Egg protein

Egg protein

Egg protein contains long chain of amino acids, and the supplement of egg protein, are made from the egg whites. The egg protein is not very soluble so lecithin is added so that it can be mixed easily.

Mostly the egg protein is used by athletes because, it is used to repair muscle tissue and with the intense exercise the athletes do they break down large amount of muscle tissue.

Without taking extra calories the egg protein supplements help in repairing maximum muscle tissue. And the trouble of making eggs 6-7 times a day is also solved with these supplements and they are easy to consume.

For males 1-1.5 grams of egg protein helps in repairing the muscle tissue and in females .75-1 gram. The number of protein grams are divided with the meal and multiplied by the body weight, not to exceed 50-55 grams per meal.

Your body will need to use the protein immediately after the workout so; you need to consume protein within half or 1 hour of your workout. Take protein before you sleep so that protein repairs muscle even when you are asleep. Most of the muscle tissue is repaired while you are asleep.

Eating raw egg whites may cause salmonella bacteria, which is carried in poultry. Heating destroys the bacteria so supplemental and cooked form of egg whites is not harmful.


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