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Types of Steroid Tablets

There are many forms of Anabolic steroids. One is tabular and other is injectable form. However, the injectable form is more common than tabular. The large portion of fitness field is taken up by the steroid tablets. The injectable steroids are very numerous and popular these days. These are generally preferred over the tabular form of steroids. Every injectable steroid has its own ingredients, working and principles. Every steroid has its own uniqueness though some qualities are quite similar in both types of steroids.

There are generally two major classes of steroids. One is bulking cycle and the other one is cutting cycle. This isn’t necessary that all the steroids have the purpose of bulking or cutting. While some of the steroids have their primary purpose of increasing and tightening the muscular mass and to enhance the athletic performance. These steroids have many other purposes that are shortlisted below.

Bulking Steroids:

The most common and popular steroids for increasing the muscle mass or for the bulking purpose are Anadrol (Drol or A-Bombs) and d-bal (Dbol). These two steroids serve the best in the fitness field. It can help you achieve the muscle mass of about 20-30lbs easily. However, these are only the primary purposes of these two steroids. There are a lot of other functions for which these steroids can be used.

Cutting Steroids:

The main tabular steroid to serve the purpose of leaning out your body is Stanozolol, commonly known as Winny or Winstrol. This steroid is simply perfect and is the best selling oral anabolic steroids. Anavar is the second best steroid for this purpose; however, this steroid is not popular in men as they consider it a bit weaker. Anavar is best used by the female athletes as they use this steroid for cutting and for various other purposes.

Steroids for Strength:

The three oral anabolic steroids for strength purpose are d-bal, Winstrol and Anadrol. However, d-bal and Anadrol are more efficient for increasing the strength in your body. While all the three steroids mentioned above serve their best in strength purpose but Halotestin is the perfect of them all. When body is very low, Halotestin can add a lot of strength and can act as a hardening agent.

Crossover Effect:

As described above, all the steroids can have more than one function along their primary purposes and can go beyond their traits and qualities. For example, Anadrol is not only used for bulking purpose but it can also be used for cutting cycle and serves the best in fulfilling the bodybuilding purpose. Similarly, Winstrol is commonly used for leaning out or the bulking cycle to help increasing your muscle strength and to let them push more weight. So, it is totally untrue that each steroid can has only one particular purpose at a time. As listed above each steroid can be helpful for you for many other purposes.

Side Effects:

According to many studies, it has been suggested that you should always prefer the safety of your health, no matter which steroid you choose to use. It isn’t exceptional that oral steroids have the negative side effects on the person using it. All the oral steroids have the toxic and harmful effects on your liver therefore; you should try to keep the duration of use at an appropriate level. It isn’t impossible to heal the injuries in your liver, though they’re not mild. It has been estimated that alcohol aggravates the side effects of the steroids, thus you should stop consuming Alcohol while you’re taking your regular steroids.

Steroid cream

Steroid cream

In medical terms the steroid cream is referred to a topical steroid belonging to the corticosteroid family. The steroid cream is mainly referred to as the testosterone gel which is used in hormone replacement therapy. The most famous use of a steroid is by that of BALCO commonly known as the Clear. Each steroid cream is unique in its own way.


The corticosteroids come in inject able as well as in steroid cream form. These steroid creams are prescribe for the treatment of

  • Rash
  • Dermatitis
  • Eczema

There are many classification of this drug every drug is used for different purposes. The steroid cream is used for the above mentioned ailments. Many corticosteroids are available in inject able, inhaler and tablet form.

Testosterone Gel:

The steroid creams are also available in form of testosterone gel. The men who suffer from low testosterone levels are recommended this gel. The steroid cream is same as it’s inject able form in terms of its composition and making but efficiency is a different story. The possible side effects of testosterone gel are same as inject able testosterone and it might irritate at the area applied. Many men prefer testosterone gel because of the fear of injection. The effects of gel are different as compared to inject able form. The gel needs to be applied day and night for the same result as of the injection. For example, one may apply 5g of testosterone gel; to get the same result by injection would only need to administer approximately 100mg.

