British dragon steroids

British dragon steroids

Some of the well known anabolic steroid labs are quality vet, morning star, denkall and pro pharm. But the most famous one, which have no comparison, is the British dragon steroids. Many anabolic steroid users have made British dragon steroid their brand, because of their popularity. British dragon was a quality underground brand but it became famous because of their good quality products.

The history of British dragon steroid:

British Dragon was steroid manufacturer operating in Pattaya, Thailand founded in 1999. The powders they used to make their steroids were acquired from Chinese market and over a short period of time British steroids dominated the market. In 2008 the British dragon steroid were arrested and the operation was over; plain and simple but a story that has been told many times over.

New British dragon steroids:

After the British dragon steroids there were many hosts producing these steroids but those were not as good. There is a new lab that claims to be new BD organization. They produce very amazing original products; they have very much credibility but it not the original BD line. They have a new logo. New label but they are not as good as the old British steroid manufactured years ago.

Original British dragon steroids:

When you’ll search about BD you’ll come across many suppliers that claim to be BD. The original British dragon steroids do not exist now so don’t get fooled. The facts are:

  • BD was shut down in 2008
  • BD owners/manufacturers were arrested
  • BD owners/manufactures were jailed

From these facts we get to know that the ones who tell you that they sell original British dragon steroids they are lying to you. The original British dragon steroid does not exist now.

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