Best known Fitness Tips for Women to score your Body

Best known Fitness Tips for Women to score your Body

In order to score healthy and fit body, here are the best-known fitness tips for women given that are helpful for every woman to stay smart, and healthy.

Stick on your exercise plan for at least 2 weeks:

First fitness tip for women to stay fit is that to stick on your exercise routine for at least 14 days if motivation is your hang-up. According to the university of Florida study, people were more likely to stick to their plans that modified their workouts twice a month as compared to those who changed their plans whenever they wanted to change it. Boredom is not the factor of this; it simply seems that people enjoy variety in their routine.

Try to bring up your rear:

According to the Miami-based strength and conditioning coach and exercise psychologist, Marta Montenegro recommends completing KettleBell swings nonstop 100 times a day with a moderate weight at the end of legs workout. Do hip thrusters and dead lifts, if you can’t get access to a KettleBell. When women think that they are working the butt, they tend to overemphasize the quadriceps. You will have no problem engaging the posterior muscles and glutes with these two exercises.

Never ever skip your most important Meal:

This time, we are not talking about the breakfast, breakfast is important, but the recovery meal after a workout is more important than breakfast. Most of the women skip post exercise nutrition just because the calories they just burned, they don’t want to undo it. This was said by the vice president of nutrition and research for core performance and athlete performance, Amanda Carson-Phillips. Within the 30 minutes of your workout, getting a combination of protein 10 to 15 grams and carbohydrates 20 to 30 grams will help to refuel your body, amp up your energy, promotes healthy muscle recovery and build a leaner physique.

Always try to be less specific:

Trying to reach an exact weight is often unattainable and lofty goal just like try to find a guy who meets exactly according to your standards. According to the latest study of published in the Journal of Consumer Research, having a range to lose 5 to 10 pounds leads to a more successful outcome as compared to the aim of losing precisely 8 pounds in four weeks. The study of authors says that all the flexible goals seem to be more feasible, which can further help to boost the sense of encouraging you to stay driven and accomplished to tour goals.



Step it Up with Running:

When running in wintry conditions, instinct may tell you to slow down, but actually the secret to not slipping is to shorten and speed up your stride. The owner of Active at Altitude and Colorado-based facility for endurance athletes, Terry Chiplin says; try to have an aim of striking each foot 90 times per minute on the ground. This high cadence helps to ensure you that rather than ahead of your weight, each foot lands beneath the center of your weight which on the slick terrain can throw off your balance.

Hang yourself tightly:

It doesn’t mean you should not step up to the bar if you are not being able to do a pull-up. Montenegro says, simply hanging on for as much as long as possible for you can help to improve the strength for your upper-body. You just have to concentrate on keeping your body as much still as possible for you, you will naturally recruit your hips, abs, and lower back in addition to your arms. In order to engage your abs further, slowly move your legs up and down or in circles.

Juice Cleanse Diet – Not so Fast:

Before starting a juice cleanse diet, know that it may backfire drastically restricting your calorie intake to drop pounds. Women can place on a diet of 1200 calorie in 2010 for three weeks which further had elevated the levels of cortisol that is the primary stress hormones. With this, a chronic stress has been associated with the high and increased risk of heart diseases as well as weight gain, diabetes, hypertension, impaired immune functioning and even cancer.

You have to pep up your Run:

As we all know that sweet chili peppers are not a winter food but continue eating these sweet chili peppers in the form of stir fries, burritos and soups may help you to burn more fat during the runs of outdoor cold weather. Capsinoids is a chemical that is found in these not-hot veggies which are similar to the capsaicin that is found in hot peppers. With 63 degrees or cooler temps, combine Capsinoids, this will allow to increase the activity and amount of brown fat cells and these cells burn energy and give an extra boost to your metabolism.

Refresh your Muscles and your Breath:

An important fitness tips for women is to consider, in your pre-workout drinks or snacks, including a peppermint that allows freshens-up your muscles as well as your breath. According to the study which is published in the Journal of the International Society of men can drink 2 cups of water which is mixed with 0.05 that is a drop of peppermint oil mixed in that water and then ran on a treadmill in order to test their power and stamina. The mint in water helps to boost oxygen to muscles and brain, relax your muscles, leading to improving your overall performance and elevate pain threshold.

