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Top 10 Biggest Natural Bodybuilders in the World | biggest natural bodybuilder

If you’re looking for an article about the biggest natural bodybuilders in the world, then this is it. Many people want to know what the biggest natural bodybuilder looks like and that’s why we created this list of the 10 biggest natural bodybuilders in the world!

All right, so here are the rankings of the 10 biggest natural bodybuilders in the world. Ranked from largest to smallest they are:

Top 10 Biggest Natural Bodybuilders in the World

  1. Donte Franklin
  2. Simeon Panda
  3. Ron Williams
  4. Sadik Hadzovic
  5. Jamie Alderton
  6. Steve Cook
  7. Mike Thurston
  8. Anton Antipov
  9. Rob Riches
  10. Ryan Terry

Donte Franklin

biggest natural bodybuilders

Donte Franklin

Donte Franklin is a genetic freak with his muscle-building DNA being 1 in million. If he were to take steroids and get shredded to the bone, Donte would give any Mr. Olympia competitor a run for their money because of how ripped natty arms are as well as thick pecs that many believe make up one’s midsection

Franklin also has an awesome chest upfront which makes him look even more muscular than what you see on TV or magazines where they usually only focus around your backside area.

Donte is one of the biggest natural bodybuilders in this industry. He competes at both INBA and NANBF, which are two federations that conduct thorough testing throughout their respective seasons to catch any potential steroid users.

At 18 years old, Donte was already a hefty size. Proving that he’s been born with the genetics to be huge!

Simeon Panda

natural bodybuilders

Simeon Panda

Simeon Panda is one of the best natural bodybuilders on earth, and at 16 he already had a mighty physique. He doesn’t grow much after this though; it’s all about dieting for him now to get shredded! Consequently, Simeon has landed several lucrative sponsorship deals (including MyProtein).

He’s a natural bodybuilder who never reached new muscle mass through sudden increases in training. His gains have been slow and steady, which makes him even more believable as someone with exceptional genetics for building quality lean tissue!

Ron Williams

biggest natural bodybuilders

Ron Williams

Ron Williams is arguably the most decorated natural bodybuilder in history. He’s been on stage at more than 250 competitions, from being Mr. Natural World to Mr. Universe and everything else! Here are just a few titles:

  • 7-time Mr. Natural Olympia
  • 7-time Mr. Natural Universe
  • 7-time Natural World
  • Hall of Fame Inductee (2008)

Sadik Hadzovic

natural bodybuilders

Sadik Hadzovic

Sadik is a big boy. Every year he gets shredded for the Mr. Olympia Men’s Physique category, showing one of the best V-tapers the world has seen. Before modeling, he was a model and was pretty much as big as he is now. If Sadik was taking steroids, surely he would have gained weight since switching to bodybuilding?

The proof that this person has not taken steroids is that he has not changed his body.

Jamie Alderton

biggest natural bodybuilders

Jamie Alderton

Jamie Alderton is a natural bodybuilder from England. He’s sponsored by Grenade, a supplement company. Jamie already had exceptional muscularity at 13 years old.

BNBF and Musclemania are the two federations that do natural bodybuilding. They test for drugs at random times so you might get caught if you take steroids.

Steve Cook

natural bodybuilders

Steve Cook

Many natural bodybuilders do not look as good without a shirt. It is like they are swollen. But Steve Cook is an exception. He does not need a shirt to show his muscles off, and we can see how defined his biceps are even if he wears a loose t-shirt.

Steve was always very muscular in high school when he played American football, and he hasn’t gained any size since. Steve is good at dieting and can lower his body fat %, rather than adding muscle.

Mike Thurston

biggest natural bodybuilders

Mike Thurston

Mike started to build muscle before he even got to Grade 4. At 10 years old, he already had muscles and sizes that were bigger than most other kids his age. It was clear that if he kept developing at the same rate, he would become a strong person.

Without taking steroids, he grew bigger. This helped him become a successful natural bodybuilder.

Anton Antipov

biggest natural bodybuilders

Anton Antipov

Anton Antipov is a model and bodybuilder. He competed in competitions that have the letters “NPC” and “IFBB”. He’s won many of these. Anton started lifting weights when he was in 2004. He also began to eat more food.

Anton has genes that are good for packing on muscle. Even though he wasn’t eating much food, he was still more muscular than 99% of other people who work out.

Rob Riches


Rob Riches

Many people heard that Rob had failed a drug test. They thought that he was using steroids. But all the evidence says he is not.

