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Women – Cardiovascular / Aerobic Exercise

Women – Cardiovascular / Aerobic Exercise

The body’s ability to get the oxygen and blood to the muscles is simply regarded as cardiovascular fitness. The short term used for this sort of exercise is “Cardio” and “Wind” is a slang term used when referred to endurance. When the pulse quickens and the breath deepens, the normal physical activity becomes cardiovascular. In this state, the respiratory and cardiovascular systems begin to work harder. Regular training can efficiently improve both the systems. Over-activity can lead to the counter-productiveness as this process forces the body to catabolize muscle tissue.

Training Tips:

Any exercise of the body should be deliberated, pre-meditated and methodical with least distress. The duration should be four times per week and should not be inter-mixed with work, family or chores. As far as the dieting is concern, it all depends on the timings and needs of a particular body. Less time will be spent in cardio session if you intake a healthy and clean diet. Thus in conjunction with weight training the average time is about 3-5 days per week. Weight bearing cardio work is preferred over the non-weight bearing work as it helps in supporting one’s bodyweight throughout the activity. Fast cycling and spinning are better than the moderate walking.

How much cardio work is required?

These guidelines will help you to know that how much cardio work is required, but it all depends on the orientation of your goal.

  • Gaining Weight: You’ll find the reducing value of cardio in this purpose, but you have to maintain your health. The average cardio session is of three 20-minutes as exercise is required for proper functioning of body.
  • Losing Fat: In this case, you need to do it four to six times per week at 40+ minutes per session. The amount of cardio required depends on a particular goal and sound diet.

What type of cardio should be done?

Cardiovascular training is classified into duration and intensity. You should keep your goal in mind in choosing between the two.

  • Goal of losing fat: You should begin with low intensity and long duration work as walking if the body is poorly conditioned. You should consider the work that burns the most calories for reasonably good cardiovascular conditioning.
  • To improve cardiovascular fitness: In this case, moderate intensity work is appropriate. At this point, deep breathing begins.

The myth of “Low intensity leads to fat loss”:

The people who think that low intensity is superior to high intensity regarding fat loss are absolutely right now. High intensity burns more fats in a way that more fat is burned for fuel as percentage of total calories burned. High intensity burns 40% of the fat and low intensity burns 50%.

Our body is an extra-ordinary machine that responds to particular stimuli. One’s cardio training should be varied to derive optimal value. Here are some ways to derive the training component.

The use of Equipments: alternate between the fast-blast intervals and recovery paces rather than doing the same old steady-state fixed pace. A fast-blast interval can be lasted for about 30 seconds and recovery interval should e done 1-2 minutes to catch your breath.

Classes: The use of instructed classes can help you in increased flexibility, cardio motivation core strength and stress relievers.

The climb: Wall-climbing serves an exciting alternative to more traditional exercise. There are different routes for all types of participants.

The rope: It is the most cheap, efficient and convenient way to do the best cardio activity. Timing your jumping is the best way to improve. Gradually increase your jumping time by 5 seconds to gain the best results.

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Bodybuilding for Women

Truth About Bodybuilding for Women

Bodybuilding for women

There are a lot of misconceptions about bodybuilding for women…

Many women are scared to lift weights at all because they are scared that if they lift anything heavy they will end up “looking like a man”.

This is not the case.

Women Bodybuilders Gain Many Health Benefits

When a woman lifts weights she will get stronger, and she may gain a small amount of muscle mass, but women lack the testosterone levels of men, and this means that it is much harder for you (naturally impossible) to pack on pounds upon pounds of lean muscle.

Women who lift weights and watch their diets carefully develop lean and toned but still feminine physiques, and enjoy many other health benefits including improved bone density and reduced risk of metabolic disease.

Lifting Weight Vital To Female Fitness Competition

Women who are interested in bodybuilding and who want to compete in physique shows such as bikini competitions will need to lift very heavy weights and engage in strict diet and supplementation routines.

For a woman to gain a lot of lean body mass and to reduce your body fat percentage down to the low teens or even as low as 10% is very difficult. Male bodybuilders often step on stage with single digit body fat percentages.

Women carry more fat around their thighs and on their chests, so cannot cut to such low percentages, but you can still cut your body fat to incredibly low levels.

Workout Like A Man

In terms of the exercises that they perform, bodybuilding and fitness for female is the same as bodybuilding for men

Women may use lighter weights, but you still need to perform the same compound lifts (squat, bench, deadlift and row), and isolation exercises (leg curls, leg extensions and biceps and triceps exercises) to…

  • Increase your muscle mass,
  • Shape your bodies the way you want to,
  • Ensure that you display good tone and symmetry across your whole body.

Bodybuilding Women Program

crazybulk AnVarol, the Anavar Women Dose That Guarantees the Best Results in the Safest Way Possible

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Yet, Anavar is one of the mildest anabolic supplements on the market from this point of view, one of the very few that can be taken by women, as long as they are dosed and administered properly.

Combined with adequate diet and exercise, it can help anyone grow lean, beautiful muscle without the side effects other supplements bring, bodybuilding beginners and professionals, men and women alike.

While men can afford to experiment when it comes to dosage, and seeing results may take a while, finding the right dose for women is vital, and that is where crazybulk AnVarol comes in.

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How Does crazybulk AnVarol Work?

The pills are specially designed to improves your energy and strength by boosting the synthesis of phosphocreatine within the muscle tissue.

Anavar Women CycleIt is highly recommended in cutting cycles, as it favors the toning of fat and the preservation of lean muscle tissue, leading to a lean, toned and sexy body.

How does it all happen? Phosphocreatine helps with the regeneration of the ATP (adenosine triphosphate) necessary for the short immediate energy bursts so valuable for weightlifting sessions.

In turn, ATP provides the energy burst necessary for the contraction of the muscles.

Since muscle fibers contain only the amount of ATP required for fueling muscle movement for a couple of seconds, sustained contraction of the muscles requires more ATP.

Every crazybulk AnVarol (Anavar) dose raises the levels of phosphocreatine, stimulating the production of ATP and providing the energy ones need in order to lift heavier weights and perform more repetitions.

It is extremely helpful in cutting cycles, enabling its users to eliminate fat without retaining water and, thus, shape beautiful, well-defined bodies.

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Anavar Women Cycle; Administration and Side Effects

Unlike with other supplements, the recommended crazybulk Anavar women cycle is of 8 weeks, the dose being of one 35mg pill to be taken three times a day, with the main meals.

The recommended workout period is of 2 weeks, with 1.5 weeks “off”. The workouts should be scheduled 30-45 minutes after taking the pill.

AnVarol has no side effects

And it can be taken for 8-12 weeks. It does not bring about unwanted results like bulkiness, voice modification or hormonal changes.

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