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How To Build Lean, Muscular & Sexy Body

The New Hope for Men: A Lean, Muscular, and SEXY Body


What you’ll learn:

  • 3 major body types that’ll influence how you get lean & sexy,
  • Peculiar diet & workouts suitable for the 3 body types: Ectomoph, Endomorph & Mesomorph,
  • Supplements and anabolic steroids to maximize results

Tired of hiding those belly fat on summer beach hangouts with friends or turning off the ladies with that skinny look?

Maybe it’s time to stop hitting that head against those walls, carve the path, and build those cuts.

Gain that lean, muscular, and sexy body for men that ladies find attractive and salivating.

Understand Your Body Type

First, you must have an idea of what your body type is…

Did you ever notice that some people in our society are just naturally fat, skinny, or lean and muscular?

Genetics plays its game on how human bodies look.

Fortunately, even though these body types are innate in people, we can improve it as long as you are familiar with it and know what you need to do.

Are You Ectomorph, Endomorph or Mesomorph?

There are three body types, namely, ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph.

how to build lean muscular body


Who Is An Ectomorph?

Starting with the ectomorphs, they are the naturally skinny body type. These are the people who look like they can eat as much as they want and gain no weight from it.

But that is a fallacy.

Genetically, skinny guys (the ectomorphs) have a rapid metabolism, have a thin and rangy bone structure, are picky eaters, and are naturally lacking in strength and muscles.

Who Is An Endomorph?

The endomorphs are the naturally fat body type. These are the people who, despite their intense training and diet, seem to gain weight by just imagining food and find it hard to lose weight.

This is not true for them.

Their genes contain characteristics like sluggish metabolism, thick bone structures, and naturally big and strong.

The two body types seem like they are jealous of each other and may wish to switch places from time to time.

But then, there are the mesomorphs…

Who Is A Mesomorph? 

They have the ideal body type almost everyone wishes to have. Mesomorphs are the balanced body type.

Genetically, they have the ideal metabolic rate and bone structure, and are naturally lean and muscular.

In fact an average guy with this body type is already looking ‘sexy’ in the midst of other men.

Another great truth is that mesomorphs gain muscle almost as well as an endomorph. They also lose fat almost like ectomorphs.

They are often just naturally muscular and lean without putting any time or effort into a diet or training.

How To Build a Lean, Muscular, and Sexy Body For Men

After familiarizing on what body type a person leans on, you must change your diet plan to achieve one of these:

  • Gain weight and lean muscle,
  • Lose fat, retain lean muscle mass
  • Maintain your weight.

Vital FACT: The human body has a certain number of calories required everyday to maintain its current weight.

If a person exceeds that amount, he will gain weight and, if he takes less of that amount, he will lose weight.

But if a person eats the same amount of calories appropriate to his maintenance level, his weight will stay the same.

Your Protein Intake 

The daily protein intake of a person is also important. Protein is the building block of the muscles. It also plays an important role in controlling hunger and satisfaction.

Protein Intake Chart

Protein Intake Chart

For men to achieve that lean, muscular and sexy body, a high protein diet is suggested.

Best sources of protein are chicken, turkey, fish, red meat, egg whites, milk, and bodybuilding supplements with protein ingredients.

A good recommendation is hgh-x2 Supplements or any of the  Anabolic Legal Steroids that suit or elevate your body type.

Your Fat Intake

Your fat intake should be monitored, too. There are different kinds of fat, namely, saturated fat, unsaturated fat, and trans fat.

fat intake chart

Comprehensive FAT Chart

The healthy fats are the unsaturated fats like Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty acids.

Best sources of fat are nuts, fish, olive oil, and avocados.

Check Your Carbohydrate Intake 

The last part to be monitored is the level of your carbohydrate intake. Of all the macronutrients, carbohydrates are the least important. 

Sufficient amount of carbohydrates is helpful in the dietary plan, if you really desire to have that lean, muscular shape, to be burned aside from the stored energy which is in the form of fat.

Vegetables, oatmeal, brown rice, fruits, beans, potatoes, and whole grains are best sources of carbohydrates.

What A Skinny Guy (Ectomorph) Should Do

For an ectomorphs to gain that ideal body type, you have to exceed your calorie maintenance level.

You need to eat a lot more than normal so skipping meals should be avoided…

Because of the fast metabolism, you must at least eat six times a day as the key to that sexy body is to take more calories for burning.