At age 21, Rob signed up for LA Muscle. Now he is as big as before. He didn’t gain many sizes. One of the signs that someone is a natural bodybuilder is if they don’t grow much after their first growth spurt at the gym.

Rob is a dedicated and knowledgeable bodybuilder. He shares his workout routines on social media to help others.

Ryan Terry

biggest natural bodybuilders

Ryan Terry

Ryan Terry is a sponsored athlete for Gymshark, USN and the Arnold Classic Men’s Physique Champion.

He hasn’t failed any drug tests during his time with the UKBFF or any other organization.


Many people these days can build their muscles without the use of steroids. You need to work hard and train for many years, and then you can also get good results without using steroids.

If you want to have the same effects of bodybuilding, then use a steroid alternative called D-Bal. It gives the same effects as the steroid Dianabol but it does not give any negative side effects.

Exercising: how hard could it be to keep up?

Most people believe it is hard to find enough courage to start exercising which is partially true. But the harder part comes once you actually start doing it. The harder part is making it your regular habit instead of a one time thing.

It is gathering up enough guts to leave your bed each morning or take time out off your busy afternoons. So how hard could it really be to keep up the training sessions and what exactly is required to stay on schedule?

The key to success:

The key to success are the five simple steps that can help you tick off all your goals and make a difference in your body. These five steps also help you to stay motivated instead of losing track and excusing yourself out of exercise routines or diet plans.

Do remember, once you have started, you have taken a step forward and it will only help if you keep moving forward. Stopping in the middle of the path is never an option so read about the five most important steps that can keep you motivated. IF you simply follow the below mentioned steps, you can go far in achieving your ideal body.

Step 1: Setting a target

The most important requirement to get yourself motivated is to have full knowledge about what exactly you want. But it just does not start there, instead you need to realize what is wrong with your current physique and figure if anything.

If you want a change in your body then you need to question yourself why exactly are you looking for that change. Asking yourself why you want to change a certain thing in your appearance can be very depressing but it is the only way to set a target for your future transformation.

If you do not like how lean your muscles and body is then you need to find a way to grow them into shape. And if you think you are too bulky and lack a proper body physique then you need to find a way to cut some muscle mass. This is how you decide what exactly your target is at the end of your struggles and fights.

Step 2: Making a plan

Now to start with a plan, you require a lot of things including some people that can help keeping a check on you. Making a schedule for your training routine or setting up a diet plan is the easier part and as mentioned earlier, following it through becomes hard especially if you lead a lazy lifestyle and busy daily life.

So to have some people on your team who can ask you and hold you accountable for your training sessions can really help you in following through the plan. You will also be required to make a proper timetable for your scheduled training session and make sure it is somewhere between the times where you are always free and have no other business to look after. You should also be fully fresh and rested at that time which is why most people prefer working out in the morning rather than the night.

Step 3: Deciding the right kind of nutrition

The worst mistake most people make in their lives is imagining they could get somewhere with their training sessions even if they are not following a proper diet. But if you are not giving your body what it exactly requires while building muscles or losing fat then how can you expect it to transform? If you have set a proper target for yourself then this step becomes very much easier.

If you are looking for gaining weight and muscle mass then internet can guide you through and if you are hoping to do the exact opposite, even then is internet and millions of websites at your service. This way through thorough research, you can build up your own diet plan that you can follow through your body transformation journey.

Step 4: Choosing an exercise routine

Now most people prefer choosing and deciding specific days to target specific muscles in their bodies while others prefer targeting all the muscles in one routine. You probably heard people talking about being happy on their legs day or very sad on their arms day and you probably wondered what the heck they were discussing.

This is because they have allotted specific days to train the specific muscles groups of their body. But in contraindication, some people believe that the better way is to target is each muscle every day through the combine and complex exercises.

We recommend you to find the combination that best suits your lifestyle and habits. There is no proper rule here.

Step 5: Choosing the right supplements

There are a million companies available in markets nowadays that are selling various types of steroids and supplements. Even though in the end you are the one to decide which you would prefer but it is essential to have full knowledge about all the legal steroids supplements available in the market. Anabolic steroids have been available in the market for a very long time but people have discovered many issues with the usage. The basic and biggest disadvantage is that all anabolic steroids are illegal to use and the FDA has banned its use among people especially athletes and sportsmen.

The illegality has caused their price to go higher and they are awfully expensive and rare to be found in the market. Now what happens is that people are trying to sell them illegally and very discreetly which affects the quality of the product. Out of 100 sellers, only 5 would be selling you the original high quality product while other would be selling you fake and placebos in the name of actual anabolic steroids. So what is the other option?

