Laws in Steroids – Arrest for steroids

Laws in Steroids – Arrest for steroids

It is now uncommon that the arrest occurs due to the illegal distribution of anabolic androgenic steroids. It is on the rise that the simple possession leads to arrest. The personal users are by-in-large in the clear from visiting many anabolic steroid message boards. This is a false sense of security as the law enforcement has no desire in busting the small fish. In order to lead to a large number of arrests, law enforcement is going after those simple personal possessions. There are a lot of different ways by which they arrest people consuming these steroids like stopping a random car when suspicion is raised, the delivery of an illegal steroid package and helping a friend. In some cases, a friend of your own asks for testosterone steroid and indirectly gets him to sign the law enforcement package.

There are many things to consider if you’re arrested, regardless of how the process occurred. The main thing that you need to consider is the total outcome depends on all the statements you gave while the process was going on. It can also affect your defense dramatically in a negative way. You should always keep one thing in mind that there are rights for you that are created by the Fifth and Sixth Amendments that can help in your protection from self-incrimination and give you a legal counsel right. In a case from 1966, these rights were reinforced by Mirandizing. You should be aware of the following rights:

  • The right to remain silent is provided to you for your protection.
  • In court, anything that you said during the process can be used against you.
  • The right that applies to prior and during the questioning is the right to an attorney.
  • An attorney is provided to you if you do not have one.
  • You can stop the officer from questioning at any point when you desire.


Going to the police station or jail isn’t only referred to as the custody. Actually custody means that the law enforcement can hold you at any point and can stop you from leaving. This process can be done at any place either at your home or place of work, at the police station, in a parking lot, in the back of car and anywhere. You are free to leave at any time if you’re not under custody.


In custody, the questioning is simply referred to as interrogation. It applies directly at hand. In interrogation, you should be in custody and all the rights must be implied on you. Law enforcement officers do not have to make known your basic rights, incase, if you’re in custody and questioning is going to occur. Anything can be used against you from all these information.

You should put yourself in custody and must be interrogated, if you find yourself confronted by the law enforcement. As your rights are violated anything you say is excluded in court. All the evidence will be wasted without proper Mirandizing. You must keep one thing in mind that you should not answer a single question if you’re not under arrest. Silence is the main option you need to follow in this case. You should not break your silence until any action is taken or a final word is spoken. All the punishments to this failure can be avoided simply by following the above rules.

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