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Testosterone Omnadren is designed to boost the testosterone production in males suffering from its deficiency. The other traditional testosterone boosting hormones have only one ester group attached to them. Omnadren is highly effective because of four esters attached to it. Only Sustanon can beat its potency because it also has four esters attached to it but the fourth one is decanote ester in case of Sustanon while caproate ester in case of Omnadren. This slight difference in composition makes Sustanon more powerful but costly than Omnadren. This drug is not only androgenic in nature but also anabolic in function. It reduces body fat and increases the lean muscle mass proficiently.

Omnadren Benefits

Omnadren is extremely useful to gain lean muscle mass within a short interval of time that is why it is very famous among athletes and body builders, specifically people participating in competitive sports. It retains nitrogen into the muscle cells which then use it for the enhanced production of long chains of proteins. Moreover, a person’s appetite is also increased by the usage of steroids. Proteins are essentially required for the muscle build-up. Only oral or injectable steroid intake should not be focussed, for better and convincing results, proteins and calories should be increased in diet as well. This will provide us with greater energy to do more physical exercises and as a result, we are able to have an ideal body structure.

The artificially prepared hormone is extremely useful for long term usage. The extra-ordinary long chains of carbon linked in the ester dissolve in the bloodstream at a relatively low speed. The effect is therefore enhanced with the slower and gentler dissolution.

It boosts the testosterone production in body. Basically, it works with the naturally existing sex hormone and improves its efficiency. Men previously worried about their sperm count are now able to overcome this insufficiency. The adolescence boys who have quite delayed puberty can also be treated with this specific hormone.

There are many medical benefits of this exceptional hormone. It enhances the cell regeneration power in the body. Hence, it can also be used to cure injuries and fasten up the healing process. It can also be used to treat breast cancer in women or specifically stop the cancer from spreading into different parts of the body keeping its nature benign.

Omnadren Dosage and intake

The steroid is directly injected into the bloodstream thus proving itself to be even more effective. The orally administrated drugs have a late effect and it takes time for them to become noticeable but the injectable drugs show an immediate and obvious result. The mostly recommended dosage is one injection daily or on alternate days. But for perfect results, strenuous exercise and a healthy diet of good quality should not be ignored at all.

Omnadren Side effects

One of the major side effects of this amazing drug is increased water retention in the muscles. The preservation of excessive water into the muscles can lead to fatigue and make a person tired while exercising or doing vigorous activities.

The other major drawback is it can create a hormonal imbalance in the body which can result in the excessive production of sex hormones i.e. testosterone and oestrogen. A condition known as aromatization can also occur which includes the conversion of testosterone into oestrogen. This particular condition can lead to gynecomastia in males. This disease is characterised by the development of feminine characteristics such as enlargement of breasts, softening of voice etc. In the same way, it can lead to virilisation in females which is caused by the conversion of oestrogen into testosterone and leads to the growth of male secondary characteristics such as facial and body hair, deepening of voice etc. The risk factors to both of these androgenic diseases can be minimized by the use of anti-oestrogen/testosterone producing medicines.

Alternative of Omnadren

Omnadren has some major side effects due to which it can’t be recommended to anyone who wants to balance their testosterone level in the body. For people who are having problems with their testosterone level, crazybulk have manufactured different legal steroids. These steroids help balancing testosterone levels as well as many other benefits like helping you gain lean muscle mass, helps you cut down your extra fats while maintaining your lean muscle mass and helps you get extra strength and endurance.

All the crazybulk products are legal steroid and once you start looking at these legal steroids, you can easily find the alternatives of your steroid. You can get the alternate as an individual compound and in the form of a stack depending upon your needs. If you are looking for effective and efficient results, it is recommended, that you must go for a stack. There stacks are based on the legal steroids that can help you get better results and within lesser time span.  Here are some of the benefits of adopting crazybulk’s legal steroids over other steroids:

  • All the legal steroids are safe to use.
  • They are legal.
  • They are taken orally which will save your money and will protect you from all sort of pains.
  • They can easily be purchased from their official online store.
  • They can be purchased without prescription.
  • They are made from natural ingredients.
  • All the products are made under complete supervision.


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