When it comes to the strength of bones, calcium is the most important mineral among all others. It is one of the most abundant mineral in our bodies. It has been estimated that approximately 99% of calcium is found in our bones and teeth while the rest is found in the soft tissues and blood. Our blood wouldn’t clot and the nerves would stop carrying the messages in the absence of even 1% of calcium in our blood or soft tissues. It plays an important role in the nerve impulses and maintains a positive electrolytic or mineral balance by triggering the muscle contractions. This function of calcium helps a lot in the prevention of muscle cramping.

Calcium is present in many foods we eat like dark green vegetables, dairy products, grains, nuts and sardines. In the deficiency of abundant calcium in your body, the bones of your body will break and will ensure the proper functioning of your body. In case this weakness of bones prolonged, you will have to suffer from osteoporosis and that is the brittleness of bones.

Calcium plays an important role in enhancing the muscle recovery and improving the joint health. It may also control the blood pressure by promoting a healthy cholesterol level.

In case you’re supplementing, it is recommended to take one of the most readily absorbed forms of calcium; calcium citrate. It is best to take 500-1500mg of calcium trice daily. Calcium may also lead to bloating, constipation or gas if taken in higher amounts (over 2500mg).

You should consult your doctor before taking calcium if you have been a patient of hyperparathyroidism, kidney stones or any kidney disease. When on antibiotics, a person must used caution as it competes both for the absorption and may reduce the drug effectiveness.

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