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What are the best muscle building protein supplements

What are the best muscle building protein supplements?

An overview of protein supplements

Protein is made up of amino acids therefore when we supplement with protein, we actually supplement amino acids. Amino acids are the vital and building blocks of muscles and can cause abnormal growth and muscle atrophy if are deficient in your body. There are two major types of amino acids that are essential and non-essential amino acids.

Essential amino acids are the ones that cannot be produced by the body while all other forms can be produced by the body. Therefore, it must be digested in your body. Protein supplements come from the main sources of whey, soy, casein and egg. All the muscle building supplements vary in cost, composition, source and most importantly the rate of digestion. Casein is the slowest in absorption and whey is fast in action. Whey shakes contain abundantly glutamine precursor amino acids.

Whey Protein

The most well-documented and well-known muscle building supplements of proteins are the whey proteins. It is nearly lactose-free and is derived majorly from the dairy sources. It can benefit you in the sense that it can add a whole spectrum of amino acid including both the essential and non-essential amino acid. It is a fast acting protein and is digested in 10-15 minutes after workout.

Casein Protein

Micellar casein protein is the undenatured protein that is found in milk. It is mostly used in the day time or before going to bed as it is much slower digesting protein.

Soy Protein

It is a medium digesting protein and is entirely derived from plant sources. It is also used in most of the muscle building supplements and is suitable for the vegetarians.

Egg Protein

Egg proteins can be considered as dehydrated forms of egg whites. Among the muscle building supplements, protein supplements are necessary to take as a balanced diet may also be insufficient in protein. The protein rich whole food sources may include steak, chicken, eggs, milk and black beans.

Most of the bodybuilders do not rely on the protein shakes and make most of their muscles from the real food sources as mentioned above. The ideal protein intake is 1g/1b of total body weight. 175g of protein should be taken by a 175lb man as per day.


Creatine Monohydrate

The most popular muscle building supplement among the bodybuilders is Creatine monohydrate. It has no adverse negative effects and is completely safe to use. The energy source of the body for this supplement is Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).

Creatine Phosphate provides another phosphate energy group by changing into Creatine phosphate in the body. It is taken with Gatorade normally in the amount of 5g per day. It is initially recommended to take 10-20g of this muscle building supplement to increase the muscle store of Creatine.

Creatine Ethyl Ester

When an ester group attaches with the Creatine molecule, it becomes Creatine ethyl ester. The attached ester group makes the molecule able to cross the phospholipid bilayer of the cell and make it more lipophilic. It is thus used in the small dosage of 1-2g per day. It is more expensive than other Creatine muscle building supplements.


Vitamins and minerals are the most important part of your diet and are quite essential to your body. The deficiency of adequate amount of vitamins can result in several diseases.

Sometimes, it may happen that the vitamins and minerals taken are not enough to make it through your body. At that time, multivitamins play a great role. These multivitamins aren’t enough for the healthy diet and you can’t just rely totally on these multivitamins for muscle building.

The cost for 300 Centrum tablets ranges from $6 to $1.50 depending on the pill choices. These muscle building supplements are affordable are way pure and perfect to give 100% results.


The compounds that absorb free radicals in our body are termed as Antioxidants. Free radicals are highly reactive and unstable due to the unpaired electron. Many serious health problems are caused by free radical oxidation.


These are majorly found in teas and can also be found in most juices. The best source of Polyphenols is green tea and can be taken in higher concentration in the pill form.

Vitamin E, C

Among the antioxidants Vitamin C and E are also included. These are not as powerful as the other forms of antioxidants.


These compounds are mostly found in the vegetables as carotenes and lycopenes and are an important group of antioxidants.

Essential Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids include Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids. These essential fatty acids can be taken from the fish sources. They can also be present in the flax seeds. Among all the essential fatty acids, Omega-3 is the most important ones and found rarely in nature. These forms of fatty acids can be present in fishes. You need to understand this tat peanut butter is rich in Omega-6 essential fatty acid.