Legal steroids:

Fortunately for us, so many companies have started making legal steroids for the use and they come with absolutely no side effects as compared to the old anabolic steroids. For instance, Crazy Bulk is producing various products for females and males to help them gain muscle and stay motivated to their exercises routine. Winsol is available in the market market for the use by the females where as the other products are D-Bal, Anvarol, and Trenorol for the male.


Once you have been motivated enough to start exercising, do not think you have accomplished everything. The biggest challenge is to continue the routine and keep it in your life forever. This can be arranged by being organized and making notes with schedules.

It also helps to involve some people in your plans that could help you stay motivated. Also, the best way to attain the maximum amount of motivation is to observe the effects of exercising and eating clean on your body. You will definitely start to see the change in your body in as less as 2 weeks especially if you are using legal steroids.

Legal steroids are the best option nowadays and companies like Crazy Bulk are producing some amazing products like D-Bal and Anvarol. They have also products like Winsol that can be used by women as well. The legal steroids can help you achieve your goals faster than ever and keep you motivated to continue training and exercising. And the last thing, keep being proud of the change you see in your body as there is nothing that can motivate you more than that.

How to Gain Weight and Muscle?

How to Gain Weight and Muscle?

Gaining weight and lean muscle mass has become a popular health trend. Everyone desires to have a completely fit and toned body. Now, the trend of being skinny has faded away. People wish to have a body in shape with right amount of muscles at every part.

There have been many exercises introduced till the date to gain weight and increase muscle size. Besides that, many diet charts are proposed by nutritionists to gain weight promptly. But these two cannot help in gaining weight and achieving fitness goals quickly. There has to be something else which should be extra ordinary, to serve the purpose.

The presentation of steroids by science has made both purposes to be accomplished simultaneously. By adding supplements to your diet, you can surely gain weight and lean muscle mass at a much more improved speed.

Another question lies here that which steroids are actually good for gaining weight as well as good for your health. Because most of the steroids may provide benefits to gain mass but can cause some serious side effects to your body.

Anabolic Steroids and their Effects

Anabolic steroids are the ones which are considered illegal to use and cause many dangerous effects to your health. Therefore, we should avoid or minimize the use of these steroids. One more drawback of these supplements is that it is completely banned in some countries which make its availability difficult. Here are some of the anabolic steroids that are widely used by the body builders and athletes regardless of their side effects. There is no doubt that these steroids are very beneficial and can help you gain lean muscle mass.

  • Dianabol:

It is an anabolic drug used to gain weight and lean muscle mass. This steroid is considered as the best steroid that helps gain lean muscle mass. But this well-known steroid has many side effects associated with it. Many people feel they lose a lot of gains after its usage, but almost all weight lost during and after usage is the body ridding itself of the excess water. Dianabol aromatizes so it is absolutely vital to have an aromatize inhibitor such as Aromasin to prevent gynecomastia. Testosterone suppression is another great side effect of this drug. This is why many choose to run an injectable form of testosterone with it. Dianabol should not be used by women as the masculine characteristic side effects are more likely to be experienced and can be permanent. The three cardiovascular harms it causes are: high blood pressure, high LDL cholesterol and low LDL cholesterol levels.

  • Anavar:

Anavar is classified as a steroid and it is typically prescribed to people who need help gaining weight. Anavar side-effects includes natural testosterone suppression; however, it is true the total suppression is much less than some of the more potent anabolic steroids such as say Nandrolone or Trenbolone.  For female athletes the use of anabolic steroids like Anavar, can be very dangerous as serious virilisation effects can attack their very femininity. Virilisation can lead to body hair growth, deepening of the vocal cords, balding, clitoral enlargement and alteration of facial structure. By and large most anabolic steroids like this one will have this nasty effect on women and for this reason most anabolic steroids should never be touched by a female athlete if she desires to hold on to her feminine nature.

  • Deca Durabolin:

It helps to build muscles, increases red blood cells, increases the appetite and improves bone density. There are many potential side effects when taking this steroid. Taking a lower dose can help to avoid most of them. It causes a sensation of pain where injected. The blood pressure is increased by its usage. More acne or rashes may occur and the skin can become oily. There may occur many libido changes. And the presence of fats within the blood can increase. These only occur in men: breast and penile enlargement, sperm not forming properly, erections become painful, testicle atrophy and in some cases, impotence. The mentioned side effects are only noted in women: voice changes, irregular/absent periods, male characteristic development, enlargement of the clitoris etc. These Deca Durabolin side effects do not disappear as soon as you stop taking the anabolic steroid.

