Controlled Deliveries in Steroid Law

Controlled Deliveries in Steroid Law

It has always been a risk to purchase an anabolic steroid for the performance-enhancing purpose. After all, it is a felony offense to possess an anabolic steroid without a legal prescription in The United States. For many years, the war on steroids is in power and the controlled delivery is one of the greatest risks associated with the performance enhancing. There’s no chance of any mistake, the law enforcement will do everything after ensuring the package in your hands if you do so.

To leave the package at your house is not only the aspect for a controlled delivery but you have to ensure its reach to your hand directly and making sure that you’re the only one to possess this illegal package. Law enforcement can and will likely arrest you on the spot once the package is accepted by you; moreover, it is easy by the law enforcement to search your house with the help of the warrant dependant on this acceptance provided by the agents.

Mostly, the agents of anabolic steroids will try their best to get your signature for the package, but if you sign that package you can no more deny of accepting it, as the process then goes on with your signature. You’re now dead where you stand if you couple it with the arresting agent testimony of the encounter; for example, if an agent comes to your home and asks for you if you say yes I am here and accept the package, the agent gets the signature to go along. They could not be wrong, but many people think that by avoiding and refusing to sign a package they are in the clear. There are actually several nails, but a signature is the only final nail in the coffin.

The agent at hand will try to give you the package without a signature, as you can refuse to sign. To accept a package without a signature is totally impossible but signature will be highly desired by the law enforcement agents, after all they don’t need to complete an arrest. You’ve still accepted the package without signing, and you’re still entitled to be the receiver of that package. Your refusal and behavior to sign the package will be utilized against you once you’re arrested. You refused to sign as it was cruising for you to know what was in the package.

If you get a knock on your package and they ask you to sign for that package they next offer you package without signature if you refuse. The law enforcement agents will pull out all the stops if you deny both the offers. The law enforcement agents are by law and you need to understand that they lie in order to get you arrested. In fact, they say anything they desire to get what they want. You have to possess complete knowledge and understanding of the behavior of the officers. Regardless of what anyone says, you do not need to import any amount of anabolic steroids.

The absolute denial is always the best option and there’s totally no use of calling a weapon mass destruction as it pertains to the war on steroids. In order to get the performance enhancing drugs, you need to be aware of the controlled deliveries but there’s one more factor that is unstoppable. Wiring packages have become very common; once the package is opened the officers get an alert of the location. In the very near future, the wiring packages will gain the most popularity to bust the anabolic steroids.

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