The clear:

The clear which is often called as “The cream” is considered as the king of steroid creams. This steroid cream is very famous and it contains two main ingredients, testosterone and epitestosterone. The main reason for the production of this drug was, to allow the tested athletes the ability to use anabolic steroids without being caught, and this cream works brilliantly. The price of the steroid cream much more as compared to the injections, but this is a great product for athletes. It won’t show same results as other inject-able steroids but it does it works magnificently.

Oral steroids

Oral steroids

There are many anabolic steroids of which many are oral steroids. Different oral steroids have different benefit, purpose and traits. Because of the use of anabolic steroids the natural testosterone productions shuts down.

One of the most common concerns while using oral is liver damage; unlike anabolic steroids they have effect on liver. In many cases it is said that alcohol is more toxic to liver than most anabolic steroids and so are some medications provided at local pharmacies. The excess use of anabolic steroids may badly affect the liver damage but otherwise liver possesses remarkable healing capability.

The effect of these steroids is very much exaggerated but it’s still real. So, the use of these steroids must be reduced. These can be used 6 to 8 weeks at a time. As it said excess of everything is bad, but the use of these steroids for 6-8 weeks is a solid number to hold to.

Oral steroids have half a life so in order for them to show maximum benefit these steroids must be used daily. These steroids may also effect even if you don’t use them daily, but for proper result small doses must be taken daily for the best results.

The oral steroids have many benefits and some anabolic steroids are also available in oral form and injectable form. The anabolic steroids like Winstrol or Primo are both available in injectable and oral form. In Primo the injectable steroids gives better result than the oral steroid. But, in Winstrol both injectable and oral will give the same result. Winstrol is only one of the few steroids that possess this trait.

Same is the case with anabolic steroids these can be oral or injectable, responsible use and education is the key to success. One must understand the effect of the substance, its pros and cons and you’ll find yourself a much happier individual.

Best Legal Steroids Stacks

What Is Steroid Stacks

What Are Steroid Stacks?

What You Will Learn:

  • What is Steroid Stacks
  • When You Need To Stack
  • Ideal Products To Stack
  • Stacking To Cut Fat and Lean Muscle Mass
  • Stacking To Bulk Up and Build Huge Muscle Fast

First, let’s consider what is steroid?

Steroid simply refer to a set of controlled drugs with high dose of anabolic properties; hormones and testosterone with great abilities to enhance manliness in male.

For the body builders, weightlifters, athletes, using steroids give him several advantages like quick muscle bulking, destroying fat and building lean muscle.

He gain quickly, more strength and energy to last longer in the gym and improve performances.

However controlled steroids were found to be harmful to health. They were said (rightly or wrongly) to affect kidney or heart functions.

Also the sports and athletic bodies banned and termed them as ILLEGAL because users often apply them to gain undue edge and advantage over their peers, to win laurels.

steroids stack

Anabolic Steroids To The Rescue

In the last few years, another set of well-designed, pharmaceutical tested anabolic steroids that mimic the effectiveness of the controlled steroids, without the side effects are now available.

The good news therefore, is that you can confidently buy the pharmaceutically designed muscle enhancing steroids that are clinically tested as safe and effective.

What Really Is Steroid Stack?

Steroid stack simply refer to combining two or more types of anabolic steroid supplements to achieve a ‘combined benefits’ and take the gains of your workouts to much higher realm.

For example, instead of taking only fat burning pills such as anvarol (P-VAR), you may combined it with d-bal which is a proven bulking agent.

Or you may combined anvarol (an Anavar alternative) with another fat burning agent like winsol (Winstrol) to fasten the process, gain more strength and lean muscle…

This combination therefore helps you to experience faster metabolism, burning fat and creating lean muscles faster and quicker than if you take anvarol or winsol alone.

crazybulk Bulking Stack

When You Need To Stack

The process of taking muscle building stack is called cycle; transiting from one stage of bodybuilding to another.

For example, you may start with the Cutting Cycle; which basically entails shedding body fat and create better defined lean muscled physique.