It is prescribed that the ratio of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats must be 40%, 40%, and 20% respectively.

What A Fat Guy (Endomorph) Should Do

For an endomorph to lose large amounts of fats in his body, you need to increase intake of fiber rich foods.

You must lessen your fat intake and carbohydrate intake must be increased.

In most cases, mesomorphs don’t have any major challenges to have a healthy diet. You only have to balance your diet and include healthy fats in your regimen.

Increased intake of nuts, olive oil, fishes, and avocados may help in their diet.

Proper Diet Must Go With Exercises and Workouts

Proper diet must also be accompanied by proper training and exercise.

The different body types are innate in people but they can be enhanced by proper workout.

Exercises and Workout For Ectomorphs

Because of the ectomorphs’ fast metabolism, they have to put in a lot of effort to their body training due to their slow muscular growth.

It therefore means that if you are skinny, to build a stronger and bigger muscle composition though difficult – but very achievable for you!

Exercise Chart-Ectomorph

The Skinny Guy (Ectomorph) Workout Table

However when you start to gain muscle strength, you have to check your muscle growth from time to time so it will not result to over-training your body.

You are advised to exercise initially by working out with weights for about one hour each day…

Focus On The Upper Body Parts First

It is better if you focus on arms, chest, back, legs, and shoulders; and working on 9-12 sets per day could give better results.

Exceeding twelve sets may overwork your body…

Barbell curls, dumbbell curls, triceps push down and bench press will do.

Select exercises that effectively work all parts of the body.

Different exercises that work for different muscle groups would give optimum results.

For example, if you exercise for three sets, you could end up doing three or four exercises as per the number of sets that has been decided to be done.

Rest for about a minute between each set

Why? Because it boosts energy levels when doing other sets. Ectomorphs who look for more cuts should take up swimming as it improves body resistance. Pool workouts can provide fat insulation for skinny bodies.

Ask for extra help

If you need to enhance your workout for quickest results, consider reading more about the bulking stack. Or simply grab few bottles of d-bal (Dianabol Alternative).

Exercises and Workout For Endomorphs

If you are an endomorph, you need to drop those excess pounds of fat in your body to obtain that lean muscled, sexy body you seriously desire.

Exercise Chart-Endomorph

The Endomorph Workout Table

Your exercise must focus on lifting heavy weights and cardio exercises.

If ectomorphs are more on muscle building, endomorphs’ goal is to burn those calories.

Exercises for endomorphs are limited to one hour or less. It might result to over training the body and other kinds of side effects.

For this body type, workout repetitions must not exceed nine. Like ectomorphs, endomorphs must also focus on other muscle groups for optimum results.

High intensity cardio exercises for 20-25 minutes are a must to burn that maximum lipid content of the body.

Examples of cardio activities include, walking on tread mill, running, dancing, jogging, and swimming.

Ask for extra help

If you need to enhance your workout to burn that stubborn body and lean muscled, consider reading more about the Cutting Stack.

Or simply grab few bottles of anvarol, or clenbutrol.

Exercises and Workout For Mesomorphs

For mesomorphs, your training must be hard and heavy as you’d already possess lean, muscular body; and have enough stamina.

Exercise Chart-Mesomorph

The Mesomorph Workout Table

Enhancing strength and stamina will be the focus of your exercise because building muscles is not in your regimen as it is not necessary.

For weight training, try to initially workout with light and moderate lifts on different muscle groups.

Do not exceed 3 exercises for each body part twice or thrice in a week.

For each exercise, you can do three or four sets which help in giving a toned look.

Rest Properly

Resting for a minute after every set is a must for you to not overwork your body.

Drink Water

Hydrating yourself is important not only for your body type but also to the other two.

The intensity of workout for a mesomorph guy, should be kept at constant change in order to perfectly get that lean muscle physique – rather than bulking up.

Running and Skipping

Running and skipping for 30-45 minutes may be included as part of the cardio activities for these kinds of people.

The following exercises should be in tandem with the suggested dietary plan for men to build the killer lean muscled and sexy body they dream of having.

Yes – I know you are serious to have that lean physique that you can show off and be proud of when you are at the beach…

Or to attract those fine, voluptuous ladies to your side…

… then following the right diet and accompanying it with proper workout routines (and proven supplementation) will make it easier to achieve your goal.

