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When it comes to the strength of bones, calcium is the most important mineral among all others. It is one of the most abundant mineral in our bodies. It has been estimated that approximately 99% of calcium is found in our bones and teeth while the rest is found in the soft tissues and blood. Our blood wouldn’t clot and the nerves would stop carrying the messages in the absence of even 1% of calcium in our blood or soft tissues. It plays an important role in the nerve impulses and maintains a positive electrolytic or mineral balance by triggering the muscle contractions. This function of calcium helps a lot in the prevention of muscle cramping.

Calcium is present in many foods we eat like dark green vegetables, dairy products, grains, nuts and sardines. In the deficiency of abundant calcium in your body, the bones of your body will break and will ensure the proper functioning of your body. In case this weakness of bones prolonged, you will have to suffer from osteoporosis and that is the brittleness of bones.

Calcium plays an important role in enhancing the muscle recovery and improving the joint health. It may also control the blood pressure by promoting a healthy cholesterol level.

In case you’re supplementing, it is recommended to take one of the most readily absorbed forms of calcium; calcium citrate. It is best to take 500-1500mg of calcium trice daily. Calcium may also lead to bloating, constipation or gas if taken in higher amounts (over 2500mg).

You should consult your doctor before taking calcium if you have been a patient of hyperparathyroidism, kidney stones or any kidney disease. When on antibiotics, a person must used caution as it competes both for the absorption and may reduce the drug effectiveness.


Caffeine is one of the most widely used herbs that are found in fat burning supplements. It is most often present in cokes, coffee, tea and guarana. There are many uses of caffeine. The most important ones are given below:

  • It helps in boosting up the instant energy.
  • It helps in improving the mental focus.
  • It metabolize the body fat for energy to burn the body fat.

The caffeine is not only used by people to boost up their energy level and to get a good day ahead, but due to the stimulatory effects of caffeine it is also used by most of the Athletes that are trying to improve the Athletic performance, focus and strength. Caffeine has the water reducing and appetite suppressing qualities and is used in the counter diuretics and weight loss products. Due to its ability to reduce buildup lactic acid, it is used in the enhancement of recovery process after a workout and to reduce the migraine headaches.

Caffeine is found in many forms like cokes or tea and may also be found in tablets and capsules conveniently. As an energy stimulant, it is effective to use 100-200mg of caffeine trice a day. However, using 2mg of caffeine one hour before the exercise can be very effective for enhancing the Athletic performance.

Caffeine is used according to the needs of the body and must be used in lower dosage at first. To take caffeine by being a diuretic, it is important to take it with plenty of water. You need to consult your doctor before using caffeine if you’re a heart patient or are pregnant.

For rapid weight loss, most of the Athletes stack Caffeine with ephedrine and aspirin. It must be used by the doctor’s suggestion and isn’t safe for weight loss.

All about Chitosan

In the present century, there are a lot of steroids for fat loss. Among all the fat-losing supplements, Chitosan is the most important one. It helps to reduce the amount of blocked fat in our bodies. In other words, we may also say that Chitosan acts like a sponge and helps in the absorption of excess body fat.

In the last few years, Chitosan has become a huge topic of conversation. As far as its composition is concerned, it is prepared from the shells of crustaceans such as lobster, shrimp and crabs. Due to limited studies on this supplement, there are no exact proofs on the effectiveness of this product. However, some researchers have tried to study it by experimenting on the small animals. Chitosan did show a lot of success on those small animals but unfortunately it dint make up as much in humans.

There are a lot of other benefits taken from the supplement Chitosan. Chitosan helps a lot in reducing the effects of bacteria in the intestine. Moreover, it has been seen that Chitosan helps a lot in reducing the blood fat level in the human body. The basic fault is the researchers found a way too quick to make money and didn’t work much on its benefits. The researchers marketed the product Chitosan without much testing on human beings.

Although, there are not much benefits of Chitosan as compared to other supplements available in the market but if you still want to take this supplement you can take 3-6 gm of it per day an hour before the meals. This timing and dosage will help will help the supplement absorb the body fat easily and in flushing it out of the body. In order to prevent constipation, you can take it with 8 ounce of water minimum.



It is a protein supplement which helps in minimizing muscle tissue breakdown and also ensures that our cells get the energy they need for resistance and endurance exercise.

The athletes looking to increase their muscle size and strength Alanine is best for them. It also helps in obtaining faster muscle recovery.

It is hard to fight infection when the body is under stress but when you are taking Alanine, the body is able to fight those infections much better. Alanine helps in the stimulation of white blood cells, which helps in faster recovery. It also helps in controlling stress.

Alanine should be taken after exercise with empty stomach and 2 grams per day.

Alanine is available in supplements but you can consume it naturally in form of red meat, oats, wheat germ and yogurt.

Alanine effectiveness is enhanced if taken with L-gultamine.

7 keto

7 keto

It is one of the best supplements used to promote safe fat loss. In weight loss products it is known to be a breakthrough product. It is not just used for weight loss but it also helps in enhancing memory, boosting immune system and some anti aging actions.

This supplement increases the rate at which the body burns calories and it also helps in increasing the metabolic rate. People who are sensitive to stimulants or have any health concerns, it is the best supplement for them. 7- keto is combined with L-Carnitine amino acids which helps in aiding fat metabolism and also reduce fat in blood.

It is one expensive supplement and the recommendation of taking it is 25mg/day. Many studies have shown that the most effective dosage for this supplement is 50 to 100mg twice a day. That is a total of 100-200 mg’s per day.

In the morning and afternoon before meal, is the best time to take this supplement.

To take 7-keto is not recommended to the ones who are pregnant.