Diet plans for the Female Beginners

Diet plans for the Female Beginners

An inexperienced person who has yet to learn the basic principles of diet is often referred to as the beginner of diet. You’re on a point in your life where you want to get your body into shape. You’ve made the right choice no matter how old are you. The good thing is here you’ll find the ways to pile up lean muscles and lose excess body fat. You surely have a lot of questions regarding your health as you are so concerned about it.

No matter which physical exercise you’re doing; a healthy and nutritious diet will maximize the outcome of your hard work. A proper and good diet will help you strengthen your immune system and lower the risk of various diseases like cardiovascular diseases and obesity etc. it can also work well with your mental health, curing the depression. Moreover, it can have very positive effects on the neuromuscular and neurodegenerative diseases.

Meal Plans:

Meal 1:

–   2 whole Omega- 3 eggs

–   3 egg whites or liquid equivalent

–   ¼ cup of oatmeal

First thing in the morning when the time is a factor; mix 20g of whey in a bottle, 1 tsp PB and your oats. Shake it well and drink.

Meal 2:

–   1tbsp of natural peanut butter

–   20g of whey isolate powder mixed in water

Mixing peanut butter with your whey will be easy.

Meal 3:

–   ¼ cup rice

–   4-5oz chicken breast, fish or turkey

–   1oz almonds or cashews

–   Green vegetables

The easiest thing is baking, grilling or boiling your chicken. You have to cook enough to the last for several days.

Meal 4:

–   Repeat the same diet as meal 1 or 3.

Try to mix it with other varieties to help you.

Meal 5:

–   Repeat the same as meal 2.

You have to take the green salad and don’t try to load it with other added ingredients.

Meal 6:

–   2 whole omega- 3 eggs

–   Liquid equivalent or 3 egg whites

The last meal shouldn’t be eaten before the bed time. It’s not at all any kind of fun to be hungry before sleep.

Important notes on diet:

–   You do not do so before eating the first meal of your day if you train first thing in the morning.

–   Your past workout meal should be meal 2, 5 or 6; if you train later in the day.

–   Before training, focus on the meals 1, 3 and 4.

–   Specific meals should be eaten at certain times; meal order is unimportant.

–   Try as much as possible to alternate between the meals.

–   Don’t try to mess your body with excess shakes. Try to take two shakes after meals per day. This will help you adding a great deal.

–   Mix and match as there are 3 meal choices for the last meal of the day.

Types of food you should prefer:

Eggs, whey proteins, peanut butter, beef, chicken, green vegetables, fish, turkey, rice, sweet potatoes and oatmeal are the things that will help you gain a healthy and quality weight.

Foods that you should try to avoid:

Any type of milk, processed foods, sodas, fast foods, excess cheese, excess Condiments, bread and cereal should be avoided if you want to gain a perfect body.

Preferable Supplements:

The supplements that you can take with food include Omega- 3 Fish Oil, Coral Calcium, Potassium and Juice Plus to add the lean muscles to your body.

For those who put on fat quickly need to stay on the beginner’s diet as long as their body loses fat to a more manageable level.

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