All about Chitosan

In the present century, there are a lot of steroids for fat loss. Among all the fat-losing supplements, Chitosan is the most important one. It helps to reduce the amount of blocked fat in our bodies. In other words, we may also say that Chitosan acts like a sponge and helps in the absorption of excess body fat.

In the last few years, Chitosan has become a huge topic of conversation. As far as its composition is concerned, it is prepared from the shells of crustaceans such as lobster, shrimp and crabs. Due to limited studies on this supplement, there are no exact proofs on the effectiveness of this product. However, some researchers have tried to study it by experimenting on the small animals. Chitosan did show a lot of success on those small animals but unfortunately it dint make up as much in humans.

There are a lot of other benefits taken from the supplement Chitosan. Chitosan helps a lot in reducing the effects of bacteria in the intestine. Moreover, it has been seen that Chitosan helps a lot in reducing the blood fat level in the human body. The basic fault is the researchers found a way too quick to make money and didn’t work much on its benefits. The researchers marketed the product Chitosan without much testing on human beings.

Although, there are not much benefits of Chitosan as compared to other supplements available in the market but if you still want to take this supplement you can take 3-6 gm of it per day an hour before the meals. This timing and dosage will help will help the supplement absorb the body fat easily and in flushing it out of the body. In order to prevent constipation, you can take it with 8 ounce of water minimum.

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