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The growth hormones which are produced by thyroid gland are L-thyroxine and tricodide thyronine. These hormones are necessary for the proper growth and maintenance of body structures. Many people suffer from hypothyroidism i.e. less production of growth hormones by the thyroid gland which causes inhibited growth. One of the major drawbacks of reduced production of these growth hormones is slower metabolism which leads to more accumulation of fats in the body thus making you obese. This problem has been solved with the synthetically prepared steroid called cytomel which is used to boost the production of growth hormones. The unique formula consists of artificial liothyronine sodium which is naturally produced by the thyroid gland under normal conditions. To overcome its deficiency and treat hypothyroidism, cytomel is used deliberately by people around the globe.

Cytomel Benefits

First of all, the biggest advantage of this drug is that it can be used in hormone replacement therapy for tricodide thyronine as it is very similar in structure and function to it. Secondly, the specially designed formula helps you to speed up the metabolism rate and hence, allow you to loose fats existing in the body. The function is performed by two different ways. One is the breakdown of unnecessary fats as well as carbohydrates and proteins to provide extra energy and second is the increase in capacity to do work so that you can carry out strenuous physical exercises which will ultimately make you able to gain lean muscle mass and loose body fats. When adequate amount of growth hormones is produced, the metabolism rate fastens up automatically and as a result the fats are lost at a greater extent.

The nitrogen retention capacity is also increased by the usage of such an exceptional steroid. More the preservation of nitrogen in the muscle cells, greater is the production of long chains of proteins. These proteins then provide you with increased amount of energy which let you do more physical exercises and that is how you gain lean muscle mass and reduce the amount of fats from your body. The instant increase in lean muscle mass is extremely helpful for body builders who have to participate in some future competition.

The steroid does not limit your diet at all. You can eat whatever you want and wherever you want. Cytomel is not only used by normal people for aesthetic purposes but also most of the athletes, sportspeople and specifically the actors which cannot afford to have a lifestyle without lavish foods, include cytomel in their diet. It lessens your appetite and provides you with greater energy and consequently, you engage yourself in more physical activities which lead to fat loss. The results are intensified if cytomel is used with a proper weight training course by some trainer.

Cytomel Side effects

As we know that every valuable thing has some shortcomings as well. This remarkable steroid also has some of those but they are mild as compared to other related artificially prepared hormones. The most commonly studied side effects in males and females are:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Menstrual changes
  • Tremor and nervousness
  • Bowel frequency
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Increased sweating
  • Sensitivity to heat
  • Sudden weight loss

Many researches have been done on cytomel till now. As a conclusion, its manufacturers have said that most of these side effects are seen in the users when the drug is over-used than the prescribed quantity. Thus, we can say that the over dosage is the major reason of all these negatives shown by the steroid. It should not be taken more than the recommended quantity as every person has different metabolic rate and physicians have advised the appropriate amount of steroid according to their metabolism. Subsequently, if the drug is overly used then it can definitely lead to medical complications.

Alternate of Cytomel

Users of Cytomel believe that the benefits and results which they could see with the use of Cytomel can’t be seen by any other steroid. But they are wrong. There are many alternates of Cytomel which can help you get the same, may be better, results and without any side effect. One such steroid manufacturer crazybulk has also formulated legal steroids which can help you get the same results as Cytomel but they are safe to use.

crazybulk has formulated clenbutrol elite series which can help you cut down your extra fats. But you may be thinking that while cutting down extra fats, you may have to compromise with your muscles! But wait!!! If you want to maintain your lean muscle mass and at the same time want to get rid of your extra fats, then you must try crazybulk’s Cutting stack or Endurance & Stamina Stack. These stacks have special legal steroids along with clenbutrol that can help you get rid of your extra body fats and to get your ideal physique more effectively and efficiently.

Here are some amazing benefits of crazybulk’s product due to which its legal steroids are proffered and recommended over other steroids:

  • They can help you get effective and efficient results.
  • They are legal.
  • They are safe to use.
  • They are taken orally.
  • They can be purchased without prescription.
  • They are only available at the official website of crazybulk.
  • They can help you save your time and money.
  • They don’t have any side effects.
  • They have given details of their legal steroids which can help users have a better understanding of their products.


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