Diet Plan for Female Intermediate

Diet Plan for Female Intermediate

Three types of intermediates:

  1. Occurring or being at the middle stage, place or between extremes
  2. One type is those who has yet to reach the full level of potential and has mastered the basics
  3. One who in-depth training is ready for more and while refinement is the secondary concern still needing for growth and refinement.

From the steroid training outline, you have now mastered the five points, your strength and endurance is up and you have maximum lean muscle tissue, yet your progress and gains have begun to stop or even slow down. Slightly, the weight of your body may have increased, but still it is in a very manageable place. By any means, you are not fat or overweight, and again dramatically your gains have begun to slow. If this whole type describes you then you are ready and able for the steroid Intermediate level diet.

When you compare the beginners and intermediate diet, the first thing you will notice about these plans is that food is almost pretty same; it’s only the amount and quantity of food that has changed. You should be carrying more muscle mass as the protein is increased. Fats will also increase with the increase of protein, but it will be the carbs that make a big difference. The ratios will remain close to same for three major nutrients; no matter how advanced you are they should always remain the same.

If you are ready to follow the diet, then there is no way to determine exactly. Remember one thing that everyone is different so to a certain diet no one’s body has the same exact reaction. Nutrients do not change from person to person so there are some key principles that apply to everyone, just as it is your training partner so a carb is a carb for you. It’s all about the manner in which these nutrients are processed by our body that affects differently to all of us. There are some key points to consider as everyone is different so that these can help you for the Intermediate level diet plan.

Here is the diet plan designed assuming all perfect things. It has created a positive genetic response to the diet of beginners. The intermediate meal plan is as follows:

Meal 1:

Liquid equivalent or 4 egg whites

Whole omega-3 eggs 2

Half cup of oatmeal


Whey isolates powder 25 grams

Natural peanut butter 1 tbsp

Oatmeal half cup

Meal 2:

Whey isolates powder mixed in water 25 grams

Natural peanut butter 1 tbsp


Lean beef or Filet 4 to 5oz

Green salad or green vegetables

Meal 3:

Turkey or fish, chicken breast 5oz

Rice half cup

Cashews or almonds 10z

Green vegetables


Chicken breast, fish or turkey 5oz

Sweet potato 1

Cashews or almonds 1oz

Green vegetables

Meal 4:

In meal 4 all are same as meal 3

Meal 5:

In meal 5 all are same as meal 2

Meal 6:

Liquid equivalent or egg whites 4

Whole omega-3 eggs 2


Whey isolates 25 gram

Natural peanut butter 1 tbsp

Post workout shake:

Whey isolates 25 gram and fast acting carb like waxy maze 15 to 20 grams. After training drink this immediately almost 15 to 20 minutes after you are cooled down.

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