3 Important Factors to Gain Weight:

All the Bodybuilders feel it very difficult to gain weight, especially in the beginning of their bodybuilding. Some of them believe that there are few important factors that are to be followed to gain weight. However, others believe that they would never be able to add even a single pound you their body weight. This is a real problem for the skinny guys. They believe that it is nearly impossible for them to gain weight, no matter, how much and what they eat. This task is not that difficult if you are determined and want to do it with complete dedication.

If you want to gain weight, you need to follow three important rules and you’ll be able to add more pounds in your body. Be sure that you’ll follow the whole schedule with determination and do not leave it half done. These important factors are rest, nutrition and exercise. Let us discuss each of them separately.

  1. Nutrition:
    If you want to lose or gain weight, you have to accept that food is of special significance. A person who wants to gain weight should be sure that he would be happy if a single or two pounds of weight has been added to his body because gaining weight isn’t a rapid process. An Olympic lifter Jim Bradford gained 25 lbs of weight in one week by the help of an editor and publisher Bot Hoffman, a man who succeeded in helping skinny people to gain weight. He advised that you need to do a tough exercise after you gain weight.

The only necessity to gain weight is that whatever you eat should be nutritious and wholesome. You need to eat plenty of fruits, vegetable and all the proteins. You have to increase the milk intake to about a gallon per day and it will help those with the burst abdomens. You have to eat something nutritious after every two hours of a day. For those who want to get the strong muscles they need to add more energy calories in their diet.

  1. Rest:
    It is important to note that for a healthy and fit body, rest is the most important factor. There is no way possible to add more weight by doing tough and large amount of work in a daily routine. For a perfect health and body an adequate amount of sleep is required. It involves a healthy sleep for about 8 to 9 hours. You’ll be able to gain bodyweight if you start to focus on relaxing after work.

To gain true muscles, exercise is quite important in all the ways. You should be able to train your body to the basics of bodybuilding. Train your body to do row, squats and pressing exercise. You’ll gain more and more weight to your body as soon as you’re able to habituate your body of tough exercise.

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