There is no doubt that anabolic steroids have many side effects but they have benefits due to which athletes and body builders are bound to use them. They want quick gains in lean muscle mass and for that they use these steroids and if they won’t use them the only question that arise in their mind is how to gain weight and muscle mass?

Legal Steroids and their Effects:

Keeping in view the side effects of anabolic steroids, manufacturers came up with the alternates of these steroids. These alternates are manufactured using the best natural ingredients and are safe to use. They only help you get the benefits of anabolic steroids and all the side effects are neglected. Now body builders and athletes can gain weight and increase lean muscle mass by the usage of legal supplements. These are specifically designed to enhance the muscle size and provide stamina and endurance to the body. But the most advantageous thing is that all of these benefits are provided without any side effects at all. Here are some of the legal supplements that can help you gain weight and muscle mass without any side effects:


If you are looking to gain the benefits of Dianabol without the potentially harmful side effects, d-bal could be the answer. This great Dianabol alternative offered has gained an incredible reputation over the years. It is promoted as helping you to achieve unprecedented gains in strength, muscle size and stamina. It works by increasing nitrogen retention within the tissues of the muscles which in turn helps with protein synthesis. This is responsible for the fast size and strength results. Not only does it provide speedy results, but it also helps to increase lean muscle mass, promote optimal blood flow when you’re exercising and it can also really help to boost drive and focus. It comes in pill form so is very easy to take and you won’t need a prescription to get it. Of course, there is also the fact that it is 100% legal, unlike actual Dianabol. d-bal is one of the best selling products of crazybulk and is widely used for weight and muscle gain.


Due to ability to generate maximum muscle mass without putting the body at a risk of increased body fats, it soon became a household name in the gym world. It is a great alternate to Anavar which is an anabolic supplement causing many harmful effects. anvarol is formulated to boost strength. However, what makes it so special is the fact that the steroid is based upon Anavar. Anavar is known for great results, it means that anvarol is also fantastic for burning subcutaneous and visceral fat and also retaining lean muscle. Soy protein concentrate is a renowned bodybuilding ingredient that is indeed very popular. It is packed with all the important amino acids needed for best muscle growth. The great ingredient is available in abundant quantity in anvarol. The steroid also boosts physical performance and also improves muscle tone. This is the 2nd best selling product of crazybulk. This product is used during the cutting cycle as it helps in retaining the lean muscle mass while you are getting rid of your extra fats.


decaduro is a powerful anabolic supplement that was formulated specifically to help increase muscle mass, speed recovery after a workout, and to help ease joint pain by increasing collagen synthesis. It is a supplement that can have both androgenic and anabolic effects making it a much more complete supplement. The blend of natural ingredients can promote everything from muscle growth to nitrogen retention and collagen production giving your body the tools to maximize the gains from your workouts. The legal supplement is the alternate of Deca Durabolin. Using this legal steroid does not convert testosterone to oestrogen, increase cholesterol/triglyceride levels, or suppress testosterone levels. It is also not toxic to liver or kidneys. It also resists water retention and eliminates intra-cellular bloating. It is completely safe to adopt this special legal steroid to achieve your fitness goals easily.

Where to Buy Legal Steroids?

You may have got the answer about how to gain weight and muscle, but now you may be thinking from where to get these legal steroids? Will they be legal? Will they provide the same benefits as mentioned? The answer to all these questions is crazybulk.

crazybulk is one of the best manufacturers of these legal steroids. They have formulated these legal steroids after years of research. crazybulk is an approved company from FDA and all their products are legal and safe to use. Here are some of the benefits of buying legal steroids from crazybulk.

  • All their products are legal.
  • They are safe to use.
  • They are in the tablet form, which means they are taken orally.
  • There is no need of using injections or needles while you are using their products.
  • All their products are the best alternates of anabolic steroids.
  • You can buy their product without prescription.
  • Their products are only available on their official website.

So, try these legal steroids today and after few weeks of use, you will get the answer of your question “how to gain weight and muscle”.

Most Popular Muscle Building Supplements

Most Popular Muscle Building Supplements

You can simply add muscles by weight lifting and eating right, without any doubt. But the supplements are required in order to truly maximize the growth and potential of your body. Hence, we have compiled a rundown of best and most popular muscle building supplements on which to spend your hard-earned cash. The list of best known and most popular muscle building supplements are given below:

  1. Whey Protein Powder for Muscle Growth: Whey Protein is one of the best-known muscle building supplements as for pushing the protein synthesis is the most crucial. Whey contains a high level of branched chain amino acids as it is a milk protein. As whey digests fast and gets to your muscle rapidly to begin the muscle building so that’s why it takes the crown. It also contains small proteins called peptides that help to increase the flow of blood in the muscles. It is beneficial to consume whey protein right after the training.

