the level of testosterone in your body. These gels of patches contain testosterone which can be daily applied on the skin.
  • Though Buccal System: A Buccal System is another process that increases the level of testosterone in your body. In this process, a tablet-shaped patch will be applied in your mouth and your upper gum meets the inner side of the lip. This patch help in increasing testosterone level and it can be changed every 12 hours.
  • Through the Testosterone Pallets: Testosterone pallets are the newer form of treatment the help to increase testosterone level in the body. In this treatment, under the skin of the buttocks these pallets are inserted and for three to four months these pallets can release testosterone.

Some Risks of Testosterone Therapy: As mentioned there are so many reasons that become causes for low testosterone and to increase the level of testosterone so many therapies are available. As these therapies help to increase the testosterone levels in your body but there are also some risks or side effects of testosterone therapy. In men, when the therapy is used in increase the level of testosterone in the body then it comes up with a number of risks that include an accelerated growth in your existing prostate cancer, some skin related problems like acne and many other, Enlarged the size of breast in men, increase the risk of deep vein thrombosis deep within the body, increases the risk of stroke and heart attack, low production of sperm, worsened sleep apnea and noncancerous prostate growth. These are the common risks that are found in the testosterone therapy.

This testosterone therapy also contains some serious risks to women and children. Testosterone therapy is also not safe for women when breastfeeding or also during their pregnancy. According to some doctors in women, the risk of breast cancer may raise with the testosterone therapy. Women can also experience increased acne, irregular menstrual periods, and growth of body hair, male pattern baldness and other characteristics of the male when they come into contact with testosterone.

To avoid the risk of testosterone therapy, you can boost the level of testosterone through some natural and beneficial ways. As mentioned above that by losing your excess body weight and by staying physically active through exercise, a man can raise the level of testosterone in their body. Weight training and another form of resistance exercise, when done on regular basis, helps to increase the level of testosterone naturally in your body. According to the research, those men who can maintain their body weight for 12 months and lose their body weight through a very low-calorie diet can sustain an increase in testosterone. Men can experience a significant increase in the level of their testosterone that had bariatric surgery which means a surgery for weight-loss.

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