Female advanced Diet

Female advanced Diet

You can take the meaning of advanced as:

  • One who is far on in time or course
  • One being beyond others in progress or ideas
  • One greatly developed beyond an initial stage
  • One who has surpassed the majority, who has built a large solidified base of muscle tissue

The individuals who have done all their training and diet must know that how their body will react to certain foods. What food or exercise is good for them and what is not good for them. After years of exercise and diet you have put on large amount of muscle mass. This diet is not for the gym rats or for those who are just doing all this for looking good. It is a serious diet and it is for the bodybuilders. Those who want to follow this diet must know that it is not easy, it is done to gain some body mass. The people who want to follow this diet must have more muscle mass which will help in altering the metabolic rate. Some individuals won’t be able to handle such diet.

If you are following this diet you need to get dead serious about it because this diet will help in gaining body mass.

So what exactly is this diet for?

  • The competitor who already have large amount of muscle on her frame and is still looking for ways to add more
  • The bodybuilder who does not compete but lives her life as a competitor, and is looking for adding more size to her frame
  • The individual who have great metabolism, it was not as affective when they started but by their changing body composition over the past few years they have improved it
  • The one who wants to add large amount of quality size to their frame. If your muscles are not strong enough than this diet can cause some serious troubles.

When you compare the intermediate and advanced diet, you’ll notice that they are almost the same. Protein may vary for some. Fats will remain constant but there might be some changes in the carbs. The ratio of the 3 major nutrient must always remain same no matter how advance diet you take.

No one can determine that this diet is best for you or not. You need to understand for yourself that this diet is for you or not. If you fall in the category from 4 given points than you can follow this diet, otherwise it can cause some major problems.

Q: Have you gained a lot of excess body fat? Do you put on excess body fat easily?

A: if yes, than this diet is not suitable for you.

Q: Perhaps you don’t gain body fat very easily, yet you have managed to pile on a little more then you should have, should you use this diet?

A: If your body fat is over 18% than this diet is not for you but if it is under 18% than this diet is good for you.

Q: Are you relatively lean, have gains begun to slow down, are they becoming increasingly difficult?

A: if your gains are becoming difficult and you are lean, 17-18% or under than you should start this diet.

Note: this diet is recommended only to the people who want body mass and have lean body. The individual who suffer from metabolic disorder must not follow this diet. This diet is for the people who are following the guidelines.

Advanced meal plan

Meal 1:

-4 egg whites or liquid equivalent

-2 whole Omega-3 eggs

-1 cup of oatmeal


-25 grams whey isolate powder

-1 tbsp natural peanut butter

-1 cup of oatmeal

Meal 2:

-25 grams whey isolate powder mixed in water

-1 tbsp of natural peanut butter


-5-6oz fillet or lean beef

-green vegetables or green salad

Meal 3:

5-6oz chicken breast, turkey or fish

-3/4 cup rice

-1oz almonds or cashews

-green vegetables


-5-6oz chicken breast, turkey or fish

-1 large sweet potato

-1 oz almonds or cashews

-green vegetables

Meal 4:

-Same as meal 3

Meal 5:

-same as meal 2

Meal 6:

4 egg whites or liquid equivalent

-2 whole omega-3 eggs


-25 grams whey isolate

-1tbsp natural peanut butter


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