The Wonders of Anabolic Legal Steroids

For very safe and faster results in gaining lean, stronger and sexy body, you may want to try one of these well-known legal anabolic supplements to seriously enhance your workouts and ramp up your results quicker.

Very Safe, Effective, No Side Effects With Solid Results

They are pills, have no side effects and very affordable. One of the most popular is anvarol (Anavar) formulated for cutting and lean enhancer.

Taking AnVarol daily as you workout, may seriously accelerates the fat burning process and building enchanting lean muscle body.

The fat guy (endomorph) will greatly benefit from taking anvarol pills.

Another one is called d-bal (Dbal or D-Bal). This is the skinny guy ultimate savior because it has been proven many times over, to help build muscle and stamina fast.

And there are others like trenorol (Trenbolone), clenbutrol (Clenbutrol), and decaduro with each providing solid help for the three body types to overcome their challenges.

The ideal body guy (mesomorph) who seriously must add more strength and maintain his look may benefits greatly taking decaduro.

They generally help user focus more, boost strength, promote fat burning and lean muscle growth.

And for even much better results, you may consider the cutting stack, with a fantastic lean muscle mass and strength results, for men.

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hgh-x2 Supplements Are Equally Life Changing

If you are not comfortable with anabolic steroids, then you will give hgh-x2 bodybuilding supplement a trial.

Formulated with all-natural ingredients, users are mostly happy; testifying how the intake of these supplements complementing their workout and nutrition with lean muscle results.

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Start The journey To A New Life Now

Stop hiding every summer under those shirts. Strip down and expose your lean, muscular, and sexy body built to gain that extra confidence and at the same time, have that healthy lifestyle.

This is the new hype – becoming fit, healthy, and confident to flaunt that ideal body physique.

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How To Buy Steroids With Credit Card Online

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From Skinny To Big – A Guide

Are You Skinny or Average Size, and Desire To Get Bigger Body Size FAST?

Get Bigger Fast Workout

  • Learn 4 principles to effectively gain muscle fast
  • 3 Core Lifts for mass gains & maximize results
  • Bulking Stack supplements to help you get big fast

Bodybuilding is a complex and very long-term sport. And as such it is easy for someone to get discouraged by the lack of progress especially if you are a beginner.

Gaining muscle takes time and the proper knowledge; two things many people don’t seem to have the time for.

It is important to understand that bodybuilding is not just a physical sport; there is also a lot of thought involved in the process even though it may not be initially apparent.

Bodybuilding Course

In this guide I will talk to you about a very simple topic:

Gaining muscle for skinny guys…

Many people call or describe skinny or slimmer guys in the gym as “hard gainers”

Below you will find information related to training, supplementation, rest, and nutrition, making this piece a complete guide.

Also let me say that this guide can equally work for women though with a bit difference.


Let’s get started…


People who have a hard time putting on muscle generally are also very lean, and as such it will work to their advantage to always train heavy.

Building muscle is done most efficiently through heavy weight and low reps, so this is pretty much all you should be doing.

If you do 4 sets of a particular exercise, try doing 12, 10, 8, and 6 reps for each set respectively; the most important part is that the heaviest weight possible is used on the last one all the while keeping the form top-notch.

Remember that it’s never a good idea to sacrifice form for additional weight as this will greatly increase your chances of injury.

Build More Muscles

3 Core Training Methods

The Core Lifts

When it comes to the actual lifts, I suggest you stick mostly to compound movements. If you are not aware of what these are, they are basically lifts which involve more than one muscle at a time.

Their opposite, isolation lifts, use just one muscle…

Compound movements are great for building overall mass while isolation ones are mostly for bringing up lagging body parts.

Now all compound movements are great, but none are as great as the following 3 which I like to call the “core lifts”:

#1 Core Lift: Deadlift

The deadlift is great for putting on mass on the rear of your body including the hamstrings, the glutes, and the back in general.

It is also a very good movement when it comes to building grip strength and forearm size.

When speaking to people at the gym about this movement, it is very common to hear things such excuses like:

“it can injure your back”…

“it’s not safe”…

“I do hyperextensions instead”, amongst several others, but the truth is these are just excuses coming from people not wanting to work hard.

The truth is that there is always a BIG – clear difference between the physique of someone that deadlifts and the physique of someone that doesn’t, which just goes to show you how effective it really is.



