Best workout for Muscle Building:

Best workout for Muscle Building:

The people who have the courage and passion to build muscles are always in search of best workout to make their muscles look stronger and bigger. Many people ask for various workouts that can best work to gain extra weight. But the answer to that question might disappoint you. And that answer is “There is no workout”.

I know you must be disappointed to read this. Actually in weight gaining purpose this isn’t important that which workout is best. You can’t do a lot of exercises like bosu ball squats Pilates and isolation exercises. What matters is you need to follow some most basic and important rules for the muscle strength. When you’re able to follow a certain schedule you are no more away from gaining your goal.

Some important rules for productive weight training:
if you want to get strong and big, you have to follow these important rules:

  1. Training of primarily basic compound exercises:
    When you utilize multiple muscles and joints ton perform a rep then this type of movement is called Compound exercise. Some compound exercises are pull ups, deadlifts, squats, dips, overhead press, barbell rows and power cleans. These exercises are very important for your buck. If you want to maximize your time in the gym by performing the best lifts, then don’t forget to perform the compound exercise.
  2. Concentrate on Progression:
    When you add more reps and weight to your exercise, you are actually progressing in building your muscles. Try for 7 reps today, if you benched 200 pounds for 6 reps last week. When you’re capable of adding 200 pounds, you can add more weight the next time you bench. You don’t have to be hurry in adding more and more weights. Go on with some simple progression and that is the best way in building your muscles strong. You should try as many reps as you can, unless you feel that you can’t perform the next rep.
  3. Get out of Complexity:
    In the gym, you have to follow certain rules and programs. They ask you to confuse your muscular system and to change the programs after every 6 to 8 weeks of your training. When the gaining process of muscles reduces, you need to apply some advanced techniques like drop sets, supersets, bombing and blitzing from different angles. You don’t have to worry about complexity. Just focus on working hard. You have to work hard with the basic exercises.

You don’t need to confuse your muscles by doing a lot of different exercises and workout programs. The real solution to every problem in muscle building is progress, consistency and lots of food intake. All the great bodybuilders have gained so much my just following these three rules.

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