Most guys now crave for this body shape, otherwise called abs pack or the beach body physique!

You may then move to Bulking Cycle, which entails rapid huge muscles gain and more strength capital. The bulking cycle is when bodybuilder grow the beastly look for competition.

Ideal Products For Stacking

Therefore for Cutting Cycle, you need to stack anabolic steroids like anvarol (Anavar), clenbutrol (Clenbutorol), testo-max and winsol (Winn).

And for Bulking Cycle, you should stack d-bal (D-Bol), decaduro (Deca Durabolin), testo-max and trenorol (trenbalone), for optimum benefits.

NOTE: I made a table comparison, showcasing the major differences and benefits (discounts, special offers, FREE Shipping etc) of both Cutting and Bulking Stacks… Click here to get more ideas and how to order…

steroids stack

(a) Steroid Stacks for BULKING (Huge Muscle Fast)

  • Are you skinning or average size and seriously wants to get bigger fast?
  • Do you wants to quickly and easily bulk up or ripped much bigger muscles?
  • Or you are already muscular but desire to add bigger muscles and power?

If you answer YES to any of the above questions, the solutions you need is bulk up by taking steroid stacks!

Use Only Legal, Safe & Effective Muscle Building Steroids

Am often amaze, each time some guys ask me how or where they can buy illegal steroids, because they erroneously believe the controlled steroids (another terms for illegal steroids) will give them better results, and quicker.

Listen to me: do not touch any unrefined steroid pills or substance because they may cause some damage to your health. And if you are into competitive sports, you may be disqualified or outright ban.

Many ended up being shamed, ridiculed and loss of career.

Stack With Legal Steroids To Bulk Up

The days of groping in the dark are long over unless you personally want to walk through the shadow of the valley of death by looking for and buying the wrong supplements.

Instead join the millions of sport men and women, weightlifters, wrestlers, athletes and diverse fitness enthusiasts who are now benefiting from legal alternative steroids.

And let me REPEAT that legal steroids perform same functions as the illegal ones – but WITHOUT the side effects and health issues!

The Best Combination Stack For Bulking

The best combination to get value for bigger muscles faster, more stamina, strength and endurance in the gym are:


bulk stack

(b) Steroid Stacks For Cutting (Lean Muscle Mass)

Cutting stack is when you combine two or more (usually not more than 4-6) products to help achieve these life changing benefits as you workout:

  • Fat burning,
  • Retain lean muscle mass,
  • Better define muscle lines,
  • Promotes strength,
  • Increasing stamina,
  • Quick recovery.

You should go on Cutting Stack if you are fat or need to shed excess fat in parts of your body such as stomach, thighs, waist etc.

This process ultimately helps you build well defined muscles at the same time, a much bigger body size physique.

The Best Combination For Cutting

A good combination of products qualified for Steroids Stack For Cutting are:


A little explanation…

PVar (an Anavar alternative) and winsol are powerful strength and cutting agents, with proven properties to not only help you shed body fat, but a well-defined lean muscles you can show off at the beach.

testo-max (Testosterone booster) will supply more stamina, energy and boost testosterone in your body. And clenbutrol (a Clenbutorol alternative) will aid or promotes faster metabolism and size increase.

cut stack

Cut and Ripped Stack

steroid stacks discount

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Buy Steroids With Credit Card

How To Buy Steroids With Credit Card Online

You’ll Discover:

  • The Best Place to Order Real Steroids Online,
  • Super Effective Steroid Stacks To Cut Fat & Ripped; Build Big Muscles Fast,
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If you are looking to buy steroids with credit card online, it means you simply desire the best and effective muscle building supplements, to give you an edge in the gym, without several other advantages.

Before you flip open your credit card, I ask that you read the rest of this article for proper guide, and to lead you to the ‘best place to buy steroids’ with plenty of benefits and discounts.

crazybulk Is a Reputable Manufacturer With Online Store

First, buy directly from manufacturer of premium muscle building steroids.

crazybulk Steroid OnlineOne of the world’s best and reliable company is crazybulk.