Best Methods To Deadlift

When deadlifting you can, and should, make use of some equipment.

Lifting chalk for example is a very good way to get a better grip on the bar, while a lifting belt is great for protection on your heaviest sets.

Speaking of the grip, I highly suggest you use a double overhand grip whenever possible as not only will this put equal stress on both of your forearms, but it will also reduce your chances of a bicep injury which can happen when one uses a mixed (or baseball) grip.

If your grip is simply giving in preventing you from doing any more reps, you can use wrist straps but don’t overdo it with these or your grip will never develop.

A final thing I want to mention is the hook grip; look this up and thank me later!

#2 Core Lift: Squat

The king when it comes to building massive and strong thighs! The squat is most effectively done in a cage for maximum safety and comfort.

Not only will this exercise hit your quads a lot, but it will also use your glutes and lower back which is why you should space it out from the deadlift.

A lifting belt can be used here when the weight is heavy, along with knee wraps if required. The front squat, a popular variation, is also effective.



#3 Core Lift: Bench Press

The only lift out of the mentioned 3 which you don’t have to nag people to do.

The bench press is quite popular since its main focus is the chest, which in turn is the king of all beach muscles, but it also uses other body parts such as the front of the shoulder and the triceps.

Methods to Maximize Results

When bench pressing make sure your grip is not too wide as this will limit your range of motion, but on the other hand make sure it is also not too narrow as this will put the focus on your triceps instead.

A slightly wider than shoulder width grip is the best, so go with that. If you need some elbow support you can use an elbow warmer or even some elbow straps.

Bench Press

Bench Press

Besides being great at adding mass, the previously mentioned lifts (along with all of the other compound movements) all help to increase your natural reserves of testosterone and growth hormone, two very important components when it comes to building muscle.


It’s quite simple really: eat big to get big.

This will be your main guideline when eating for mass, so keep it in mind all the time.

Foods you should be focusing on are complete proteins such as meat and chicken, along with complex carbohydrates such as brown rice.

Healthy fats should also be included in your diet in the form of olive oil, nuts, and the likes.

Food For Muscle Building

But just how much should you eat?

As much as is necessary; that is the real answer. You should start off with 5 or 6 REAL FOOD meals and then increase said meals as you stop gaining weight.

Remember that some bodybuilders eat as much as 12 meals a day!


1) Legal Steroids

Supplements, with prohormones (also known as legal steroids) in particular, can prove to be very effective when used correctly.

Here am talking about legal steroids scientifically produced with the best intention, to help you gain weight, muscles, lose fat without side effects.

Three proven products comes to mind:

a) d-bal. Helps you build you muscle fast, plus amazing strength and stamina. It helps increase blood flow during workout for longer, intensive muscle building, naturally. Click here to read detailed review…

b) Deca Durabolin. Even if you are skinny, Deca will surely help add weight muscles in few weeks, plus plenty energy and stamina to continue longer exercises for faster gains.

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Bulking Stack – Get Bigger Fast

If achieving your goals faster and easier is part of your program, then you must consider Bulking Stack combo.

From Skinning TO Big Faster

2) Non Steroid Supplements

Another great options are non-steroids supplements such as,Whey Protein For Fast Muscle Gains

a) WHEY PROTEIN.  A quality whey protein isolate with added carbohydrates, also known as a weight gainer.

For example, High Grade Whey Protein 80 is highly regarded among bodybuilder. Click here to read more…

b) MULTI VITAMIN.  A multivitamin to help you keep a full spectrum of minerals inside your body.

c) CREATINE.  Creatine, which helps you with strength, size, and recovery. Click here to read more about top quality supplements

Vital Tips: The key to using supplements successfully is to add them to an already healthy diet; they are called supplements for a reason of course!

Never ever base your diet on supplements; instead use them for their intended purpose which is to SUPPLEMENT an already healthy diet.


The final thing I want to talk about, but definitely not the least important, is proper rest.

During sleep is when your body builds the most muscle and is also when it releases most of its hormones.

Sleep deprivation can actually cause hormone suppression to some extent, which is exactly what you DON’T want to happen.

The recommended sleep time is 8 hours a day, but the sleep also needs to be of a high quality nature in order for it to be truly effective…

Try to practice good sleep hygiene such as:

• Sleeping and waking up at the same time everyday,

• Avoiding activities that stress you out close to bed time,

• Not eating a lot of food directly before sleeping,

• Having a comfortable pillow and mattress.