The essential amino acids include eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), a-linolenic acid (ALA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). ALA is mostly found in the flax seeds. As far as EPA and DHA are concerned, both of these can be taken from the marine sources.

IT is important to note that the ALA’s must be converted to DHA and EPA just when it enters in your body. It is for this reason that the ALA is not as good as DHA and EPA. DHA and EPA are majorly found in the fish oil tablets.

If you’re in the search of best supplements, you should keep one thing in mind that essential fatty acids must be present in them. Among all the fatty acids, Omega-3 fatty acids take up the most part in muscle building supplements. There is a lot of information on the topic that the diet rich in Omega-3 is way healthier diet. You will not need any kind of steroids if you succeed in making your diet balanced and it must contain Omega-3 fatty acids.

Best Bodybuilding Supplements

Creatine Muscle Building Supplement Review for Best Results

Creatine Muscle Building Supplement Review for Best Results

Creatine is an organic acid which during the intense activity plays a role in supplying energy to the muscle cells. Creatine is mostly found in small quantities in the animal products as it is naturally produced by the body. Creatine is stored in the cells of muscles which help to produce ATP that is considered as the primary energy currency in the body. Creatine is not an important nutrient because our body can synthesize it by itself. As there is strong evidence that creatine can help to improve performance, so it’s the most widely used supplement and is also safe and healthy for most people. Additionally, beyond its ability to make a person faster and stronger, creatine also have so many other health promoting abilities.

Creatine in the Foods vs. Creatine muscle building Supplements:

In per kilogram of muscle, an average human body contains creatine between 3.5 and 4 grams. However, it can be capable of storing it up to 5 grams per kilogram. The idea behind supplementation is that you augment its benefits by saturating the body with Creatine. Food and Beef are the richest sources of Creatine and from these you can gain between 2 and 5 grams of Creatine per pound. Without supplementation, it is largely impractical for most people to try to reap the benefits of creatine because according to the most research on the benefits of Creatine is done on the dosages of 5 grams. Of course, before using the supplement, it’s all the potential risks should be weighed against its benefits. In order to receive the benefits of muscle building supplement, you should decide to use Creatine as a muscle builder.

Benefits of Creatine as a Muscle Building Supplement:

According to the extensive research on the safety and benefits of Creatine, some of the Creatine’s benefits are supported and some are not by research. Outside of the Performance and athletic setting creatine shows promise, but in these areas more research is needed. Some of the healthy benefits of Creatine as a muscle building supplement are given below:

  1. Healthy Increase in the size of Muscles: One of the major benefits of using Creatine is that one can show a positive and effective result in the size of muscles. The supplementation of Creatine causes a healthy increase in the water content of muscles and making them “larger”. This increase in the size of muscles is not due to the increase in the size of muscle fibers but actually Creatine over time Creatine can increase the real fat-free mass, as its power-boosting and strength properties allows a higher quality of training which further result in better gains.
  2. Improvement in the Athletic Performance: Another major benefit of taking Creatine – muscle building supplement is that when performing a high-intensity activity, the oral Creatine supplementation can make an athlete stronger and faster.
  3. Healthy Increase in the Muscle Protein Synthesis: Creatine can also to lift more weight as the muscle protein synthesis should also increase. Although, for muscle contraction, creatine simply itself can increase the ATP – available energy supply. Creatine itself cannot stimulate the protein synthesis.

Some Risks and Side Effects of Taking Creatine:

Creatine muscle building supplements should be safe and healthy when used by the healthy individuals. One of the major risks of using Creatine muscle building supplement or any supplement is the damage of liver and kidney. If you use Creatine supplements by following proper instructions than it is safe and good for your health. If your kidneys are already damaged than the use of Creatine supplement can damage them more.

As creatine will draw water into the cells of muscles then the dehydration is also concern with the supplementation. In order to protect yourself from dehydration, if you use creatine muscle building supplement drink as much water as you can. As with all supplements, due to the lack of impurities, regulation and toxins in a product are always a concern but buying a well-known and well-reputable brand can make this less of an issue.

