Diet Plan for Male Beginners

Diet Plan for Male Beginners

Male beginners are:

  1. A person who are inexperienced
  2. That one who begins something
  3. The one who master yet the basic foundational principles
  4. The one who is not trained with serious intent

One day you reach a point in your life where you finally decided and ready to get into shape. You have made a right choice either you may be old or young. As you are ready to pile on pounds and pounds of muscle so there is a good chance you are here because it’s the time to get into shape and time to lose some fat. Finally, you realize that the overall importance of health has greater importance than anything else. Your overall health comes into play no matter who you are, for the sake of your own wellbeing.

Regardless of your physical exercise, a goal along with a proper diet is considered to be one of the best things that will ever undertake in your life. With proper nutrition and, regular physical exercise will stronger your immune system and protects you from so many diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity which is one of the most prevalent diseases in our today’s world. A sound diet with a regular physical exercise creates a positive impact on improving your mental health and in most of the cases it can help to cure or prevent depression. Regular exercise also creates a positive impact on neuromuscular and neurodegenerative diseases. Further, it helps to reduce damage to alcohol abuse induced brain damage.

Here is a proper meal plan for male beginners given below that is specifically designed assuming all the perfect and healthy things. Those who are going to follow this diet plan make sure they are following all the guideline perfectly and they are is in perfect health as those who suffer from some type metabolic disorder do not follow this type of diet plans.

Meal plan for male beginners:

Meal 1:

Egg white or liquid equivalent 8 eggs

Whole omega-3 eggs 2

Oatmeal half cup


Whey isolates powder 40 grams

Natural peanut butter 1 tbsp

Half cup Oatmeal

Meal 2:

Whey Isolates powder mixed in water 40 grams

Natural peanut butter 2 tbsp


Filet or lean beef 6oz

Green salads or fresh green vegetables

Meal 3:

Fish or turkey and chicken breast 8oz

Half cup of rice

Cashews or almonds 1oz

Green vegetables


Fish or turkey with chicken breast 8oz

Sweet potato 1

Almonds and cashews 1oz

Fresh green vegetables

Meal 4:

Meal 4 is all as same as meal 1 or 3

If you are selection option 2 of meal 1 then add extra tbsp of PB

Meal 5:

Meal 5 is same as meal 2

Meal 6:

8 liquid equivalent or egg whites

Whole Omega-3 eggs 2


Lean beef or Filet 6 oz


Whey isolates mixed in water 40 grams

Natural peanut butter 2 tbsp

Daily totals:

You can take male beginner diet meal plan is calories (KCL) 2785 to 3060, Carb 120 to 150, Proteins (PT) 240 to 275 and Fat 98 to 132. All in one, this diet meal plan for beginners is specifically designed to get you going in the right direction So that you cannot put on too much fat. It is a healthy meal plan and you will see your body fat go down quickly.

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