Eating habits of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s:

Arnold has been the one whose eating habits involved all the fundamentals of a nutritious diet. His habits of eating hadn’t changed since the last 30 years. He said in an interview “I’d rather stay hungry than to get too comfortable”.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been ruling over the world of bodybuilding since late ‘70s. He has not been the same throughout his life. He once appeared as a guest in a television show and by that time he used to be a big and huge guy in a fringe sport. However, these crazy days of his life shows that his buddies and they were always the one whom time has chased.

To get back to fitness and health wasn’t an easy task for him. He had to starve for days to get the sports nutrition. At high school, he said, they were habitual of taking in good nutrition. This nutrition includes carbohydrates, proteins and fats and the amount you eat of them always affects your body. Of course, in those days, it was really difficult to analyze the perfect schedule or a diet plan that an athlete should eat.

He said that all his friends that were in sports had no idea that what an athlete should particularly eat. They were all certain of the fact that if they’d eat in that much amount then all of their muscles would one day turn into the bundles of fats, leading them to heart attacks and other fatal diseases.

Here is a quick view of the diet that what an Athlete or a bodybuilder should actually eat that make him look perfect and fit by all the means:

We are all aware of the fact that to get a fit and healthy body, you need a large amount of protein. Arnold said that his cousin Chris who was a bodybuilder often suggested him to eat 5g/lb per day. And that is almost the same amount recommended by today’s Athletes.

Whole Foods:
In an interview with Arnold, he said that he eat a huge amount of beef. He often said that bread is a poison. He always preferred the whole foods over all other eatables. According to him, the foods that nature makes are more digestible than those made by scientists.

-Large Amount of Meals per day:
Arnold said that you need to eat a huge amount of meals a day if you want you be a bodybuilding champion. He said that he needs 5,000 calories per day for his healthy body. If you want to train your body hard for bodybuilding, lighter foods would not effect.

Arnold always preferred good fats to get big and muscular. His amount of fats was not outrageous as compared to the amount of exercise he did daily. In short, you’ll win to gain the perfect body and the perfect muscles when you are able to follow the above schedule and are habitual of exercise.

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