Arrested for Steroids- Steroids Law:

Arrested for Steroids- Steroids Law:

Arrest for the personal possession is on the rise though it’s no secret that illegal distribution of anabolic androgenic steroids can lead to your arrest. The feeling is generally personal users are by-in-large in the clear from visiting many anabolic steroid message boards. This is a false sense of security that law enforcement has no desire in busting the small fish. In order to lead larger arrests, law enforcement is leading more and more to the simple personal possession nature. Mostly it happens that an individual gets arrested for some particular reason and they make him buy some of their personal supply to lessen his troubles. In case you get caught by the law enforcement just considers yourself signing your own death warrant. As agents are far less restricted by the Fourth Amendment, border crossings are a point of interest too.

There are many more things to consider if you are arrested, regardless of how the process occurred. The most important fact in all this process is what you during the process as it greatly affects your defense in a negative way and to the total outcome. You need to keep one thing in mind that you are protected by the fifth and sixth Amendments that can grant you legal counsel and protect you from self-incrimination. These rights are further reinforced by Mirandizing. You are necessarily informed and granted the following rights:

–   The right to remain silent.

–   Anything you’ve said or done can be used by the court.

–   The right of an attorney is given to you and that applies to prior and during questioning.

–   An attorney must be provided if you desire, in case you don’t have an attorney.

–   You can end questioning at any desired point, you have shown to remain silent and prefer not to answer if the officer still persists.

These rights must be kept known from the onset of action is a major misconception in the law enforcement, as they do not. There are two major factors that occur for you to take hold of your rights; custody and interrogation. Such rights do not have to be made known in the absence of any of these factors.


Custody refers to the law enforcement that holds you at any place and prohibits you from leaving. It doesn’t always mean jail or police station. Custody can be deemed at any location either at your home or your working place, at the police station, in the back of police car, in a parking lot and everything in-between. You are totally free to leave if you’re not in custody. Even then the officers are questioning you Mirandizing rights do not apply.


Questioning while you’re in custody is referred to as interrogation and it applies directly to the matter at hand. Rights must be made known and you should be in custody if interrogation occurs; however the law enforcement officers do not have to make known your basic rights if you’re in custody and questioning is not going to occur. Anything you say is excluded in the court if you’re confronted in the law enforcement, put into custody and interrogated as your rights were violated. All the evidence without proper Mirandizing will be thrown out, but it largely depends on the strength of total case by the prosecution. You do not have to answer any question if you’re not under arrest. You should leave the situation or remain silent. The same silence rule is applied if you’re arrested for any anabolic steroid. You have to wait for your attorney before the final word.

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