Guide to Bodybuilding Review

A Complete Bodybuilding Program for Both Male / Female Trainers and Contestants


A Review of Guide to Bodybuilding and Contest Preparation Course

If you participate in bodybuilding contests and you are interested in improving your results, you definitely need to purchase Guide to Bodybuilding and Contest Preparation.

The over 340 pages is also addressed to those who are at the beginning of their career and to trainers looking for the best personal trainer certification guide.

This amazing expert package is also for anyone dreaming of a toned, muscular body can use the impressive amount of information it contains.

This is a complete course on how to get the most out of muscle building training, a perfect combination of theory, research and practice.

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Its authors are Richard Hargreaves and Wayne McDonald

The former won the Australian bodybuilding championship and the supreme title of Mr. Australia…

He currently owns a muscle growth supplements company and a member of panel of bodybuilding judges for numerous bodybuilding contests.

The latter is a pioneer in the field of muscle growth research. More than 3 decades ago, he published a study on the subject that brought him into the spotlight.

He is currently the vice-president of an international association promoting bodybuilding through natural methods.

What Is Guide to Bodybuilding and Contest Preparation All about?

The course is structured in five parts, the last one aiming to help users verify the knowledge they have assimilated throughout the Best Bodybuilding Program Coursefirst four.

Here is what the first four parts cover:

  • Part One

Deals with the psychological and technical preparation of professional bodybuilders for contests.

It also presents different types of body constructions, the best bodybuilding diet plans (for the 3 major body types) and nutritional supplements for muscle growth.

  • Part Two

Part 2 presents the principles based on which the panel of bodybuilding judges appreciates the quality of participants’ muscular mass during bodybuilding contests.

It also includes useful tips on how to impress on the stage and what poses are most appreciated.

  • Part Three

Part 3 includes useful advice on how participants can enhance their appearance for the contest, like how to properly take care of their skin and choose the right costume for the scene.

  • Part Four

Part 4 covers the regulations bodybuilding contests have to follow. The final lesson describes the methods used in testing the participants for drug use.

Bodybuilding Certification Course

The Pros & Cons?

This course is extremely interesting, covering subjects and providing information that are not included in the other materials available on the market.

It is based on years of research and experience, and reliable, judging by the background and reputation of the authors.

Two Special FREE Bonuses

This humongous course comes as a printed Book – and also accompanies by extremely valuable bonuses in CD-Rom format.

The first bonus covers what you need to know about injuries in sport and how to avoid them…

The second bonus is a comprehensive nutritional table, that covers diet for the three main body types. Also the nutritional table is a great direction for male and female users.

These two bonuses combined further create a comprehensive and efficient solution for those who know what they want.


It is over 300-page physical book that will be shipped directly to you (plus the two FREE bonuses) – and contain every secret there is to know to succeed in the world of bodybuilding – for men and women!

Therefore, if you’re looking for just an aspect of muscle and fitness, then this course isn’t for you…

Suite of Life Changing Success Stories

Hundreds of professional bodybuilders and reputed trainers testify to its efficiency, and the reviews it has received are overwhelmingly positive, as it is to be expected give the author’s success and reputation.

Amazing Guide For Women Bodybuilders

This guide also cover all various aspect of building secrets that has been helping women to take their careers to greater heights.

The success story of Heidi Jubber, a Personal Trainer & Competitor based in Australia is captivating,

“…I have studied the book and I now feel confident to tweak my own contest preparation… with this course I will also be able to guide future competitors in the right way.”

Generally bodybuilding trainers have been able to enrich and perfect their methods.

In the same vein, professional bodybuilders will receive all the information and advice they need to make it big.

And beginners will receive all the guidance they need to succeed and avoid common pitfalls while moving in the right track to glory.

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Bodybuilding Certification Course

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