Rest, Sleep Build Muscle

Rest, Sleep Build Muscle

I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this article?

If there is something which you didn’t understand please don’t hesitate in order to leave a comment below; we love hearing from you!

Read about how to buy steroids here. More report about hydration and water for, and major muscle growth factors about crazybulk steroids and stack ideas here

3 Major Factors 4 Muscle Building

THREE Major Factors For Successful Muscle Building

Discover Step 2 Build Muscles

Wanna Be Like These GUYS?

What you will learn:

  • Amazing beginner guide to bodybuilding,
  • The 4 factors for successful lean muscle mass,
  • Step by step expert guide and resource,

As the saying goes, it is definitely the survival of the fittest.

With more and more people getting influenced, impressed and enlightened on the benefits of maintaining a fit body, fitness seems to be the new trend.

Lean is definitely in!

Most people hit the gym to get the much hyped ‘six packs’ while others resort to more traditional and conventional methods of fitness workout.

Gone are the days when beauty and grooming was allotted for the damsels…

… in today’s scenario, men are as much conscious about their looks as women, or even more.

If you are planning to embark on the journey of body building (or muscle building), read on to gather some useful pointers.

#1 Factor:

Consult, Explore and Commit

The first and foremost step is to consult a fitness expert. This is very important as they will guide you in your journey effectively.

If you are dealing with other physical ailments, getting a doctor’s approval is extremely crucial.

Discuss your plans with your doctor and note down the pros and cons and then weigh them both and make the decision. A fitness expert will design a workout plan based on your body type.

Another important step is to explore your body type. You need to be absolutely familiar about what works for you and what doesn’t.

By doing this you are eliminating the possibility of risk or physical damage. Know your stamina or energy levels and work out accordingly.

Do not overwork yourself. Some people have higher stamina and that helps them workout for longer hours while others get tired soon. It is okay even if it takes a longer time to reach your goal.

Don’t rush the process.

It is very important to commit yourself to whatever you are doing. Binge workout never leads to good results. To begin with, set a goal or aim for yourself.

Decide what exactly you want to do with your body and how and also what levels you wish to reach.

Having a clear defined vision always helps and keeps us motivated. Working out regularly and committing yourself wholeheartedly to the task makes a world of different and helps you in acquiring results faster.

#2 Factor:

Diet, Rest, Medical health and Supplements

The first and foremost step of any good workout or fitness program is to fuel your body in the right way.

Foods 4 Muscle Building

Make sure it receives all the essential vitamins, nutrients, proteins, fiber and everything that keeps it going good for long.

Try to discuss with a health expert on a good diet plan and try to keep to it.

Instead of loading yourself with three heavy meals, try to include smaller meals into your schedule.

Set a schedule of 4 to 6 small healthy meals throughout the Supplement Your Food 4 Muscle Buildingday. This will keep your stomach satiated and keep hunger at bay…

It will also deter the cravings from getting the better of you.

Avoid processed and packaged foods like a plague. They generally fail to offer much benefit. Instead opt for a home cooked healthier meal.

Consider supplementing your foods with with High Grade Whey Protein 80 by BauerNutrition.

Sleep is yet another important muscle building essential. Our bodies require ample rest and sleep to produce the muscle your crave for.

Proper sleep induce strength required to get going through the day.

Sleep To Form Muscle and Power

Try to fix a schedule and follow it. 

If possible, sleep at the same time everyday as this will help you solve the sleeping disorder, if any.

Once your body is well-rested you will feel energetic physically and mentally and this will also radiate a positive energy all day long.

You will be able to focus and perform better at your workout sessions.

Before you start on your body building journey, get a full body check up done.

Make sure all your basic medical parameters are well within normal rates.

Medical Test 4 Weightlifting

Simple Medical Is Vital

Keep a tab on your blood sugar levels and make sure they don’t fluctuate often as it might lead to several repercussions pre and post your workout schedule.

Maintaining blood pressure levels is also equally important.

Once your body is internally fit, you will be able to keep to your workout schedules without much hassle and reach your goal faster.

It is not always possible to get all nutrients and vitamins from natural foods alone.

Trenbolone Nitrogen Retention crazybulkFor fast and long term results, taking external supplements is required.

And talking about supplements – most Pros swear by them for their successes!

