Best known Fitness Tips for Women to score your Body

Best known Fitness Tips for Women to score your Body

In order to score healthy and fit body, here are the best-known fitness tips for women given that are helpful for every woman to stay smart, and healthy.

Stick on your exercise plan for at least 2 weeks:

First fitness tip for women to stay fit is that to stick on your exercise routine for at least 14 days if motivation is your hang-up. According to the university of Florida study, people were more likely to stick to their plans that modified their workouts twice a month as compared to those who changed their plans whenever they wanted to change it. Boredom is not the factor of this; it simply seems that people enjoy variety in their routine.

Try to bring up your rear:

According to the Miami-based strength and conditioning coach and exercise psychologist, Marta Montenegro recommends completing KettleBell swings nonstop 100 times a day with a moderate weight at the end of legs workout. Do hip thrusters and dead lifts, if you can’t get access to a KettleBell. When women think that they are working the butt, they tend to overemphasize the quadriceps. You will have no problem engaging the posterior muscles and glutes with these two exercises.

Never ever skip your most important Meal:

This time, we are not talking about the breakfast, breakfast is important, but the recovery meal after a workout is more important than breakfast. Most of the women skip post exercise nutrition just because the calories they just burned, they don’t want to undo it. This was said by the vice president of nutrition and research for core performance and athlete performance, Amanda Carson-Phillips. Within the 30 minutes of your workout, getting a combination of protein 10 to 15 grams and carbohydrates 20 to 30 grams will help to refuel your body, amp up your energy, promotes healthy muscle recovery and build a leaner physique.

Always try to be less specific:

Trying to reach an exact weight is often unattainable and lofty goal just like try to find a guy who meets exactly according to your standards. According to the latest study of published in the Journal of Consumer Research, having a range to lose 5 to 10 pounds leads to a more successful outcome as compared to the aim of losing precisely 8 pounds in four weeks. The study of authors says that all the flexible goals seem to be more feasible, which can further help to boost the sense of encouraging you to stay driven and accomplished to tour goals.



Step it Up with Running:

When running in wintry conditions, instinct may tell you to slow down, but actually the secret to not slipping is to shorten and speed up your stride. The owner of Active at Altitude and Colorado-based facility for endurance athletes, Terry Chiplin says; try to have an aim of striking each foot 90 times per minute on the ground. This high cadence helps to ensure you that rather than ahead of your weight, each foot lands beneath the center of your weight which on the slick terrain can throw off your balance.

Hang yourself tightly:

It doesn’t mean you should not step up to the bar if you are not being able to do a pull-up. Montenegro says, simply hanging on for as much as long as possible for you can help to improve the strength for your upper-body. You just have to concentrate on keeping your body as much still as possible for you, you will naturally recruit your hips, abs, and lower back in addition to your arms. In order to engage your abs further, slowly move your legs up and down or in circles.

Juice Cleanse Diet – Not so Fast:

Before starting a juice cleanse diet, know that it may backfire drastically restricting your calorie intake to drop pounds. Women can place on a diet of 1200 calorie in 2010 for three weeks which further had elevated the levels of cortisol that is the primary stress hormones. With this, a chronic stress has been associated with the high and increased risk of heart diseases as well as weight gain, diabetes, hypertension, impaired immune functioning and even cancer.

You have to pep up your Run:

As we all know that sweet chili peppers are not a winter food but continue eating these sweet chili peppers in the form of stir fries, burritos and soups may help you to burn more fat during the runs of outdoor cold weather. Capsinoids is a chemical that is found in these not-hot veggies which are similar to the capsaicin that is found in hot peppers. With 63 degrees or cooler temps, combine Capsinoids, this will allow to increase the activity and amount of brown fat cells and these cells burn energy and give an extra boost to your metabolism.

Refresh your Muscles and your Breath:

An important fitness tips for women is to consider, in your pre-workout drinks or snacks, including a peppermint that allows freshens-up your muscles as well as your breath. According to the study which is published in the Journal of the International Society of men can drink 2 cups of water which is mixed with 0.05 that is a drop of peppermint oil mixed in that water and then ran on a treadmill in order to test their power and stamina. The mint in water helps to boost oxygen to muscles and brain, relax your muscles, leading to improving your overall performance and elevate pain threshold.

Be True to Form of Push-ups:

Some other fitness tips for women are to do push-ups. In a minute, how many push-ups you can do doesn’t matter if you are not doing a single one in a proper way or correctly. Without a proper form, there is no point in performing any exercise said by Stokes, who in terms of progression recommends thinking. First of all perfect your technique and then later on add speed and weight in it. If your workout calls for performing the “as many as possible” then this is especially important for you during a set amount of time. You can stay injury-free if you prefer or choose quality over quantity.

These were some of the best known fitness tips for women to score your body. If you are following these tips surely you will lose extra fats and will be healthier and fitter, and it will be your first step to live a healthy life.

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