Be True to Form of Push-ups:

Some other fitness tips for women are to do push-ups. In a minute, how many push-ups you can do doesn’t matter if you are not doing a single one in a proper way or correctly. Without a proper form, there is no point in performing any exercise said by Stokes, who in terms of progression recommends thinking. First of all perfect your technique and then later on add speed and weight in it. If your workout calls for performing the “as many as possible” then this is especially important for you during a set amount of time. You can stay injury-free if you prefer or choose quality over quantity.

These were some of the best known fitness tips for women to score your body. If you are following these tips surely you will lose extra fats and will be healthier and fitter, and it will be your first step to live a healthy life.

How to Lose belly fat with just two exercises

How to Lose belly fat with just two exercises

A few weeks ago world’s top trainer, Alwyn Cosgrove, was asked to start a Fat loss program for men’s health, which will help men to lose belly fat and gain some physical strength. And he accepted the idea and decided to start this program.

But one thing in this program made me curious. It was that one of the workouts only had two exercises in it.

He was asked about it and was asked to create a super effective routine which will help lose belly fat and should be affective. Cosgrove gave us workout which only had dumbbell swing and a squat thrust. He believed that these two are very effective exercises and will help loosing fat promptly.

Many individuals were confused with this program and had a question in mind that, “how to lose belly fat with just two exercises?”

Cosgrove gave the answer to everyone’s question and he said, “running is just one exercise, but no one questions that when it comes to burning fat.”

He made a very good point, and people start understanding the philosophy behind his given routine. Once you start his program you’ll know why he only chose those two exercises. But first you have to understand the explanation of the actual routine itself.

Here is how you will have to do this exercise:

You will do 15 repetitions of the kettle bell swing (a dumbbell can also be used for this exercise), after which immediately you have to do 15 reps of the squat thrust.

Description of both exercises:

You will have to do 14 reps of the swing and than 14 reps of the squat thrust without taking rest. Continue until you complete only one rep of each of the exercise. This is called a countdown workout.

Sure, these are just two exercises but, if you do the math i.e. if you complete the whole routine, from 15 down to 1, it will make 120 repetitions of each exercise which makes 240 repetitions.

These two are not normal exercises. The movements in these exercises challenge your whole body.

These exercises can also be some at fast pace. On average it takes about three seconds per rep. So, if you do the math, it will take about 12 minutes to do 240 repetitions. And these 240 repetitions will light your muscles on fire, and you will be gasping for air and that is a good thing, because you will know that just two exercises are working very efficiently.

If you are finding it really easy and you think you can do it very efficiently than you must give it a try. You may even be not able to finish it.

To improve your fitness level you must take a start with lower number that is 8, and try to improve by increasing your number after every exercise. If you are looking for a greater challenge I suggest take a breather after one routine and repeat it when you are done with a bit of relaxing.

Always remember that whatever kind of exercise you are doing, your muscles require energy to help you move. This workout is not just to lose belly fat but, it also help in increasing muscle strength. No other exercise can help your muscles strengthen as much as this exercise will. It also helps in boosting metabolism for hours after workout.

This is a low impact work out that you can do at high intensity. Like jogging these exercises are not joint pounding exercises. You can lose weight and increase strength with just these two exercises that will help you lose belly fat.

These are exercises that you can do at your home where you are most comfortable. For these exercises you will just need a dumbbell or kettle bell.

If you are looking for a complete cutting edge and you want a nutrition guide you need to go check this amazing article, ‘The Lose Your Spare Tire Program’. This will help to lose belly fat in most effective and easiest ways. You can lose 20, 30 or 50 pounds very quickly and it will help you flatten you belly forever.

How do the countdown workout:

You need to do 8 reps of the kettle bell swing which is followed by 8 reps of squat thrust. Without taking a break do 7 reps of kettle swing followed by 7 reps of squat thrust. You need to follow this until you go down to 1.

As it is said excess of everything is bad so, don’t overdo the routine. Whenever you feel like you form is breaking you need to stop doing it. And when you start next time adjust your staring point and try to complete the whole exercise without stopping. As you get adjusted with the exercise start increasing the number and eventually you’ll see yourself improving.

This is not a complete workout program. But it is a great routine that you can do anywhere. If you want to skip tread mill you can do this routine instead of it.

Kettle bell or (dumbbell swing):

You need to bend your hips and hold the kettle bell with both hands at your arm’s length in front of you. Now rock back slightly and “hike” kettle bell between your legs. Then squeeze your glutes, thrust your hip forward forcefully, and swing the weight to shoulder height. Allow momentum to swing the weight – you are not trying to actively lift it with your arms.