The company has been in the business since 2004 and also operate a full online shop, known for first class customer services.

With your credit card (or debit card), you can easily pay for your steroids; either a single product or stacks and have it deliver to you, anywhere in the world.

This arrangement eliminates a retinue of middlemen and reps, and ensure you avoid fake or adulterated products.

Steroid creditcard Online


8 More Exclusive Advantages If You Buy Steroids Online With Credit Card From crazybulk

#1:  Cost-Saving Deals

There is more than 10% discount for all the top products. PLUS – 40% Discounts for both Cutting Stack and Bulking Stacks.

And that is not all… there is a special Promo called: “Buy 2, Get 1 FREE”.

Best place to buy steroids

This awesome discounts entails getting a full bottle of your choice Anabolic Steroids absolutely FREE, if you buy 2 products!

#2:  Discreet Packaging

Most Steroids buyers view their purchase as personal or private, and prefer a company that fully understand their feelings to ensure their privacy not breached.

Am sure you also want your order to be labelled and shipped discreetly?

Now the good news is that, crazybulk has incorporated into its policy to ship your muscle building steroids as 100% DISCREET package.

This means that, it will arrive at your door step, office (or whatever address you indicate) and your friends, neighbors, colleagues will NOT be privy of the content.

Note: Even your immediate family members will not understand the content unless you tell them.

Avoid Extra Custom Charges. Plus the discreet package offer some extra advantages, for example it preclude you from the prying eyes of customs and extra custom charges.

#3:  FREE Shipping To USA

If you are a customer from USA, you are in big luck right now. Just order any of the steroids pack from crazy bulk and get your order shipped to you absolutely FREE-Of-CHARGE!

And remember your order will be labelled discreetly, with your privacy fully intact.

Notes: International shipping cost just $12.99

#4:  crazybulk Stacking Are Super Effective

Stacking is when you combine two or more products to help you achieve results and reach your goals -faster!

For example, the Cutting Stack is a powerful and proven formula helping users to cut fat and build awesome lean muscles in 2-3 months using the crazybulk Cutting Stack cycle…

Now imagine this

How does it feel, seeing your friend, who merely 3 months ago, was spotting a flabby tommy and chest, looking like every Joe, now comes to the office with a stunning, sexy physique?

I mean he now confidently wears an abs physique, lean muscle, and beach body shape!

Am sure you (like others around) will blush on his new shape and physique! Many people will become jealous of him, just as ladies may swarm around him for date.  :)

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#5:  The BULKING Stack Is Powerful

crazybulk Bulking Stack


If you are skinny or average body size, the crazybulk Bulking Stack will help you pile on big muscles and power in shorter period than a single line of products…

…Many users report awesome results in 2-3 months!

bulk review

#6:  The Cutting Stack Is Life-Changing

In the same vein, many customers have been able to cut fat and build awesome lean muscles in 2-3 months using the crazybulk Cutting Stack cycle…

Now imagine this: How does it feel, seeing your friend, who merely 3 months ago, was spotting a flabby tommy and chest, looking like every Joe, now comes to the office with abs physique, lean muscle, and beach body shape?

Am you will blush on his new shape and physique!

Stack Muscle

#7:  After Sale Customer Care and Advice

On the official site, you can get expert advice via a LIVE CHAT about any aspects of your muscle building goals.

  • Do you wants to burn excess fat and tones your muscles?
  • Do you desire to pile up big muscles to increase your size as fast as humanly possible?
  • Do you want to increase your strength and stamina?

Talk to someone or send an email and you will receive a quality guide that some people charge more than $277 – absolutely free!

#8:  Safe and Secure Payment

Here is yet another valid reasons you must buy from reliable and international company like crazybulk.

The safety of your personal and financial data are 100% SECURED and guarantee.

This is a vital service you may not get from lesser known, fly-by-night retailers online.

BAD NEWS: Many people have had their data compromised after buying Steroids from such sites online.

Please save yourself of possible losses by ordering from reliable sources…

Steroid creditcard Online


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