Another side effect of taking creatine muscle building supplement is GI distress. Not “loading or taking Creatine with food or also using a form besides monohydrate may eliminate or lessen this reaction of Creatine. Again, for most people Creatine is very safe and healthy. In the early stages, liver and kidney diseases may not produce any symptoms nut when you plan using Creatine supplements it’s a good idea to have your doctor test your liver and kidney function.

Dosage and Recommendations while taking Creatine Supplements:

There are so many types of Creatine Supplements are available. You will see Creatine Ethyl Ester, Creatine monohydrate, Creatine AKG, Creatine hydrochloride and others if you look on the shelves of a supplement store. All of the well-designed studies, the oldest form is Creatine monohydrate and this has been the only compound used in essentially. This form of Creatine also happens to be the cheapest kind. In order to avoid the impurities and toxins in the product, the pharmaceutical grade product like Myogenix is a good option.

Before moving a maintenance phase of 2 to 5 grams per day, the users of Creatine often do a “loading phase” for 5 to 7 days of taking 20 grams throughout the day. To increase the rate research has shown this at which the muscles become saturated. However, to exert the positive effect of Creatine loading is not necessary. The presence of insulin can increase the amount of creatine in some models, which further absorbs into the muscles. Taking caffeine may lessen it.


With your post and pre workout shake, take 3 to 5 grams of creatine monohydrate. If you choose to load then for the 6 days take 5 grams 4 times per day which further followed by three grams per day, only when your doctor tells you about the healthy condition of your kidneys. Creatine muscle building supplement is healthy and effective for most people when taken properly and by following the complete instructions.

Best Bodybuilding Supplements

For Beginners- 5 Essential Muscle Building Supplement

For Beginners- 5 Essential Muscle Building Supplement

It is best to stick with those supplements that are supported by science, when it comes to supplements for beginners, both in terms of safety and efficacy. Here are some essential most suitable supplements gave below that are specifically for beginners. We all know that for the first time when people begin training they are impatient as equally as impressively enthusiastic. All they want the effective and quick results. There is a huge range of supplements available that may be effective, but they are not for the beginners.

In the order of importance, all the beginners who want muscle building supplements needs to just focus on three things which are:

  • Just focus on working hard.
  • Ensure that the training program you are using is a well-designed and geared towards your goals.
  • In order to ensure an appropriate nutrient balance, manipulate your diet and utilize the supplements that mainly help you to achieve this goal.

Best four Safe Muscle Building Supplements for Beginners:

  1. Protein – a healthy supplement: None can receive more attention when it comes to supplements than adding or increasing the amount of protein to your diet. Proteins are considered to be essential for strength and increase in muscle size even in the short term resistance training programs. Following benefits of proteins are:
  • Additional intake of protein leads to greater and effective improvement in strength and increase in a size of muscles.
  • Immediately before, after or even during your training session, drinking a rapidly digesting protein source will help to stimulate protein synthesis and, therefore, facilitate immediate recovery.
  • While taking protein, you also assume that you have a healthy kidney and liver and the main reason of that is you are not consuming poor quality fat sources, as a higher protein diet will help you to shed some fat.
  • People who are train hard report will eventually feel better when they take a protein synthesis.
  • While taking proteins, some other things to consider are:
  • Whey protein, a muscle building supplement is a healthy supplement and good for beginners as it digest rapidly and then enter your blood stream and “get to work” quickly. Casein protein is another muscle building supplement that digests more slowly and also has a time-release effect. Among both, Whey protein may be a better choice in your training session whereas Casein is an appropriate choice throughout the day if you need a quick protein and you don’t have enough time to cook.
  • According to the latest research, consuming the protein supplement before training is much better as compared to consuming after the training. Before you train, start consuming or make a shake and start sipping it, and continue drinking it during your session.
  • For high-quality protein sources from food, protein supplements are no replacement. Best food sources for proteins include various minerals that you won’t find a replacement, as they are essential for well-being.
  1. Greens: Green supplements are also best muscle building supplements for beginners as they help to minimize the negative effects of a diet that lack in vegetables and fruits. Notice, that green supplements can only minimize the damage as it couldn’t replace vegetables and fruits. According to the Academics within the field of nutrition will argue that all the minerals and vitamins you need from food, you can simply get all that from green supplements. Most of the people do not disagree with this, but few people do. Most of the people getting benefit from the green supplements on hand to pick up the slack.