Reverse the movement so that you swing the kettle bell between your legs again. Make sure not to round your lower back at any point, it should stay naturally arched when you bend at your hips. Continue to swing back and forth.

Squat thrust:

For this exercise you need to stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder- width apart. Bending at your hips and knees, squat down and lower your body until you can place your hands on the floor. Kick your legs backward, into a pushup position, and immediately reverse the move and stand up from the squat. That is 1 rep.

To make the exercise even more challenging for yourself you can jump from the squat instead of just simply standing up quickly.

You need to follow this routine daily if you want to see effective results and want to lose belly fat.

10 effectual exercises that help you burn more calories

10 effectual exercises that help you burn more calories

Most of the people are huge fans of running as it allows you to get an endurance-boosting and stress-reducing workout with just an open road with a comfortable pair of shoes. Of course, running is one of the exercises that help you burn more calories and the rough estimate of an average guy’s marathon pace at a 10 minute per mile is about to fry 10 calories a minute. That’s only a solid number, but you can even burn more calories if you run faster. Running may not be the favorite activity of most people so there are many other modes of exercise that allow you to burn calories at a lightning fast rate. Other exercises that help you burn more calories than running includes cardio exercises whose details are given below. Without ever having to hit the pavement, these cardio exercises help you to incinerate calories.

  1. KettleBell Swing Exercise: According to the latest research from the University of Wisconsin, this explosive exercise works the powerful and big muscles around your quads and glutes and then sends your heart into overdrive. Those who did KettleBell swing exercise can easily burn around 20.2 calories in a minute and for the course of 20-minute workout their average heart rate about 93 percent of its max. Dan John, the author of Intervention and a strength coach in Salt Lake City says about the KettleBell swing is that “the KettleBell swing exercise is not only a movement you are used to, it works you so hard and which taxes your body, you are super efficient at it”.

  1. Indoor Rowing Cardio Exercise: Here is another effective exercises that help you burn more calories than running. During the 30 minutes of vigorous rowing, a guy with 185 pounds can burn 377 calories or about 12.5 calories in a minute, according to the reports of Harvard University study. In this indoor rowing cardio exercise you need to utilize the muscles in your legs, back and arms for efficient strokes. This exercise is a great total-body trainer and allows to burn excess calories.

  1. Burpee’s cardio exercise: According to the Spartan and exercise scientist Coach Jeff Godin, a person with 180-pound can burn about 1.43 calories per Burpee. Burpee is very effective exercise and it also allows a lot of strengths to do it. So, you are in double digits if you can hammer out at least seven Burpees in a minute. In order to get maximum effective results, you should shoot at least average 10 Burpee in every 60 seconds or even per minute rate of 14.3 calories. According to the latest study presented by the American College of Sports Medicine annual meeting, just performing the 10 reps of Burpees at a fast pace can allow you to rev your metabolism as much as a 30 second.

  1. Air dyne Bike Sprints: Here is another healthy and effective example of an exercise that allows to burn maximum calories, even more calories than running. It may sound downright crazy but according to the gym Jones manager Rob MacDonald, it is proven that Air Dyne Bike Sprints allow blasting 87 calories in just one minute that can also increase its resistance when you pedal harder. The key to doing it in a more effective way is in that 60 seconds, give everything that you have.

  1. Rope Jumping: Here is another best and simple example of exercises that help you burn more calories than running is to jump a rope. To jump a rope is easy and effective exercise as it allows more strength and stamina than running. According to the Compendium of Physical Activities, a moderate intensity to jump a rope is about 100 to 120 skips in a minute that allows burning about 13 calories in a minute. This mode of exercise requires more challenges of you coordination and balance as compared to jogging and it also uses more muscle groups while doing this exercise. Rope jumping may look easy to do, but it demands a lot of strength and stamina especially if you practice drills because drills can require extra foot and hand skills.

  1. Fat-Tire Biking: You should try this fast growing cycling sport if you haven’t tried this before. This exercises that help you burn more calories in a minimum amount of time. In an hour, it allows you to burn up to 1500 calories or nearly 25 calories in a minute by tackling all types of terrain and by pedaling the heavy and hard-to-turn heavy bikes, says a record holder for 1000 miles Iditasport Impossible, fat-tire biking race, Mike Curiak. The kind of calories you burn from fat-tire biking depends on your strength and fitness levels, even also on your skills.