How to get benefits from its effects: In the 30 minutes before working out take 20 grams of whey protein powder and within the 60 minutes after training take almost 40 grams of whey protein. In order to kick start your muscle growth, take 20 to 40 grams of whey protein powder immediately upon waking every morning. Whey powder that contains protein synthesis is your best bet to choose or whey protein is isolated.

  1. Casein Protein Powder for muscle building: Casein is another popular and best known muscle building supplement as due to its very slow digestion rate it has always played a second fiddle. Because it prevents catabolism so this makes it ideal as a pre-bedtime snack while you sleep by emptying slowly and steadily. It is also one of the great snacks for those who want to pack on muscle mass as Casein makes you feel less full. It is most of the time suggested that a Casein or Whey shake immediately taken after training helps to increase the growth of muscles better than either protein shake alone.

Benefits of Casein: Always prefer the Casein protein that contains the slowest digesting Casein, micellar Casein and right before going to bed take 20 to 40 grams of it. Right after the workout, in your whey protein add 10 to 20 grams of Casein. You can also add 20 to 40 grams of Casein in your protein shakes between meals.

  1. Creatine Supplement: Creatine, a most popular muscle building supplement made from three amino acids which are glycine, arginine, and methionine. A scientific study shows that those guys who take Creatine can gain body weight up to 10 pounds or more and it also dramatically increases their strength. Creatine can work in a number of beneficial ways like it is only that increases the amount of fast energy in your muscles and helps you to perform reps in the gym. This muscle building supplement also allows you to do more reps with a given weight by allowing you to get stronger and bigger in the long run. In your muscle cells, Creatine also draws more water and placing a stretch on the cell that helps you to increase the growth of long-term. Like a growth factor-1 (IGF – 1) in muscles, Creatine has found to increase the levels of insulin, which for the stimulating growth is very critical.

Positive Effects of Creatine: Immediately before workout, take 2 to 5 grams of Creatine in the form of Creatine Malate, Creatine monohydrate, Creatine alpha-ketoglutarate or Creatine Ethyl Ester with your protein shake. Apart from muscle building, it will help to keep your muscles saturated and producing more energy which is needed to perform more reps. with your post-workout protein shake, consume another 2 to 5 grams of Creatine. Take 2 to 5 grams of Creatine also with a breakfast that contain carbohydrates, on those days when you don’t train.

  1. BCAAS – Branched-Chain Amino Acids: Branched-Chain Amino Acids are great muscle building supplements especially for building and repairing the muscle tissues. This term Branched-Chain Amino Acids also refers to isoleucine, Leucine and Valine which are one of the most important amino acids. A research shows that Leucine is the most critical amino acid among all as it can muscle protein synthesis on its own. It better to take all three amino acids as work in synergy to provide you a multitude of benefits like increased energy during the workouts, growth of muscles, the blunting growth of Cortisol and decreased delayed-onset muscle soreness.

How to maximize its Benefits: With your breakfast, take 5 to 10 grams of Branches-Chain Amino Acids, a muscle building supplement. Also take the same quantity in your post and pre workout protein shakes. Go for those Branched-Chain Amino Acids products that can provide a ratio of 2:1 Leucine per dose of Valine and Isoleucine. The best example to understand this is, if you take a 5 gram of this supplement, and then take 2.5 grams from Leucine, 1.25 grams from Valine and grams from Isoleucine.

  1. Beta-Alanine or Carnosine: Here is another example of the best known muscle building supplement named as Beta-Alanine or Carnosine. The amino acid beta-Alanine is always combined with other amino, histidine to form Carnosine in the body. According to the research, our muscles have more endurance and strength when they have higher levels of Carnosine. Carnosine has the ability to increase the muscle fibers which can further contract with more force and without fatiguing to do so longer. Some studies also show that Beta-Alanine can increase the muscle power and strength also. One recent study shows that, those who take Beta-Alanine or Carnosine along with Creatine can lose more body fat and gain more muscles as compare to those who take Beta-Alanine alone.

Positive Effects of Beta-Alanine: Immediately before and after workout, take 1 to 2 grams of Beta-Alanine or Carnosine in addition to your Creatine and shakes. With your breakfast, take 2 grams of Beta-Alanine along with Creatine on your non-workout days.

Best Bodybuilding Supplements