Taking a daily dose of green muscle building supplements doesn’t have any downside in addition to a diet relatively rich in vegetables and fruits. An addition to the added vitamins will help to neutralize the PH of your blood and consuming a large amount of protein can make it more acidic.

  1. Fish Oils: Fish oil is considered to be the healthiest muscle building supplement especially for beginners. Fish oil is a super supplement and I don’t think there is a person in the world who cannot take a quality fish oil supplement. Fish oil supplement contains lots of anti-inflammatory effects. After taking few doses of fish oil, you may be surprised at how much better you feel in few weeks. According to the research, fish oil contains so many positive benefits from cardiovascular diseases from various form of cancer. They are also great for fat loss. It important to use high quality of fish oil muscle building supplements as using the lower quality ones can be high in mercury. Liquid fish oils are best and a good place to start fish oil is with 3 kg also combined with DHA and EPA.
  2. Creatine: Creatine is considered as one of the best muscle building supplements not only for beginners but also for all. It leads to greater strength and improvements in muscular size than training without it. For a wide variety of clinical and non-clinical populations, the benefits of Creatine have been noted. Most of the people ask questions about Creatine that is it suitable for teenagers or not? Some people think that if Creatine can be taken by someone under the age of 18, then it will lead to sudden death which is wrong as there is no scientific evidence proves the harmful effects of Creatine on teenagers.

If Creatine is taken in the recommended dosage, then there is no reason to believe that it may be harmful. With regards to dose, taking 25 to 30 g grams of Creatine for 5 to 6 days is effective or 5 grams per day is also sufficient.

The above all four muscle building supplements will definitely help beginners the most bang of their training buck. As all of them will greatly help you to feel energize and also allows to maximize your training potential but to create a stimulus worth adapting to, an effort is required so the best key is to keep training hard while taking the supplements.

Best Bodybuilding Supplements

How to choose the best protein muscle building supplement

How to choose the best protein muscle building supplement?

It’s a minefield out there when you try to look for the best protein muscle building supplement. Most of the people will suggest protein powders for as muscle building supplement. Here, we’ll guide you to choose the best one in all the muscle building supplements.

Is it okay to choose the muscle building supplement at first?

To be honest, protein supplements aren’t necessary for the healthy muscle building or fat loss. You can get all the benefits of protein from the sources of whole food if you give complete time and energy in preparing the real food every day. These may include nuts, eggs, cheese and sea foods. In this way, you’ll get to add more amino acids and proteins to your body.

In case, you don’t have access to these foods or you’re in a hurry, the protein supplements are amazingly useful at that time. These real foods don’t just take time in cooking and preparing but also in eating and cleaning the pots. Although, these muscle building supplements save you a lot of time, but it doesn’t mean that you’re going to take any kind of muscle building supplement available in your local health store. The desired fat loss or muscle gain cannot be gained by the protein powders that are unhealthy to your body.

When you’ll get to know the way to choose the best muscle building supplement then you’ll be able to experience the time saving and quick meal replacement that is able to add real protein into your muscles and helps in giving the best results in the gym.

Five important tips to choose the perfect muscle building protein supplement:

At first, most of the people go to their local health stores, pick any cheap brand and luckily it added the healthy amount of protein in their body. But soon most of the people will experience the side effects of these cheap supplements like pimples and acne on face, back, and neck. Digestive issues will also occur in some cases.

All these side effects were due to the reason that the powder contained unnecessary ingredients. Therefore, we should look for the supplement with the maximum benefits and least side effects. In order to avoid any bad protein powder, the following tips need to be followed.

