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EFA (Essential Fatty Acids)

EFA (Essential Fatty Acids)

Essential fatty consist of omega-6 and omega-3 families. They are also known as good fats.

Omega family source

Omega-3 Flax Seed, leafy greens, walnuts, cold water fish

Omega-5 vegetable oils (soya bean and corn)

EFA are called ‘essential’ fatty acids because these cannot be produce from our body naturally. They are found in different fruits and vegetables. These fatty acids play a big part in immune system, nerve and cardiovascular functions. Supplements are also available for EFA. Many people consume these supplements. They consume these supplements because most of the good fat is processed out of many foods that we eat.

When the body has enough EFA we may see:

  • An increase in muscle tissue
  • Healthier joints and connective tissue
  • A boost in immune system function
  • A decrease in muscle break down
  • A reduced risk of diabetes
  • A better recovery time in muscle growth

1-2 teaspoon of omega-3 must be consumed daily with meals. This makes about 2-9 grams of omega-3. In omega-6, 1 teaspoon if you are deficient of EFA and if you are taking for health and performance than 2-3 teaspoon.



It is a perennial herb used by American Indians to cure snake bites, burns and infections. It is known for its prickly scales on its dried seen head and this is herb is native to North America.

We can today found 6 forms of Echinacea:

  • Powdered
  • Tincture
  • Fluid extract
  • Freeze-dried
  • Dried root as a juice
  • Dried root as a fluid extract

They all are used for the same purpose except for the tropical cream. But the amount of all products may vary for each form.

Echinacea helps to fight the viruses and infections. It can also clear waste and toxins from the body, which helps in prevention of illness. It boosts the immune function which helps the in the stimulation of white blood cells which help ward off infections. When you are in a competition and you practice a bit too much the chances of getting sick are easy because of the body break down and repairing itself frequently which disturbs the immune system. Echinacea helps in boosting the immune system which prevents from illness.

When you see any signs of cold or flu, take Echinacea three times a day.

The recommended dosage of Echinacea is as follows:

Type dosage frequency

  • Powder (Encapsulated) 300 mg 3 times a day
  • Dried Root 1-2 grams 3 times a day
  • Freeze dried plant 325-650 mg 3 times a day
  • Juice 2-3ml 3 times a day
  • Tincture 305 ml 3 times a day
  • Fluid extract 1-2 ml 3 times a day

Staying on Echinacea for more than 3-4 weeks is not a good idea. If you stay on Echinacea for that long your immune system will go back to normal making Echinacea non-affective.

Do not use Echinacea if you are pregnant or have aids, HIV or you are allergic to plants in the sunflower or daisy family.



DHEA is a natural steroid hormone produced in our body by the adrenal glands. It is produced by both men and women so it can be consumed by both. Due to, many metabolic and hormonal function in our body the level of DHEA in our body is crucial. As we grow the level of production of DHEA naturally decreases. It may affect our memory, decrease sex drive, dry skin or make us gain more body fat. When the blood DHEA level are low we can improve it by supplements, it can help in improving the problems and giving us a longer life.

DHEA is used for many reasons which include:

  • Improve sexual function
  • Decrease body fat
  • Help with depression
  • Increase memory
  • Enhance athletic performance
  • Add more muscle mass

The estimated dose of DHEA is 30-60 mg daily. The people over the age 40 have better results than those under 40.

Side effects are very rare but these include:

  • Acne
  • Excess facial hair
  • Menstrual irregularity

If any of these side effects are seen, you must lower the dosage or discontinue the use.



One of the most powerful antioxidant present in our body is CoQ10 and it plays a huge role in production of energy. A cell without CoQ10 is referred to as an engine without spark plugs, by Web MD. He says that, “just as spark plug provides initial spark to start the engine, CoQ10 also jumpstarts energy production within cells. The body uses the generated energy to operate all of its vital processes, including muscle contraction and digestion.”

CoQ10 may become an essential fat soluble vitamin because to its amazing antioxidant properties and its capability of energy production. CoQ10 is not only used because it is an amazing antioxidant but it is also very famous among individuals because of its faster healing capability and it also keeps the heart healthy. It lowers blood pressure and it reduces resistance of blood flow to major organs that is why CoQ10 is also good for heart.

Those suffering from heart problems, their dosage normally are 300 mg per day, which is divided into three parts. It must be taken after meals. Those who have healthy hearts the dosage recommended for them are 60 mg per day with meals.

Diarrhea and upset stomach are the side effects of CoQ10.

Coq10 is found naturally in fish, whole grains and organ meat. But because these are cooked the CoQ10 present in them is killed.

Who are trying to jump higher or lift more CoQ10 will not work for them.

Consequences of Deca Durabolin

Consequences of Deca Durabolin

You must have confusion in your mind if you’re a user of anabolic steroid that what are the results and consequences of the steroid you’re using. Here the steroid we’re talking about is Deca Durabolin. You must have question in mind that what if the steroid you’re using caused innumerable issues? There are a lot of questions in the minds of steroid users and obviously there’s no single perfect answer to all the arising questions. The results will be the results you desire, if you used the steroid properly with proper and healthy diet.

The main use of Deca Durabolin is in the buildup in lean muscle mass however it’s not easy to deal with the proper use of this steroid. You need to train your body and eat a lot as the steroid isn’t magical and will not work if these aspects wouldn’t be kept in mind. Steroids will be able to add lean muscle mass only if nutritious diet is maintained as this substance does not work against the nutrition rules. Steroids only enhance the work you’re already doing. Thus, you need to take steroid throughout the whole workout.

Enough calories intake is a way to success for the enhancement in mass. The amount of calorie intake varies from man to man but it shouldn’t cross thousand calories per day and should be far less. We should be well-aware of the maintenance level. Your maintenance level will be higher if you’re muscular. This level will also be affected by the strength and speed of your metabolism. For greater results, you need to increase the dose. You need to minimize the body fat gain during this whole process. You’ll gain high quality results if you control your intake and consume only according to your needs. These steroids are much easier to hold onto as they’re of slow nature as compared to other anabolic steroid.

It has been estimated that water retention usually occurs due to Deca Durabolin usage but you should keep one thing in mind that overall aromatase activity is just 20% of testosterone. This water retention can be controlled by an anti-estrogen. You’ll hold water, if you over eat carbohydrates. There’s simply no reason to have a problem if you control your diet and use an anti-estrogen.

Despite of supplementing with exogenous testosterone, Deca Durabolin can often result in erectile dysfunction. Some people face the erectile issues when use the steroid and that’s a sign that something is wrong. Some people increase testosterone levels to solve the problem but this can hinder the sexual performance. Sexually related side effects can occur for those who use massive amounts of anti-estrogens particularly Aromatase Inhibitors. We must maintain proper and healthy testosterone level to estrogen ratios.

The therapeutic effects of Deca Durabolin steroid is the most beneficial of them all. These steroids are well-efficient in healing and are much better than anyone can imagine. These steroids are the most important though they may not sound as exciting as other steroids do. Due to the use of this steroid recovery is greatly and precisely enhanced. Training tears down our muscle tissues and the progress actually occurs when our body is at rest and recover the buildup tissue. In this way, the damage is repaired and the body is stronger than before. Another important benefit of Deca Durabolin is that it can greatly provide pain relief in the connective tissues of our body and can result in tremendous pain relief of joints. This steroid is most important due to this beneficial effect.