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Many deficiencies have been overcome with the proper use of alternatives designed in the laboratory. Less sperm production is a commonly known problem in some men. But with the advancement in technology, this issue has also been solved efficiently.

Methyltestosterone is a uniquely designed formula to enhance sperm count by increasing the male sex hormone known as testosterone. This specific hormone is particularly involved in the sexual activities related to men. It is an androgenic 17-alpha-methyl-testosterone which is manually made by combining methyl and natural testosterone. This blend has not only provided men with outstanding results but has also given many other health benefits to male and female both.

Methyltestosterone Benefits

The remarkable steroid engages with the naturally occurring testosterone and as a result increases its capacity to produce sperm. But only the uptake of this artificial hormone cannot allow you to achieve your aim. Increased physical exercise and a healthy diet are also required for this purpose. This superb steroid increases the level of aggression in males specifically which urges them to carry out more workouts. This enhanced amount of workouts thereby, contribute to attain greater lean muscle and overcome the sperm deficiency. This aids the people participating in competitive sport activities. It may also be used for boys who have delayed puberty to boost the production of testosterone so that they are able to come out of their adolescence period.

In females, methyltestosterone is used to treat many types of breast cancer. The breast cancer which has particularly spread to other parts of the body rather than staying at one place i.e. benign in nature is mostly cured by using this hormone. The testosterone level in females is highest in females at the age of 20 but when no noticeable change is observed after a certain time i.e. no obvious sex-drive is witnessed, then there is a need to find a solution. Methyltestosterone is an amazing answer to this problem.

Methyltestosterone Side effects

This steroid is broken down by liver hence, proves to be very toxic in nature. Therefore, it must be used under the given prescription of your physician. Moreover, while using this artificial hormone, the substances which exert more pressure on your liver should be inhibited completely e.g. drugs or alcohol.

Aromatization is mostly observed as a side effects in certain males. This situation relates to the excessive production of estrogen in males which leads to the development of female secondary characters such as growth of breasts, decreased facial hair etc.

Virilisation is seen in females using this steroid. This condition includes the increase in body and facial hair of female and promote acne and deepening of voice.

More common side effects seen in both males and females are listed below:

  • Breast swelling
  • Headache, depression & mood swings
  • Numbness
  • Increased or decreased interest in sexual intercourse

Alternate of Methyltestosterone

People having certain problems are not advised to use this steroid. The people having liver problems are strictly not advised the usage of this steroid because this certain hormone is broken down by the liver and already suffering liver would not be able to carry out its function properly and more complications would be seen.

Furthermore, pregnant women are also rigorously not recommended to use this steroid as it can harm the unborn child. The usage is also not encouraged during breastfeeding a child as it is not known that whether this hormone goes into the breast milk and affect a baby’s health. If there is a severe need to use the steroid during gestation, then appropriate birth control pills should be taken under the supervision of your doctor.

People going through all these problems are recommended to take the alternate of methyltestosterone. Yes, you have heard right alternate of Methyltestosterone. crazybulk have manufactured legal alternatives of this steroid which are free from all side effects. Though you will be getting the same benefits but without side effects. Isn’t it great?

There are different products which are manufactured by crazybulk as an alternate of methyltestosterone. You can use trenorol or testo-max for curing your testosterone levels in your body. These legal steroids will not only enhance your testosterone level but will also help you get extra endurance, strength, better sex drive and more confidence. Apart from these legal steroids, you can also use their Ultimate stack or strength stack. These stacks are composed of different legal steroids. All these legal steroids have individual benefits but when they are combined there benefits are also enhanced. You can see effective and efficient results in a shorter period of time. Here are some benefits of using crazybulk’s legal steroids:

  • They are safe to use.
  • They are legal.
  • They are approved by FDA.
  • They are taken orally.
  • Using these legal steroids will help you save your time and money.
  • You can easily buy crazybulk’s product from their official website.
  • All these products are legal, so they can be purchased without prescription.


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