  1. Prefer to choose unflavored protein powder:

As most of the protein supplements are full of sugar so most of them upset the stomach and cause skin breakouts. No matter whether they contain sucrose, fructose or maltodextrin they have no place in any protein powder because they all are artificial sugars. The best muscle building supplements do not contain artificial sugars and can be utilized by mixing it with coconut milk or berries to add much better and natural flavor.

  1. The label should contain only protein as an ingredient:

The only ingredient that the muscle building supplement contains should be solely the protein. If the protein supplement contains aspartame, maltodextrin, sucralose or sucrose then you must understand that it doesn’t belong to the muscle building purpose. Soy lecithin can also be a part of the ingredients as an emulsifier and sometimes guar gum too. If you want the best protein product then these things must not be in the product.

  1. Prefer whey isolate over all other types:

There are different types of protein powders available in the market like whey isolate, whey concentrate, casein protein, soy protein, and egg protein. The best muscle building supplement of protein is whey isolate. It is completely pure and is filtered to remove the lactose and fat. It also contains 90-94% of proteins that is the highest amount of protein in any supplement as compared to other forms. It can also remove all the digestive issues.

  1. The product should have complete profile of amino acid:

As we all know that amino acids are the most important part of a protein and its deficiency in your body can cause problems to the muscle functioning. The best muscle building supplement contains 18 of the total amino acids. The total content of amino acid should be 14g for each serving. For bulking, you need to add maximum amino acids as it makes 75% of your body.

  1. Focus on the cost of each serving:

As prices of the supplements vary from brand to brand so there is a lot more confusion in your mind that which brand is to choose. The best supplement should be affordable but not cheap. The average price for a balanced quality and affordability is $60 for a 5lb tub and $0.75 per serving.

Benefits of choosing the purest muscle building supplement:

When you succeed to choose the best and pure protein supplement, there arise questions in your mind about the benefits of the supplement you’re taking in. You will experience the following benefits if you choose the best protein muscle building supplement.

–   You will build better muscles:

You will be serving your muscles with the highest quality and purest protein if you choose a protein-rich source of whey. It will maximize the effects in building better muscles.

-   You will lose fat:

You will lose insulin spikes that cause fat retention as the best supplement doesn’t contain the junk and usual ingredients. You will experience more shedding of fat when you mix your powder with some organic coconut milk.

   You will feel better both internally and externally:

You will look healthier and brighter with less blotchy skin as the best protein supplement is without artificial sugar. For better effects, you can also take omega 3 fish oil. As there is very minimal lactose in whey isolates your gut will be more stable and healthier.

Recommendation of the best protein supplement:

Nothing adds as much power and muscles to your body NOW Pure Whey Protein Isolate. It has no artificial junk in it and is totally natural. It has only two ingredients that are whey isolate and soy lecithin. It is the most affordable muscle building protein and costs only $0.67 as per serving.

Best Bodybuilding Supplements

Muscle Building Supplements for Men over 40

Muscle Building Supplements for Men over 40

With specific goals in mind, these muscle building supplements have your name on them! And there are so many supplements that will help you regardless of your ability help you pack on the lean muscle mass. These give you what you need whether you’re intermediate, beginner or advanced. Here is the list of some right supplements that will help you to build some quality muscles…nothing more or nothing less!

Try to build your own muscle building stack. In order to support your daily muscle gain needs, the males over 40 progressive muscle building supplements has been designed in that way. Your general wellness and health supplements are covered with an essential fatty acids and multivitamins. Some healthy muscle building supplements especially for the men over 40 are:

Whey Protein – Healthy supplement for men over 40:

Protein is one nutrient that’s an absolute must in your diet. For your muscle tissues, and for healthy growth of muscles protein forms the building blocks so for your muscle to even exist, without the protein your body would lack a critical component that is needed. In the body, whey is one of the best-absorbed forms of protein even higher than the fish or chicken. The benefits of whey protein are so vast and effective.

  • Whey protein is convenient and easy to use.
  • It also helps to satisfy the cravings.
  • While training, it specifically helps to promote the strength gains of your body.
  • It is beneficial to promote the cardiovascular function.
  • It is effective for your immune system optimization.