  1. Cindy Cardio Exercise: Cindy is another effective type of exercises that help you burn more calories from your body and helps you to stay fit, and healthy. This Cindy cross fit workout of the day allows burning more calories than running. By doing this exercise, you can burn an average 13 calories in a minute. It is also effective in a way, as it contains a pair of three exercises that include 10 push-ups, 5 pull-ups, and 15 air squats. All these exercises work with different major muscle groups and require a lot of stamina and strength. For better and effective results, you can do as many rounds of Cindy as possible for you in 20 minutes. So, if you already are in a healthy and amazing condition, without stopping or slowing down to recover in between you can go all-out for each one.

  1. Cross-Country Skiing: at about same pace, as compared to running zipping along on skis delivers a better and effective heart-pounding workout, thanks to the fact that most of the sports requires you to pull with your upper and push with your lower. In fact, cross-country ski session is a sport but it allows you to burn more than 1 calorie per minute.

  1. Tabata Jump Squats: This is a four-minute miracle exercise that burn major of your calories both during the workout and even after the workout. Those who did 20 seconds of hard work, eight rounds of all-out jump squats and separated only by 10 seconds of rest can burn up to 13.4 calories in a minute and for at least 30 minutes it can be doubled their post-exercise metabolic rate. This is an effective and unbelievable four-minute cardio exercises that help you burn more calories than running.

  1. Battling ropes workout: battling ropes may seem easy to you, but it require a lot of stamina and strength as it work with major groups of muscle. Doing battling ropes, one can burn 13.4 an average calorie in a minute.

These were some of the exercises that help you burn more calories; these have been suggested by some of the expert body builders who are keen to help the newcomers. Trying them will not only help you reduce your extra fats from your body but will also help you get your ideal physique.

Ma Huang

Ma Huang

It is a fat burning supplement also known as ephedrine. It is the herbal form of power stimulant ephedrine and it can be found on the dry rocky slopes of Asia. A side effect of this supplement is that it activates the central nervous system which increases a person’s short term energy levels.

Extreme fat loss and increased energy are the effects seen in the people who are using Ma Huang. Increased heart rate, faster metabolism, higher body temperature, and a curbed appetite are the effects seen in people who are taking this supplement. This supplement became very popular in a short period because of its amazing weight loss effects.

150-300 mg 2-3 times a day of Ma Huang must be consumed when used for increasing energy and weight loss purpose. This supplement must be taken prior to meals or before 30 minutes from exercise. If you are trying it first time than start with small dose and increase your dose if this supplement proves to be good for you. Taking Ma Huang before bed time may not be a good idea because it will not let you sleep.

To create a power thermogenic stack you need to take Ma Huang with aspirin and caffeine. Its not wise to use this combination for more than 8 weeks, because you may start seeing side effects like increased heart rate, blood pressure, anxiety, jitters, irritability, insomnia, and heart palpitations. Taking Doctors suggestion before the consumption of Ma Huang is a good idea.

Ma Huang is banned in some states, organization or committees:

States Florida and Texas

International Olympic committee


Warning: people under the age of 18 cannot use it. Women pregnant or nursing cannot use this supplement. Consult a physician before starting the dosage of Ma Huang.

A healthy adult can take 100 mg in a 24 hour period for not more than 12 weeks. Do not exceed more than 12 weeks and discontinue the use for at least 2 weeks. Take more than the recommended dosage may cause some serious side effects and health issues.

The side effects include insomnia, nervousness or hand tremors. Discontinue the use if you see any of these side effects.

Egg protein

Egg protein

Egg protein contains long chain of amino acids, and the supplement of egg protein, are made from the egg whites. The egg protein is not very soluble so lecithin is added so that it can be mixed easily.

Mostly the egg protein is used by athletes because, it is used to repair muscle tissue and with the intense exercise the athletes do they break down large amount of muscle tissue.

Without taking extra calories the egg protein supplements help in repairing maximum muscle tissue. And the trouble of making eggs 6-7 times a day is also solved with these supplements and they are easy to consume.

For males 1-1.5 grams of egg protein helps in repairing the muscle tissue and in females .75-1 gram. The number of protein grams are divided with the meal and multiplied by the body weight, not to exceed 50-55 grams per meal.

Your body will need to use the protein immediately after the workout so; you need to consume protein within half or 1 hour of your workout. Take protein before you sleep so that protein repairs muscle even when you are asleep. Most of the muscle tissue is repaired while you are asleep.

Eating raw egg whites may cause salmonella bacteria, which is carried in poultry. Heating destroys the bacteria so supplemental and cooked form of egg whites is not harmful.