I also advice you discuss with a fitness and/or medical expert who will prescribe suitable supplements for you based on your body time.

Or, get your muscle building supplements from reputable manufacturers such as crazybulk and hgh-x2.Com.

These are major companies with track records of researching, manufacturing and selling effective, safe supplements to complement your workout for fast and MAXIMUM results.

Never ever go overboard with supplements. Follow the instructions to avoid negative reactions.

Consume it in its right dosage to get suitable results.

Also get supplements that will help you hydrate and inject protein into your system.

HGF Max  and Clen XDV by hgh-x2 are highly recommended by Pros like Tricky Johnson. 

If you would like to see the suite of amazing products of this company, click here now.

They manufacture 100% Premium and exclusive line of supplements.

And the best thing about crazybulk and hgh-x2.Com is the fact their products are well-known brands without side effects.

#3 Factor:

Plan, Plan and Plan –

An Effective Schedule Plan is the Key

Cardio activities are important to keep our body stable and flexible.

It is good for keeping the body fat in check and also prevents the risk of cardiovascular diseases in the long run.

Planning As Muscle Building Success

It tunes our body to take on more and helps us build our stamina, and boosts levels of endurance.

If you are not particularly fond of cardio activities in the gym, then you can always resort to other activities such as:

Speed walking…
Martial arts such as kickboxing.

The options are many.

All you need to do is to fix up a plan or a strategy and stick to it.

Try to alternate between different exercises to avoid boredom and lack of interest.

Another important focus is on building muscles.

Burn Fat, Build Muscle. Muscle building catapults the process of weight loss by burning fat and burns huge piles of calories.

It also helps in improving the metabolism.

Since you have allotted time each day at the gym, it is important to make the best use of it to derive maximum benefit.

This is to say that you should get more exercise done in the given time.

The ideal way to do this is to include exercises that target more than one muscle groups.

For instance, the shoulder press focuses on the shouldered and the triceps.

The squat deals with the hamstrings.

Bench press will include the shoulders and the chest.

Include exercises that focus on more than one part of your body. By doing this you are ensuring overall muscle building or growth and not just focusing on one sole part.

This method will provide faster and effective results.

This is a very significant workout tip for all those heading for body building. At the end of the day, it all comes down to how much weight you can lift.

Start Practical Workouts

Begin by practicing lifts…

Try lifting weights minimally initially and as your body gets stronger and used to the activity, try to increase eventually.

Never push yourself to the extreme as it can do more harm than good…

You will know you have built muscles or are building if you are able to increase the amount of weights you lift.

If you find yourself stagnant or unable after a point, it just flashes the fact that you aren’t building as much muscles as you should, which defeats the purpose of lifting weights.

Abs Workouts Is Ideal…

Another very important focus is the abs. Including abs workout in your fitness schedule is extremely important.

It strengthens the muscles in your body and improves the overall flexibility of the body.

It is suitable for all those who are aiming at six packs and tummy tucker moves.

Please note that Abs workout is not just for the tummy but for all other parts of the body as well.

Understand Your Core Desire…

Choosing suitable exercises depending on the areas that require fat burning, helps greatly in terminating the unwanted fat and helps achieve good shape and fitness.

Involving simple abdominal exercises can work wonders for your body.

Some of them are as follows,

<>  The oblique crunches focus on getting rid of the love handles.

<>  Bicycle crunches help in burning fat and points the abdomen and hamstrings.

<>  V-Ups engage the upper and the lower abs.

<>  Reverse crunches attack the lower abs.

<>  Leg lifts helps in strengthening the muscles in your legs.

Techniques To Build Muscles Fast

Device A New Plan For Better Results…

It is highly important to give your mind and body a change regularly.

Once you have followed a particular strategy or workout plan diligently and earnestly, try to device a new plan.

This is done because our bodies, over a period of time gets used to the activities and fail to produce new results.

The human body system soon gets comfortable with a routine, and we refrain from making newer discoveries.

The ideal situation is in which a new workout plan springs into place every two weeks…

If not you may stagnates and reaches the ‘plateau’ stage

This refers to a stage when a person no longer feels any benefit or muscle gain from his workout.

He is said to have reached a stage of plateau or stagnancy. This defeats the mere purpose of hitting the gym.

Finally, before I drop my pen: Try to plan accordingly to train your mind and body to produce maximum results in the given time.

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