Some of the best muscle building supplements that contain whey protein are:

  1. Gold Standard 100% Whey: This muscle building supplement, whey protein, contains 24 grams of proteins, 5.5 grams of Branched-Chain Amino Acids and 4 grams of Glutamic Acid and Glutamine. This muscle building supplement comes in almost 20 different flavors to choose from. It is also offered by world’s most trusted sports nutrition brand and also wins 10 consecutive years of Award Winning Quality. The bottle of 1Lb. Gold Standard 100% Whey is $14.98.
  2. Syntha-6: It is another best whey protein muscle building supplement that specifically supports the growth of muscles. It also helps to kick start the recovery process and also supports the muscle protein synthesis. Per bottle price of 2.91 Lbs Syntha-6 costs only &32.99. It is also available in so many flavors.

Multivitamins for Healthy Muscle Growth:

The best investment one can make in supplementing their diet and exercise is Multivitamins. Essentially for all various functions in the body Multivitamins encourage the efficiency. Deficiency of any one Vitamin in the body can result in a multiplier effect which simply means that missing any one vitamin can affect negatively in your multiple body functions. The benefits of Multivitamins are:

  • It can help to fast the metabolism for everyone who is trying to lose their fat.
  • It is also beneficial for the healthy immune system function.
  • It is also healthy for the strong bones and tissues.
  • It is also effective for daily body maintenance.
  • For the repair and muscle building, it is also healthy and efficient.

Some best multivitamins muscle building supplements include:

  1. Opti-Men: Optimum Nutrition’s Opti-Men is a healthy and complete Nutrition Optimization system that can provide 75+ active ingredients in it. It also contains high-potency minerals and vitamins. It is now available with 5x more Vitamin D and 275+ MG of B Complex Vitamins. The tablets of Multivitamin muscle building supplement Opti-Men are easier to swallow and it contains 1000 MG of amino acids in the key free-form. Its price per bottle is $15.99 which contains 90 tablets.
  2. Men’s One Energy Multivitamin: It is one of the preferable muscles building supplement that give you a healthy heart support and immune function, contains energy B complex and also gentle on the stomach. Especially for men over 40, it is targeted as an iron-free multivitamin with 800 mcg folic acid that helps to support heart health. Its cost per bottle of 30 tablets is $11.18 and bottle of 90 tablets cost $19.97.

Casein – Effective for Muscle Building:

Casein is effective for the growth of healthy muscles as it supports long-term muscle building, as you go about your day, it helps to keep your muscles happy. For your post-workout shake, whey isolate protein is ideal but when you are not training micellar casein protein is one of the top choices for repair around the clock. The benefits of Casein are:

  • It fights against catabolism.
  • It is preferable for long term muscle repair and protein absorption.
  • It is also beneficial for the development of lean muscles.

One of top and best Casein muscle building supplements is:

  1. Platinum Tri-Celle Casein: It is considered to be the top-ranked muscle building supplement as it is the pinnacle of our slow-digesting protein lineup. It is specially combined with the micellar casein molecules into a structure that approximately triple its average size. For lasting lean muscle support, these super size molecules form an ultra-thick gel that digested and absorbed after several hours, providing the sustained release amino acid delivery. In per serving of Platinum Tri-Celle Casein, it contains 60% DV which is an excellent source of calcium as these tablets are milk protein Hydrolysates. It also contains Anti-Catabolic Muscle Support. The price of Platinum Tri-Celle Casein bottle of 25 servings is $39.75. It is also available in two flavors that are chocolate Decadence and Vanilla Bliss.
  2. Elite Casein: Elite Casein is a healthy muscle building supplement that sustained release over the extended periods of time. It contains 5 grams of Branched-Chain Amino Acids and 25 grams of 100% Micellar Casein. The tablets of Elite Casein taste better and also mix easier. It is available in so many flavors. The price of its one bottle is $29.56.

These are some of the best and top muscle building supplements that are especially beneficial and effective for the men over 40.

Best Bodybuilding Supplements